Panels on the wall — options from gypsum, metal, tiles, flowers, fabrics and others.

Panel on the wall - what is it, features of products made of mirror, wood, wallpaper, macrame and other options

There are many wall panel ideas. The main thing is that the plot and colors of the composition used should ideally match the style of the house. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive piece of art, a tasteful craft made from auxiliary materials can fit well into the interior of a modern home.

What is a wall panel?

In the manufacture of such decor, different materials are used, so there is often disagreement about the exact definition of what can be called the French word panneau. In the classical sense, a wall panel is a large-format decorative piece for filling large sections of walls or ceiling space in a house. Stucco decor, baguettes, friezes, wooden frames are used as framing. Restrictions may not apply if a large wall panel is attached to a niche.

what is wall panel

Wall panel ideas

It is advisable to first decide on the location of the artistic composition and only then, based on specific conditions, deal with the plot, the choice of material, colors, and technique. A decorative wall panel can solve many design issues. Ideas for implementation should be drawn depending on the following factors:

  1. Take into account the decoration of the walls in the room.
  2. Consider the purpose of the room.
  3. Coordinate the design of the canvas with the rest of the residents of the house so that it does not quickly get tired or irritate the eyes.
  4. When planning the production of a large-scale home-made wall panel, you need to understand the real degree of your creativity, be able to work with special devices, tools and materials.

Mirror panel on the wall

In modern design, reflective surfaces are widely and willingly used, because in addition to decorative functions, such a solution helps to visually improve the situation in a narrow or cramped indoor space. Panels of mirrors on the wall are often made from substitutes that are not inferior in efficiency to traditional materials: polycarbonate, polished tiles, film, metal, wallpaper with a special coating.

It is not necessary to use traditional silver material, the wall panel made of bluish, dark or green glass looks impressive. For a retro style, artificially aged mirrors with cracks and scuffs are suitable. Fragments of the composition are decorated with photo printing, can be processed on sandblasting machines, tiles with a facet are used. More often they use a mirror panel on the wall in the living room, hallway and bathroom. Due to its resistance to dirt and ease of maintenance, this material is suitable for decorating the kitchen.

The mirror panel on the wall has the following advantages:

  1. The panel fills the rooms with reflected light.
  2. The mirror surface perfectly expands the space.
  3. Unlike plain flat mirrors, a composition of heterogeneous geometric elements looks more chic and creates a lot of visual effects in the room.

mirror panel on the wall

Wood panel on the wall

Wood is the most affordable, easy to process and environmentally friendly material. It is not necessary to make a carved wood panel on the wall, even compositions from saw cuts look extremely appropriate and decorative in the right conditions. Type-setting varnished paintings from elements of different shapes look gorgeous, but this is a rare and expensive option. More often, masters use flat carving — cutting out images on a flat board. The disadvantage of wooden panels is that it is undesirable to mount it in a humid environment, rooms with unstable temperature conditions.

Actual topics for wood paintings:

  • fabulous landscapes;
  • animals;
  • birds;
  • flower theme;
  • still lifes;
  • panels on the walls of saw cuts.
  • wood panel on the wall

Wallpaper panel on the wall

For the manufacture of canvases do not require the most complex skills. Pieces of wallpaper remaining after repair are even suitable for work. It is desirable to decorate products with frames, otherwise it is better to bend the edges of the paper after gluing onto the base and attach it to the ends. When using material from one roll, we get a plain panel on the wall, if the wallpaper is used from different batches, then a more colorful composition is formed.

Single large paintings fill large sections of the wall. With a group arrangement, they try to unite the canvases with a common theme and color, or repeat the main pattern on neighboring panels. Plywood and chipboard are used as the basis, the frames are made of wood, plastic, metal. When making an application, the main background is first glued, and then, after drying, fragments of a contrasting color are attached.

wallpaper panel on the wall

Macrame panel on the wall

Such decor not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also often has a functional purpose. For example, in the kitchen, you can attach knitted ornaments with pockets for seasonings or spices. The panel on the wall in the bedroom or in the nursery from threads looks great when used in a retro style design. Often in the interior, macrame is used with meaning, imitating amulets and various symbols. A great example is the popular beady-eyed tailed owl. For weaving a macrame wall panel, the following material is chosen:

  • flat braid;
  • cotton thread;
  • ropes made of linen, paper and hemp.
  • macrame panel on the wall

Izolon panel on the wall

Even insulating materials are successfully used to decorate rooms in the hands of skilled craftsmen. A home-made picture-panel on the wall with original flowers from isolon is popular. Often large and chic buds are not even framed, but placed on the wall in groups against the backdrop of beautiful wallpaper. To obtain colored elements, color isolon is used or products are painted at the final stage.

