Rustic style in the interior

Rustic style in the interior

Rustic style is one of the varieties of country style, but more rough, simple and down to earth. Today, the rustic style is especially popular in the interiors of country houses, expensive villas and apartments. Many people are fed up with the straight lines, right angles, and smooth surfaces of the plastic aesthetic, and are drawn to things they don’t see in life around them: plank floors, rough stonework, heavy furniture. And they find all this in a rustic style — very confident, calm and stable.

When decorating a house in a rustic style, rough-hewn stone, thick and aged wood, chipped and peeling paint, and burlap instead of fabric can be used.

The rustic style house looks like a family nest for many generations, although it may have been built quite recently. Such a house may look like an ordinary village hut, but in fact it is a modern, fully equipped cottage. The highlight of the rustic style is the combination of rough and brutal design elements with modern things and accessories. For example, modern household appliances in combination with a stand made of fragments of an old tree will look harmonious and at the same time very unusual.

All the rough furniture in rustic style looks like it was made by a rustic craftsman. However, it often happens that primitive and simple objects are more difficult to make than those produced using established technologies. Therefore, creating a design in a rustic style will cost you more than any other.

With the help of rustic style, you can make any room cozy. For example, in the kitchen you can install an old hearth, antique or aged pieces of furniture, a stone sink. Rustic style can also be emphasized by the architecture in the kitchen: a stone arch, a brick wall or uncovered rafters on the ceiling.

Create a rustic style in the interior of your home, and you will be provided with a place with a calm and serene atmosphere where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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