Options for finishing the loggia with clapboard, laminate, plaster, stone

Loggia finishing options - interesting ideas and the best design solutions

Different options for finishing the loggia help not only neatly trim the available space, but also turn the balcony into a full-fledged room. When choosing materials, it is necessary to take into account all their advantages and disadvantages, the possibility of using a small area in an unheated room.

How to decorate a loggia?

The configuration of the loggia assumes the presence of three walls placed inside the apartment and a parapet facing the street. For the original arrangement of the loggia, the decoration and suitable interesting ideas for its design must correspond to a certain style, the materials must be combined with each other. For example, if the walls of the room are finished with clapboard, then it is appropriate to use it on the ceiling, and make the floor out of boards. Plaster is well combined with tiles, stone, plastic siding — with painted surfaces.

Loggia wall decoration

If it is planned to equip a useful room on the loggia, then you need to consider its high-quality insulation. To do this, use hydro- and vapor barrier, window profiles with a cross section of at least 62 mm and double-glazed windows with an energy-saving coating. When deciding how to decorate the walls on the loggia, you can pay attention to the following options:

  1. The liquid wallpaper. They form a seamless coating, are fireproof, and retain their original appearance for a long time.
  2. liquid wallpaper on the loggia

  3. Relief plaster. With the help of special rollers, spatulas and paint, it is easy to imitate tree bark, tall grass, flowers on the wall.
  4. decorative plaster on the balcony

  5. Bamboo wallpaper. They create a pleasant microclimate, durable, resistant to moisture and fading.
  6. bamboo wallpaper on the loggia

  7. Natural cork. It does not absorb odors, becomes a heat-insulating layer, is not afraid of dampness and sunlight.
  8. cork walls on the loggia

  9. Wooden lining. It makes the room warm and cozy thanks to the textured pattern and wood structure.
  10. lining on the loggia

Ceiling decoration on the loggia

Before facing the ceiling, it is desirable to insulate it. To do this, all the seams between the walls and the ceiling are poured with silicone sealant, then a waterproofing membrane is fixed, a wooden crate into which foam or mineral wool is laid. After that, you can make out the finishing layer. When deciding how to finish the ceiling on the loggia, it is appropriate to use the following materials:

  1. Dye. It is applied to any surface, previously puttied and primed. It is better to use facade compositions — they are more resistant to weathering.
  2. balcony ceiling paint

  3. Wooden lining. For the ceiling, it is better to use the euro-version of the boards, they have channels for draining condensate.
  4. lining on the ceiling of the loggia

  5. Plastic panels. They are fixed on the frame, it is convenient to embed lamps in them.
  6. plastic ceiling on the balcony

  7. Metal rails. Durable, strong, withstand any temperature extremes and humidity.
  8. slatted ceiling on the balcony

  9. Drywall. It has a low price, creates additional heat and sound insulation, is installed on the frame. With it, you can create two-level ceilings of a beautiful configuration with built-in spotlights.
  10. plasterboard ceiling on the loggia

  11. Stretch ceiling (glossy, matte). Looks neat, mounted quickly, not afraid of moisture and cold.
  12. stretch ceiling on the balcony

Finishing the floor on the loggia

An inexpensive option for insulating the balcony floor is penofol (polyethylene foam + foil). It acts immediately as an insulator and heat reflector. The best option would be a floor heating system, for this you can purchase an infrared film, it is easy to cut and fit to any quadrature. The material is thin, does not affect the height of the room, its energy consumption is low. On top of the film put waterproofing and a thin sheet of plywood. After warming, you can start facing the surface. Finishing the floor on the loggia — acceptable options:

  1. Tile. For a balcony, porcelain stoneware, tiles, clinker are suitable. If the floor heating system was not installed, then the surface will always be cold.
  2. balcony floor tiles

  3. Terrace board. Treated with an antiseptic and water repellent, you can not be afraid of rotting and fungus. In addition to boards made of heat-treated wood, there are also composite boards (wood + polymers).
  4. terrace board on the floor of the loggia

  5. Laminate. Not afraid of moisture, practical. When laying on a warm floor, special grades with high heat resistance are needed.
  6. laminate on the floor of the loggia

  7. Linoleum. The coating is cheap and easy to install and maintain. Only a multilayer heterogeneous type of coating is compatible with warm floors, it does not deform when heated.
  8. linoleum on the floor of the loggia

  9. Cork coating. Unlike wood, it does not need antiseptic protection, retains heat well, and has good sound-suppressing characteristics.
  10. cork floor on the balcony

How to finish the loggia inside?

Finishing plays an important role when a loggia is set up: interesting ideas, tips on choosing facing materials will help solve the problem of its beautiful design. Thanks to a successful design and competent zoning, you can equip a corner on the balcony for work, relaxation or creativity, or combine it with the main room by installing arches and columns instead of doors. When choosing options for finishing a loggia, you need to take into account that the materials must be resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes, high humidity, easy to clean and have a long service life.