How to make a flower panel on the wall from isolon:

  1. It is advisable to use soft sheets of isolon 2-3 mm thick.
  2. The blanks are cut with scissors according to the pattern.
  3. To connect the petals, a glue gun, thread or stapler is used.
  4. Flower stems are made of steel rods, wire, plastic or metal-plastic tube.
  5. Ribbons are used to decorate the rack.
  6. The elements are painted with acrylic enamels or rubber paint.

Panel of flowers on the wall

To create a floristic composition, not only the already mentioned isolon is used, but also traditional materials — metal, ceramics, pieces of glass, wood, paper, threads, beads and others. To make a panel of artificial flowers on the wall look spectacular, you need to carefully select the background. Delicate decor is sometimes made from living plants, but such products are short-lived and can serve as decoration for only a few days during the holidays. The use of dried flowers is a more practical option, they look attractive even after drying, retaining their colors.

wall panel of flowers

Panel of tiles on the wall

Ceramic cladding is an extremely profitable solution for kitchens and bathrooms, but sterile whiteness sometimes looks too boring even in these rooms. A panel of mosaics on the wall or tiles can perfectly fill the space between the cabinets or the free space above the bathroom. Due to the abundance of this material, patterns can be used in black and white, color, abstract, floral, oriental, Mediterranean or other key. In many collections, an exquisite wall panel is offered in a ready-made set together with simple tiles, perfectly matched in style.

wall tile panel

Metal panel on the wall

To lighten the weight, all elements of such products are made of corners and tin with a thickness of about 3 mm, many patterns are made hollow inside. Volumetric images are often divided into fragments for installation separately, like modular paintings. Plasma processing allows you to make a custom-made metal wall panel relatively quickly and with great accuracy. The composition is fastened using self-tapping screws through external holes in the decor or using U-shaped plates welded on the back.

metal panel on the wall

Gypsum panel on the wall

Stucco decoration always arouses admiration, effectively emphasizing the status of the owners of the house. This option looks aristocratic and is used in many classical styles, allowing you to create a sophisticated interior. A large gypsum panel on the wall can occupy the entire space, and small compositions will be appropriate above the fireplace, doorways, low furniture, in a corner for relaxation.

Advantages of plaster decor:

  1. Environmentally friendly material.
  2. High durability of the decor.
  3. A gypsum wall panel can be easily restored with small defects.
  4. This material perfectly conveys the clarity of forms, elegance and subtlety of lines.

gypsum panel on the wall

Fabric panel on the wall

Bulky dusty carpets have gradually lost their relevance, but creative homemade fabric compositions are now in trend. As a basis, depending on the chosen execution technique, thick cardboard, fiberboard, foam plastic, plywood are used. With any option, color accents should be observed without violating the style of the room.

Fabric wall decor options:

  1. Panel patchwork on the wall – production of paintings using the technique of patchwork.
  2. Kanzashi — elements of the product (mainly floral motifs) are laid out from pieces of material in the form of petals.
  3. Application — the details of the future picture are sewn or glued onto the prepared base.
  4. Inlay — elements of the three-dimensional image are not glued, but are tucked into thin cuts on the basis of foam.

Light panel on the wall

To increase the decorativeness, wall images are often equipped with lighting devices that cast rays onto a specific section of the composition or over the entire plane. LED strips allow you to design illuminated panels on the wall of the most complex configuration or create local accents in the right places. Using several connection modes, you can change the glow power or program the use of certain effects depending on the time of day.

Benefits of backlit panels:

  1. The decor looks original and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. With a successful choice of the electrical devices used, such a canvas is able to play, in addition to the decorative function, the role of an additional lighting device.
  3. Ease of maintenance.
  4. Good energy efficiency when using LED fixtures.

light panel on the wall

How to hang a panel on the wall?

Choosing a holder for wall decor is an important issue. Solutions depend on the size of the wall panel for the kitchen and other rooms, its weight, attachment point, base material, and other nuances. Consider the main options:

  1. Small staples are suitable for light fabric paintings or isolon compositions. Often, the owners adapt even auxiliary accessories for this purpose — paper clips, rings for curtains.
  2. Gypsum products are installed using self-tapping screws and drywall glue.
  3. A panel of tiles is glued to the surface of the walls with tile adhesive.
  4. Under the mirror panel, you should perfectly align the walls and then apply a special glue for mirrors (Tytan 930, LN-930 Mirrors or equivalents).
  5. For a relatively heavy panel made of wood and metal, you need to purchase strong mounting brackets or use wall mounting with dowels through through holes.
  6. When working with a dimensional light panel, one should take into account the location of the lighting devices, the scheme of installation and wiring.

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