Provence chairs

Provence chairs

The word «Provence» sounds mysterious and unusual in our language, but in translation it means «province». These lands, located in the south of France, are close to the Italian border. Most of the year they are flooded with sun, but the proximity of the sea and mountains brings a pleasant freshness here. They are rich in vineyards, flowering valleys, and are a paradise for tourists. In winter, there is no snow here, and evergreens turn Provence into an eternal garden. This already means that furniture in this style cannot look pompous and majestic. Home comfort, simplicity, lack of pretentiousness and simplicity reign here. Therefore, Provence-style kitchen chairs are completely different from those created in the Empire or Baroque style.

What do Provence style chairs look like?

Material for furniture is taken only natural, no cheap plastic is allowed. Most often there are Provence wooden chairs, decorated with carvings and curly backs. The legs almost always have a curved intricate shape. Quite often, original forged elements are allowed to decorate furniture, which also looks very beautiful. The French rustic style uses linen covers, upholstery is usually not very bright and with mostly calm floral patterns. Provence is also typical when the furniture has an aged look, so even a white Provence-style chair can have a slight wear on the wooden elements.

The bar stool in Provence style meets the same criteria. It should also be elegant and as comfortable as possible to use. There is no need for frills or shiny fashion novelties. There is, of course, ultra-modern chrome furniture, which is called Provence, but visually it is more suitable for high-tech or modern. True French rustic style prefers calm colors and simple yet elegant designs.

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