Moisture-resistant laminate in the bathroom — wall decoration, laying on the floor, ceiling

Moisture-resistant laminate in the bathroom - how to choose a really high-quality coating?

Moisture-resistant laminate in the bathroom, being a modern, innovative coating, successfully replaces the more familiar traditional finishing materials. This material attracts with a huge range of products, its decorative effect and ease of installation.

Can you put laminate in the bathroom?

Moisture-resistant laminate in the bathroom is not yet as popular as traditional finishing materials. This is due to the fact that moisture-resistant laminate belongs to the expensive category of goods, many people are afraid to risk the quality of the finish. But by purchasing a special waterproof laminate for the bathroom, you can get not only an aesthetically attractive material for decoration, but also a coating with high performance:

  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • impact resistance;
  • antistatic;
  • protective properties against mold, fungus, decay;
  • environmental safety;
  • the material is not slippery.

Bathroom finish with laminate

Bathroom laminate should be purchased taking into account wear resistance, not lower than class 32-33, paying attention to the high-quality impregnation of locks (the wax applied to them should not be easily scraped off). Possessing various water-repellent properties, the material is divided into the following categories:

  1. Moisture resistant. For its basis, whole wood fibers are taken, pressed at high temperature and pressure, and special processing is carried out. Then the plates are treated with a mixture of wax and various resins, and anti-mold compounds are applied. Moisture-resistant laminate in the bathroom, as a floor covering, can withstand frequent wet cleaning and excessive moisture on it for up to three hours without compromising quality.
  2. Waterproof. The manufacturing technology is similar to moisture resistant, the difference is even more pressure when pressing and covering the surface with hot wax. The floor filled with water does not absorb it for several hours.
  3. Waterproof. It is based on polyvinyl chloride, it has all the properties of plastic (does not deform in water, does not wear out, is durable). The disadvantages include non-environmental friendliness, low operating period, a small assortment of patterns and colors.

Laminate flooring in the bathroom

For flooring, experts recommend using a waterproof laminate for the bathroom, as the most reliable option that has no restrictions. The selection criteria for laminate flooring in the bathroom are the following requirements:

  1. When buying, pay attention to the label, there should be an indication of the waterproof type of material (an image of a tap or an umbrella with drops, the word «aqua» in the title).
  2. High abrasion resistance.
  3. The rate of swelling for a waterproof laminate should be at least 18%.
  4. High-quality connecting locks (no gaps between the joints).
  5. Reliability of the manufacturer (find out how old the product is on the market, what is its warranty period, the price of the product is also an indicator of reliability).

laminate flooring in the bathroom

Laminate in the bathroom on the wall

Laminate on the wall in the bathroom is a relatively new stylistic solution, especially suitable for use where there are uneven surfaces. Laminate mounted on the crate will not only level the walls, but also serve as an additional means of sound and heat insulation. For walls, it is better to use sheet pile or wedge types of laminate, they are panels that are connected with locks and are fixed more firmly than adhesive.

When choosing a laminate for finishing the walls in the bathroom, it is preferable to use a waterproof, rather than moisture-resistant material, in the conditions of this room it will last longer. The use of laminate in rooms with poor ventilation is not recommended, it is not suitable for the shower area either, it looks best on one of the walls, being the accent decor of the room.

bathroom laminate wall

Laminate bathroom ceiling

They use a moisture-resistant laminate for the bathroom in the decoration of the ceiling surface, more often for decorative purposes, this coating looks original, fitting perfectly into the interior. In addition to the aesthetic solution, the moisture-resistant laminate used in the bathroom allows, thanks to a special frame, to place various engineering communication systems in the formed space, and to place recessed lamps on the surface.

The disadvantages of such a coating include the fact that for good moisture tolerance, a material with a solid protective layer is needed, but even it can become unusable as a result of a flood. Also, the frame system will reduce the height of the room, this can be avoided by using the adhesive method of attaching laminate panels, but it is possible only with perfectly flat surfaces.

laminate bathroom ceiling

Bathroom laminate

Plastic waterproof laminate for the bathroom is safe for health, it has no predisposition to the reproduction of mold, fungus, various microorganisms, it is characterized by:

  1. Embossed anti-slip coating.
  2. Increased wear resistance, long service life.
  3. Reinforced locks, tightness.
  4. Absolute resistance to moisture, chemical attack, mechanical damage.
  5. Low combustible capabilities.

Vinyl Laminate for Bathroom

Vinyl laminate for the bathroom, due to its multilayer structure, significantly outperforms other coatings in terms of quality. For the manufacture of this material, the “sandwich” principle is applied, that is, each sheet has several layers:

  1. Upper (protective) — made of polyurethane and aluminum oxide.
  2. Medium — from small crumbs of stone.
  3. Stabilization — from an additional vinyl substrate.
  4. The lower one is completely made of vinyl, which is responsible for durability.

Vinyl laminate is resistant to kinks, abrasion, it is moisture resistant. Its design possibilities are very extensive, decor imitating the natural textures of wood, stone, ceramics or tiles is especially popular, it is easy to mount and combine with other types of finishes. The disadvantages of this material can be considered:

  1. The impossibility of replacing individual elements (damage can be observed in cheap types of laminate).
  1. Toxicity on fire.

bathroom vinyl laminate

pvc laminate for bathroom

Plastic laminate is classified as a high-quality coating, this is possible due to the fact that it is based on a moisture-resistant polymer. Wall decoration in the bathroom with PVC laminate is an alternative to ceramic tiles, especially in terms of sound insulation. This material has a high strength class, it is able to accumulate heat, and there are no harmful substances in its composition. PVC laminate consists of the following layers:

  • transparent corrugated;
  • waterproof;
  • impregnated with acrylic, decorative layer;
  • waterproof;
  • castle system;
  • stabilizing layer formed by tarred paper.

pvc laminate for bathroom

Laminate flooring in the bathroom

Before you lay out the laminate in the bathroom, you should level the surfaces or attach the crate to them. To prevent direct contact with wet concrete surfaces, a vapor barrier consisting of a diffuse membrane or conventional polyethylene is required. When laying a laminate on a base made of wood, plywood, chipboard, they do not produce insulation. Laminate fastening method — adhesive or key. Laying technology may be different:

  • horizontal;
  • horizontal laying laminate flooring

  • vertical;
  • vertical laying laminate flooring

  • herringbone.
  • herringbone laminate flooring

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