Pictures on the boards — how can you do it yourself and use it in the interior?

Pictures on boards - what is it, features of different options for making this decor element

Nowadays, a new trend is gaining popularity — eco-style in the interior. It is characterized by the use of only natural materials in decor and decoration. This design is very harmoniously combined with modern styles such as hi-tech or minimalism. An excellent example of interior decoration are the paintings on the boards.

Paintings on the boards — what is it?

Artists can write on any material: wood, paper, plywood, canvas. However, wooden decor has become a real symbol of nobility and quality. Pictures on wooden boards combine the natural texture of wood with the latest advances in printing. The size of the paintings can be very different and its choice depends on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room where such decor will be located. Images may also vary. Landscapes, futuristic scenes, photographs from personal archives that capture pleasant life moments look great in the interior.

pictures on the boards what is it

How are board paintings made?

The manufacture of such a wooden panel is a process consisting of several stages:

  1. Tree preparation — a very important stage in the creation of a picture. The board for such a panel undergoes manual brushing, during which soft layers are removed from the wood. After it, a relief characteristic of wood appears on the material, which gives the products uniqueness and sophistication.
  2. Image printing produced using special wide-format plotters. They can print canvases several meters long, while the quality of the product will be excellent. To print a picture on old boards, safe paints are used that do not have any smell, so they can be hung in the bedroom and in the nursery.
  3. Post-press processing — consists in applying a layer of varnish, which will serve as additional protection for the picture on the boards from external influences. Such products are not afraid of sunlight, and when leaving them, they can be wiped with a damp cloth or even moistened with water, and the image will not suffer at all.

Filled paintings with acrylic on the board

The technique of painting on wood has been known to people for a long time. With the help of this method of decoration, they made panels, painted caskets, trays, created drawings on the boards. Acrylic paints, having the necessary density, can be used both independently and mixed with each other to achieve a brighter and more saturated image. First, the prepared boards are covered with white paint so that subsequent layers lie more evenly. After transferring the drawing to the tree with the help of tracing paper or carbon paper, it is filled with paints and allowed to dry well.

flood paintings with acrylic on the board

Chalk paintings on blackboard

One of the directions in interior design was drawing a picture with chalk on a blackboard. Such decor attributes can be placed in the kitchen and draw, for example, your favorite dishes or paint a menu for dinner. You can hang a picture on a board with an image painted on it on the wall of the living room or bedroom. By installing it in the nursery, you can teach your child to be creative from early childhood. After all, a bad drawing experience can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth and start all over again. A creative idea would be a picture in the hallway with a drawn chalk image.

chalk pictures on blackboard

Pictures with nails and threads on the board

From the most ordinary, it would seem, materials, for example, nails and threads, you can create original products. Such wood paintings become a decoration of any interior. To create such a panel, you need to have about 20 pieces. small carpentry or decorative carnations. They are driven into a wooden base, and a thread is pulled over them. To create a picture, knitting threads are best suited, although you can use floss or twisted thread, but not silk. In this technique, you can create panels, silhouette paintings and even write words.

paintings with nails and threads on the board

Paintings by burning on a wooden board

The process of applying an image to a wooden surface with a soldering iron is called pyrography. For burning it is better to use soft wood of maple, birch, linden or pine. On a tree of light shades, the pattern will be better visible. Transfer the desired pattern to the prepared board or use a stencil. To draw the contours, use one nozzle on the soldering iron, to shade the image — others. Color pictures on aged boards will look original.

wood burning paintings

Oil painting on wooden boards

Oil painting is one of the most durable and versatile techniques. Such paints are produced by mixing vegetable (poppy or linseed) oil with various pigments. Preparation of a wooden base for drawing in this technique is very long.

  1. First, the boards are boiled in water for 4-8 hours. After that, the remaining moisture is evaporated by carefully heating the boards over the fire.
  2. The blanks must be well dried, and not in steam dryers, but in natural conditions. Within 6-12 months. the material is dried by placing it in a closed room.
  3. After complete drying, the boards are covered with 2-3 layers of primer, drying well and grinding each of them.
  4. You can start drawing the selected image. Oil paints dry for a very long time, depending on the thickness of their layer, up to 2-3 months.
  5. Then the drawings on the tree are covered with a special varnish that will fix the paints and protect them from external influences.

oil painting on wooden boards

Do-it-yourself painting on boards

For those who want to decorate their home with a modern and stylish piece of furniture, you can buy a piece of art you like, but this will most likely cost a lot of money. You can learn how to make a picture on the boards with your own hands and create an original and creative art object yourself. For a picture on old boards, you will need the following materials:

  • boards;
  • paints of the desired shades;
  • brushes;
  • liquid Nails;
  • a piece of plywood;
  • frame for the future picture.

First, we prepare the boards: we sand them, clean them of dust and cut them into pieces at an angle of 45º. We paint the planks and lay them on a sheet of plywood in the form of a picture. We glue them to the plywood with liquid nails, install the frame, and our work of art is ready to decorate any room.

Paintings on boards in the interior

A great way to transform the interior, emphasizing its individuality, can be paintings on boards in the style of Provence or classic. The trendy direction of modern interior design is loft-style paintings on boards. Such an industrial style decoration should be contrasting and stand out against the general background of the wall. Large modular paintings on boards can decorate a room divider or door. Small decorative elements with images of portraits are placed on wooden shelves. Pictures on the boards in the bedroom can decorate the wall or the head of the bed.

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