Provence style room

Provence style room

In interior design, Provence style is considered one of the most popular. We associate it with the sea, the heat of the sun, the scent of flowers and outdoor recreation.

A characteristic feature of the Provence style is archaic, that is, the preservation of elements of rural life in an interior reminiscent of an old house in France. For those who prefer to have such a small sunny corner in their home, it is best to decorate the room in this style. In our article, we will consider several of these options.

Children’s room in Provence style

All parents want their child to have the most beautiful, comfortable and safe room. Eco-friendly materials and a sufficient amount of space and lighting are the main requirements in the design of a Provence-style children’s room. This design always combines convenience, lightness and sophistication.

In the design of the nursery, lilac-yellow, green-pink, brown-white colors, and their soft pastel colors should be used. If you prefer wallpaper, then choose with a pattern in the form of small flowers.

Furniture should be solid, wooden, with smooth lines, simple outlines. It can be bedside tables, dressing table, computer desk and shelves. Decorate the windows with irreplaceable light curtains made of natural fabric with a small floral pattern, on light curtains with ordinary drapery.

A bed in a Provence-style children’s room is usually decorated with valances and a bedspread with lace, frills and other decorative elements. Also here you can not do without a row of pillows in beautiful bright pillowcases with embroidery and lace.

If you are decorating a Provence-style room for a teenager, then it is better to avoid unnecessary decorations. In this case, hang various photographs, paintings, caskets and many other things that are interesting to the child on the walls. All this should be placed on bedside tables, walls, shelves or a dressing table.

Bedroom in Provence style

For this room, soft pastel colors, beige, wheat peach or lemon colors would be appropriate. It is also allowed to use pastel blue and olive shades.

For an unsurpassed elegant interior of a Provence-style bedroom, it is worth choosing furniture that would be combined with reliefs on the wall and ceiling, carpets or a door. And the golden, metal base of the furniture will always go well with all the decor elements. These can be: forged lanterns, lamps with shades, various figurines, all this, combined with floral motifs, will very successfully complement the interior.

Wardrobe room in Provence style

As in all other rooms, only light pastel colors are used here, which seem to have faded in the sun.

There must be a chest of drawers with many drawers, open shelves, various forged items, and a large closet for storing clothes for all seasons with a special area for shoes.

Living room in Provence style

As for the French-style hall, it is distinguished by the absence of pretentiousness and chic. Natural shades of flowers prevail here, again with floral motifs. However, there is still a slight color contrast here. You can even combine light blue furniture upholstery with pastel-colored wallpaper even in a small Provence-style room. If the wall decoration merges with the color of the furniture, it is better to complement the interior with contrasting decorative elements.

If you decide to glue the wallpaper, then let them be striped with crayons in a geometric pattern. But it is better to choose curtains with a floral pattern of light shades.

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