Patchwork in the interior

The word «patchwork» is of English origin and means a product for the manufacture of which multi-colored shreds are used. This is a new word in design trends around the world, patchwork, coverings and interior items are gaining incredible popularity. The patchwork style in the interior has become synonymous with comfort, coziness, homely atmosphere. It is based on a combination of different textures, materials, ornaments and colors. This combination gives the impression of being arbitrary, although in fact it is clearly thought out and harmonious. This is a style in which it is important not to cross the line between originality and obsession, inappropriateness.

Interior features in the style of patchwork

Most often, this is not the main style in the interior of the room, but a tool for placing accents. Therefore, patchwork goes well with a variety of design options, being able to adapt to the main design line. The best option is a combination of country and patchwork.

This style is not only textiles, as it may seem initially. Designers have gone further and offer to decorate the flooring and walls, taking into account the features of the patchwork.

Multi-colored walls in the form of patches — what could be more original and outstanding? The most appropriate place for this is the bathroom. Here, with the help of multi-colored tiles, you can embody your wildest fantasies. There is also a special patchwork ceramic tile, which involves a mosaic of multi-colored small tiles with different patterns on one unit of the product. Such tiles will be good for the walls in the bathroom, as well as an original and beautiful «apron» over the working area in the kitchen. In general, patchwork in the interior of the kitchen occupies a special place, because thanks to such tiles, as well as multi-colored patchwork curtains and other interior elements, you can achieve a feeling of absolute comfort. But the kitchen is exactly the place where you really want to feel at home, warm. Walls in the patchwork style involve not only the use of tiles, but also patches of wallpaper, or special wallpaper made in the form of separate pieces. The main thing is to combine colors correctly and understand how appropriate such walls will be in a given room.

Patchwork is also relevant for flooring. For example, we are talking about the same multi-colored tiles with different patterns, which can be combined as you wish. Also on the floor will look good patchwork carpet.

Patchwork furniture

Patchwork furniture is a trend in modern interiors. It is very popular with Europeans, because it looks extraordinary and stylish. In addition, any rarity can be restored for patchwork, thus significantly saving and getting a new and original thing. Many companies that have taken up the production of patchwork furniture combine modern and vintage fabrics in upholstery. So from an ordinary ordinary piece of furniture, a sofa, for example, becomes almost a work of art.

In modern interiors there are sofas, armchairs, patchwork style chairs. The design idea is complemented by patchwork bedspreads, matching curtains and floor carpets. Of course, it is not necessary that all this be in one room, otherwise a feeling of redundancy of colors may come. You can use, for example, a sofa as an accent.

In fairness, it should be noted that patchwork is not always bright colors. To feel a patchwork interior, you can take all shades of such calm colors as gray, blue, pink.

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