Roman, roller blinds in the nursery for a boy and for a girl

Curtains in the nursery - the secrets of creating beauty and comfort

When choosing curtains for the nursery, each parent tries to ensure that the child is surrounded by beautiful and high-quality things, grows up in an atmosphere of fairy tales, magic and care. The arrangement of the baby’s room must be approached thoughtfully, striving to follow hobbies and develop the taste of a boy or girl.

Curtain design for the nursery

Curtains should not only decorate the child’s bedroom, fill it with the love of adults and the stupid imagination of the inhabitants, but also regulate the natural light well. Choosing the design of curtains for a children’s room, you should follow some rules:

  1. Purchase curtains from natural, environmentally friendly fabrics.
  2. It is better to give preference to practical products that are easy to wash.
  3. It is worth picking up thick curtains along with light tulle to control the lighting of the room.
  4. Curtains should be in harmony with the interior. If the room has a lot of bright details and furniture, then plain curtains are appropriate.
  5. If a calm atmosphere reigns in the room, then textiles on the window can be picked up with a large pattern.

According to the design of the curtains in the nursery, they should harmoniously fit into the environment, emphasizing with their style and color a complete picture of the interior. Interesting ideas will lead to unique results — you can decorate a room using curtain classics with lambrequins, swags, tiebacks or asymmetric canvases in modern style. If there is a desire to equip a bedroom based on fairy tales, cartoons, then with the help of a variety of decor, applications, reflective elements, the concept is easy to implement.

Thick children’s curtains

Thick curtains are suitable for any situation in the bedroom, in the children’s room they need to be combined with an air curtain. They allow you to adjust the illumination of the room, which is important for kids who sleep during the day. For thick curtains, juicy or pastel shades are selected; dark canvases are undesirable for children. Plain beige or gray curtains in the nursery are acceptable for a colorful room, decorated with wallpaper with the alphabet, numbers, animals. And vice versa, bright — purple, red, orange curtains in the nursery are used for discreet wall decoration.

The design of thick curtains in the nursery is different — long classic, trimmed with vertical folds, artsy drapery will help revive their severity. The curtain can be picked up with garters, laid out with tails, flounces. From fabrics for thick curtains, jacquard or gabardine are suitable; in the interior, they can repeat the upholstery on furniture or the pattern on the wallpaper. Velvet or corduroy is not a good idea for a kid’s bedroom as it attracts dust.

thick children's curtains

Roman blinds for the nursery

A new trend in window decoration is Roman blinds for the children’s room. They are made of even dense fabric, which completely covers the openings, but allows you to manipulate the height of the shaded part of the window. The size of the canvases is selected for a specific opening. There are metal strips inside them, with their help the fabric forms soft folds when lifting.

The curtain palette is found both in monochrome and with a pattern, with its help it is easy to change the surroundings of the room. For example, if you cover the bright pink Roman curtains in the nursery with pistachio or purple tulle, then the room will sparkle with new colors. Prints on canvases have become a fashion trend — images of animals, landscapes, geometry or stripes. The Roman model can change the shape of the window during the day. In the morning, the canvases are folded, and in the evening they are lowered, revealing the drawing.

roman blinds for nursery

Roller blinds for the nursery

The optimal solution for the bedroom will be roller blinds in the nursery. They consist of a shaft and a strip of fabric, which is raised and lowered by means of a mechanism. There are options for freely hanging canvases or cassettes that fit snugly against the sash. Fabrics for products are impregnated with dust-repellent compositions, have different degrees of light transmission — from translucent to opaque.

Patterned or bright curtains in the nursery look original. The color scheme of the paintings can be changed as the inhabitant grows up. At first, soft colors are appropriate — sand, blue, pale pink, turquoise curtains for the nursery. Preschoolers will love fabrics with patterns: bears, frogs, stars, flowers — everything that matches their hobbies. To balance the psyche of a teenager, calm tones are useful — golden, silver, white curtains in the nursery, with the help of photo printing, any image can be applied to them.

roller blinds for the nursery

short curtains for kids room

Shortened curtains for the nursery are more convenient to use, accumulate less dust, and do not overload the interior. They are safer for kids who can drop the cornice during the game. Curtains up to the window sill in the nursery cover only the opening and allow you to put a desk, bed or other furniture under the window. A narrow room can be visually expanded with a horizontal pattern, and a vertical stripe or pattern will help to visually raise the ceiling.

For a child’s bedroom, in addition to Roman and roll models, cafe curtains on a telescopic cornice, classic to the windowsill, Japanese in the form of moving panels, are suitable. Austrian pink, white, lilac curtains in a girl’s nursery made of light fabric, gathered in waves and puffs, will create an airy interior. Their height can be easily adjusted by pulling up the purl cords.

short curtains for kids room

Curtains in the nursery with a lambrequin

A colorful lambrequin opens up great possibilities in window decoration. Soft fabric gathered into lush draperies, decorated with unusual accessories, fascinates with smooth lines and fits the fabulous interior of classic, empire, baroque. If the magnificent drapery is supplemented with a canopy of the same texture, the princess’s bedroom will acquire a special charm.