Balcony tiling

Ceramic tile is a durable, moisture-resistant and durable material that retains its original appearance for many years. It is easy to wash it with a regular cloth, the surface withstands the effects of aggressive household chemicals, and gets dirty a little. Decorating the walls of the loggia with tiles is a great opportunity to create a delightful interior due to the variety of its colors, patterns and high decorative properties. The material successfully resists mechanical stress, frost, humidity. On the floor it is better to use a coating with a matte texture, it is less slippery.

balcony tiling

Finishing the loggia with wallpaper

Among all the options for finishing the loggia, wallpaper for walls is the most affordable material both in terms of cost and labor intensity. At the same time, it is not recommended to use paper canvases, they quickly lose their decorative effect due to temperature changes. Non-woven or vinyl coverings are a suitable option, but only if the room is well insulated and its windows do not face the sunny side. If the loggia faces south, then such materials will fade.

wallpaper for the loggia

In this case, it is preferable to finish the loggia with liquid wallpaper, which, after application, is varnished for additional protection. With their help, a relief texture without seams is created, similar to decorative plaster. More resistant to external influences are compositions with a silk base — they will not change color for a long time under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

liquid wallpaper for the loggia

Finishing the loggia with wood

Considering different options for finishing the loggia, many owners opt for wood. Walls and ceilings sheathed with wooden beams are always in fashion, this is a classic. The material has a flat shape, environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch, creates a warm atmosphere in the room. If desired, the walls can be sheathed with a block house, such a board has an outer cylindrical surface that resembles a real log.

The wooden decoration of the loggia will require periodic surface treatment with special compounds, antiseptics, which will prevent deformation and damage to the material from fungi and pests. The beam differs in wood species and cost. For decoration, budget coniferous wood (pine, cedar, spruce) or hardwood (aspen, linden) is used. Oak board cladding is the most expensive and durable.

loggia wood trim

Finishing the loggia with decorative plaster

The modern finishing of the loggia with plaster is made using a special solution, the compositions are sold with or without stone chips fillers. Mixtures are produced in a different assortment, applied with different depths and complexity of the relief. The coating simultaneously protects the walls from dust and dirt. The color of the finish is easy to change at any time, all you need is paint and a roller.

Decorative plaster can have a uniform pattern, like, for example, the well-known «bark beetle», or more complex, made in the form of a panel. Finished formulations are applied in different ways, creating horizontal, vertical or ornate lines and patterns. A homogeneous mixture is leveled with a roller, sometimes there are stencil patterns on it. You can also create more relief drawings with a spatula, protruding from the surface by 15 mm in the form of floral, plant compositions.

decoration of the loggia with decorative plaster

Finishing the loggia with clapboard

Wooden lining is a rectangular planed board with a system of grooves and spikes. Externally, the finish looks like siding. Wood exudes a pleasant smell, tolerates temperature changes well, retains its color. Finishing the loggia with eurolining inside is preferable to a regular profile, it has special longitudinal slots for condensate to escape. The cost of the material is also affected by the class of raw materials from which the slats are made. If you choose the high quality «Extra», then the coating will turn out to be even, beautiful, without knots and flaws.

lining the loggia

Finishing the loggia with PVC panels

Going through different options for finishing the loggia, many owners opt for plastic panels. They are cheap, mounted vertically, horizontally, at an angle, have a variety of colors, patterns, textures. The material is waterproof, lightweight, but fragile, subject to mechanical damage. Finishing the loggia with panels is made on the crate, which allows the use of additional gaskets for warming the room. The finishing material is produced matte, laminated, it is able to imitate any surface, for example, stone, marble.

pvc paneling

Finishing the loggia with MDF panels

When deciding how to finish the walls on the loggia, you can use MDF panels. This is a light-resistant material with a base of wood fibers, covered with a film stylized as precious wood or stone. Such a cladding is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, retains heat well, but it is not moisture resistant enough and is used only on a glazed loggia. MDF can have both a perfectly smooth glossy texture and embossed with different ornaments, even 3d effects.

loggia trim with mdf panels

Finishing the loggia with laminate

When a loggia is set up, finishing, interesting ideas for arranging the floor and various fragments of the walls with a laminate will help to design a beautiful room. It is made of high-density fibreboard, covered with a protective film that also performs a decorative role. The material attracts with a variety of colors, ease of installation, ease of maintenance.

Laminate can highlight the panels on the walls or completely decorate the entire surface under a tree, create a monochromatic coating or design multi-colored stripes. For the loggia, it is recommended to purchase material of class 33 and above, which is characterized by good resistance to increased mechanical stress, moisture and temperature extremes.

loggia with laminate

Finishing the loggia with stone

Considering different options for finishing the loggia, you can stop at an artificial stone. It is durable, unpretentious in care, wear-resistant, resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, in terms of durability it is comparable to its natural counterpart. The material can be selected in any texture and relief, externally imitating marble, granite, quartz, sandstone, red or white brick.

Finishing the loggia with artificial stone can not be done on the entire surface; for beauty, its various combinations with plaster, wallpaper, and wood are selected. Often, masonry decorates completely one wall or only part of it — corners, openings on windows and doors, make a variety of inserts. The material is fixed to the metal mesh with an adhesive similar to ceramic tiles.

stone cladding

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