Provence style kitchen-living room


Kitchen living room in Provence style

Provence style is often used in the design of the kitchen. It allows you to create a light unobtrusive atmosphere and enter the measured rhythm of village life. Perhaps that is why, finding yourself in a kitchen in the style of «French country», you immediately get to relax and feel at home. However, interesting examples of interior design can be observed in the example of a combined kitchen and living room. In this case, a pleasant romantic mood literally envelops the entire apartment.

Living room kitchen interior ideas

To create a European «rural» style, it is not necessary to turn to the best designers and spend a lot of money on exclusive finishing materials. You can just relax and choose unobtrusive decor elements that go well with each other. A Provence-style kitchen-living room will look good with the following details:

  1. Natural finishing materials. Give up plastic, carpet and glass in favor of wood, metal, stone and tile. Try to make the interior as natural and not pretentious as possible.
  2. Use textiles. For this style, the characters are beautiful window curtains without complex draperies, all kinds of tablecloths, napkins and wicker rugs. Using textiles with a repeating pattern, you can combine the dining and living areas.
  3. Aged furniture. To decorate the hall, you can use cabinet furniture made in natural colors (brown, beige, red). These same shades can be played on a dining table, chairs or kitchen countertop. Wicker products, as well as baskets and chests, benches and cabinets will also fit well into the interior.
  4. cute trinkets. To breathe life into the apartment, use vases, frames, baskets, porcelain figurines and candlesticks. It is good if pots with plants and cut flowers are placed in the house.


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