Interesting ideas for curtains for a nursery are embodied in compositions with hard lambrequins. They serve as a kind of canvases on which various fantasies are brought to life. Such a detail can be made in the form of openwork lace, have a figured shape, be decorated with beads, appliqués, bows. Boys will love the red and blue curtains for the nursery with a pelmet in the form of a superman cape or a nautical-themed curtain with a top strip of fabric stylized as a raised sail.

curtains in the nursery with lambrequin

Curtains in the nursery on the grommets

Curtains on grommets (large rings through which the cornice is threaded) look simple and noble. The fabric in them flows in even large folds, due to this, attention is focused on the beauty of the canvas. Often they use opaque material with bright colors or cartoon characters. For example, eyelet curtains with owls in the nursery are an interesting universal solution for both a boy and a girl. You can complement the composition with a light air curtain. Curtains in a children’s Provence with small floral prints will also look more elegant on the grommets.

curtains in the nursery on the grommets

Filament curtains in the nursery

Kiseya as curtains in the nursery is a great idea, it looks airy, it passes air well, the design of the composition can be changed beyond recognition. Threads are easy to decorate with beads, pearls, stones, sequins, create an ornament. Kisei can be braided, tied in a bun, decorated with hairpins. Multi-colored curtains in the nursery from threads of a contrasting or similar shade are also appropriate. They can be combined with each other, showing imagination. For example, hang green thread curtains in the nursery mixed with yellow or white, this color scheme is universal for boys and girls.

filament curtains in the nursery

Veil curtains for the nursery

Curtains made of light voile, soft to the touch, look airy in the room, making it more spacious. These are ideal canvases for a little girl — the fabric is easily draped, fits into tails and folds, it is easy to create a magnificent composition from it. You can hang such curtains in the nursery for a teenager, choosing the right color — gray, olive, beige, blue, lilac, decorating the window with a stylish lambrequin. The veil transmits less light than organza, it is appropriate to use it even on the sunny side of the house.

veil curtains for nursery

Curtains with a children’s pattern

Fabrics for curtains with plot pictures from fairy tales, cartoon characters, large bright patterns create a relaxed atmosphere in the room in which it is interesting for the baby to play and develop. Such curtains look cute, shape the taste of the child, stimulating him to create his masterpieces. It is better to select curtains with a large pattern for plain wallpaper, combined with them in tone. Boys will like children’s curtains with cars, boats, tanks, airplanes, balls, funny pirates. Girls like flowers, butterflies, cats, fairy princesses.

curtains with children's pattern

Children’s curtains 3D

Newfangled curtains in the bedroom with children’s 3D pictures are able to visualize any three-dimensional drawings. Applied to the fabric using a photo print, they look very realistic and evoke genuine emotions. The boys will love the curtains of the car in the nursery, images of pirates, and other favorite cartoon superheroes. And girls can plunge into the fairy-tale world of the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, such curtains will become the central detail of the interior. Teenagers are ideal for curtains with stars in the nursery or curtains in the form of a matrix, with views of London, Paris, New York, an exotic beach.

children's curtains 3d

Curtains in the interior of the nursery

Traditionally, boys and girls are brought up differently. Some want to be seen as strong, courageous with a strong character, and others as gentle hostesses with refined taste. Therefore, the design of curtains for a girl’s and boy’s bedroom is different. For example, striped or plaid curtains for a nursery are a universal option, but themed curtains are not. Curtains on the windows should help to realize the design idea in creating a stylish interior that does not contradict the gender and age of the child, his preferences.

Curtains in the children’s room for a boy

For a boyish bedroom, a curtain design in the form of a strict draped Roman or London curtain, mounted on reliable mechanisms, is suitable. Strictly and concisely in such a room will look like a canvas on the grommets or a panel of dense Chinese fabric, placed strictly according to the size of the window opening. Suitable colors: blue, khaki, green, beige, brown, gray, burgundy, red, blue.

Curtains for the nursery in a marine style in blue and white are a classic of a boyish bedroom. In addition, kids will like classic drawings — rhombuses, a cage, a strip, as well as images of nautical, sports, aviation topics. Young defenders also like stories with warriors, knights, cartoon characters, drawings with a touch of mystery — the starry sky, rockets, UFOs. Curtains in the nursery for a teenage boy can be selected with a photo print — the image of cities, cars, industrial landscapes.

curtains for kids room

Curtains in the nursery for a girl

For a girl’s bedroom, the design of curtains with soft draperies, lambrequins, appliqués, ruffles, frills, tiebacks, eyelets or loops is suitable. Roman or Austrian models with cords are the perfect girlish option. For preschool children in the room, you can use fasteners for canvases in the form of bows, ties, ribbons, tassels. Suitable colors: pink, yellow, peach, lilac, coral, orange, blue, purple, light green.

For the interior of a young lady’s room, both a plain organza, a veil, and textiles with a floral image, polka dots, and a damask pattern are suitable. Curtains in the nursery for a girl can also be selected with a thematic pattern, the most popular are fairy tales, cartoons, dolls, princesses, fairies. Older young women of fashion may like canvases with hearts, images of women’s jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, autographs.

curtains for a girl's nursery

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