Modern design of a small bedroom with and without a fireplace

Small bedroom design - the secrets of design and functionality

For owners of a small room, the design of a small bedroom is a difficult issue. I want to squeeze in everything necessary so as not to overload the interior, not to make it gloomy and difficult for visual perception. Professional designers share their tips for decorating small bedrooms to create an organic interior.

Ideas for a small bedroom

When decorating the interior of a small bedroom, you need to take care of a lot. Here an important role is played not only by pieces of furniture, bedding and decorative ornaments, but also by the decoration of walls, floors, windows, so it is best to find out about the preferred options for each interior detail, and then combine everything into a common picture so that everything looks organic and cozy without loss of functionality.

Small living room design

This layout option is very popular in small apartments or studios. It is important to know how to properly zone the space so that you get both a living room and a bedroom in a small room. Often, to save money, they use different functional furniture, which is easy to fold and unfold, move from place to place. But it is worthwhile to understand that daily manipulations with furniture can get boring, and as a result, chaos will reign in the apartment. Many have found a way out and divided the space with curtains — this looks stylish and does not require significant additional costs.

Experienced designers give some advice when combining a bedroom and a living room.

  1. Do not buy too bulky furniture.
  2. When decorating walls and window openings, it is not advisable to use large drawings.
  3. The simpler the design of the furniture and the more elongated its shape, the better it will look in a small room.
  4. The design of a small bedroom implies a background in light colors.

large living room bedroom design

Small bedroom with fireplace

Even a very small bedroom can be cozy and homely comfortable if you properly organize the space. A bedroom with a fireplace is the dream of many, because you can spend the evening reading a book and a cup of tea by the fireplace or lying in a warm bed watching the flames play. Everything is possible with the right approach. It is very important to treat the finish correctly, which should be in bright colors and not contain large prints. To save space, you can purchase a bed with drawers, then there will be no need for a chest of drawers.

In such a bedroom, it is important to observe the severity of forms and avoid excessive decor. You can visually enlarge the space with a light background, long tall lamps, long curtains, but made of light, airy fabrics. If the space at the window is planned to be filled with pieces of furniture, then it is better to purchase short curtains.

small bedroom with fireplace

Small bedroom design

When decorating small bedrooms, interior design is planned especially carefully. In this case, it is important to take into account all the details so as not to visually reduce the room and not overload the interior with excessive decor and furniture. What do designers advise to create an interesting and cozy interior of a small bedroom?

  1. In the decoration, use more light shades.
  2. Furniture should be kept as small as possible and should not cover the walls too much. Shelves of a hinged design with clear geometric shapes are well suited.
  3. A bed that is too spacious will steal the lion’s share of the space, so you should think about purchasing a small but comfortable bed, which is an accent thing in the bedroom. It is not worth saving on this piece of furniture; a stylish and expensive bed will make the mood of the room in itself.
  4. It is advisable to leave access to the window — this will help to visually enlarge the space and make it brighter.

Wallpaper for a small bedroom

Any small-sized room, including a small bedroom, is too demanding on wall decoration. We have already talked about the preferred light shades, so it’s worth talking about some tricks that will help increase and refresh the space.

  1. If there is no desire to decorate the walls with plain wallpaper, you can choose an unobtrusive print or pattern, but not too contrasting, often repeated and not large.
  2. Textured wallpaper is perfect for a small bedroom, making it visually wider.
  3. The pattern on the wallpaper plays an important role: the vertical one will visually increase the space from floor to ceiling, and the horizontal one — the width of the wall.

wallpaper for a small bedroom

Small bedroom — wild stone finish

Thinking over the design of a small bedroom room, many pay attention to interesting options for finishing with wild stone. We are not talking about a complete finish, but only a partial design as a decor. The best option would be to use light-colored wild stone for finishing a fireplace, desktop or TV hanging on the wall. Still, as an option, you can make a frame of photo wallpaper stone.

small bedroom finished with wild stone

Ceiling in a small bedroom

The design of a small bedroom should be thought out to the smallest detail. The design of the ceiling plays an important role, so it will be useful to find out what the modern design of a small bedroom has to offer from finishing materials and decor, which will help to visually enlarge the room.

  1. Gloss and other reflective surfaces. These can be mirrors, but ideally — stretch ceilings that can be stretched not around the entire ceiling perimeter, but zoned.
  2. Stretch glossy ceiling can also be used as a tool that corrects the shape of the room. A square room can be extended with a rectangular shape of a glossy insert, and a long one with a parallelepiped.
  3. Alternatively, the ceiling can be finished with wallpaper depicting the sky, both day and night.

ceiling in small bedroom

Curtains for a small bedroom

Almost all small-sized bedrooms, decorated according to the rules, will look perfect. As for the choice of curtains, there are also a lot of rules that should be followed.

  1. It is better to choose plain curtains so that they do not attract attention, especially if the wallpaper is patterned. Plain white curtains will look best.
  2. Simplicity of forms and no draperies stealing space.
  3. Wide horizontal stripes have a good effect on the perception of space.
  4. Cornice for curtains is better to buy ceiling.
  5. Layering curtains in a small bedroom is unacceptable.

curtains for small bedroom

Chandelier in a small bedroom

When choosing a design for a small bedroom, it is important to take into account all the nuances so that the interior is complete.

  1. In order for the owner to live in the bedroom, and not the chandelier, you need to abandon large crystal lamps, which can become the main accent of the bedroom and will look ridiculous in a small room.
  2. The design of a bedroom of a small area in terms of lighting is often performed using built-in light sources.
  3. The shape of the fixtures should be extremely simple, and the suspensions should be short.
  4. Of the materials, metal, plastic, frosted glass, stretched fabric are best suited.
  5. It is better to choose a stream of light towards the ceiling — such lighting does not tire and looks softer and calmer, which is very important for a bedroom.

chandelier in a small bedroom

Bed in a small bedroom

The design of a small bedroom should be conducive to relaxation and good rest, so the bed is the main, accent piece of furniture in this room. Furniture for a small bedroom should not be bulky and bulky — this also applies to the bed. No matter how much you would like to buy a huge bed, it is better to look at the smaller option, but do not save on quality and appearance. Among the popular bed models to save space are:

  1. Wardrobe bed. This model is equipped with drawers in which you can put bed linen and other things.
  2. Lift bed. Such a bed has a mechanism that raises the mattress, opening a niche from which bedding can also be folded.
  3. low bed. Such models look very stylish and free up additional space, plus they visually make the ceilings higher if they are low.

bed in small bedroom

Wardrobe in a small bedroom

The closet should also fit perfectly with the overall design of a small bedroom, so as not to look like a stain against the background of the overall interior. It is very difficult to choose furniture sets for small bedrooms, so it is better to abandon this idea. It is difficult to fit a ready-made headset into a small space, with the exception of modular options that can be compiled according to your capabilities.

The best wardrobe options for small bedrooms:

  1. Corner cupboard. Outwardly, they do not look bulky, but their capacity is good. In addition, it is not always possible to use the corner space as efficiently as possible, and a corner cabinet will help to use it to the fullest.
  2. Closet. This is a functional model, and you can order such a cabinet of any size. Mirrored facades look very good, which visually increase the space.

small bedroom closet

Small sofa in the bedroom

The question of how to equip a small bedroom is not easy and requires certain knowledge about the rules for organizing space. If the bedroom does not differ in large footage, and there is no need for a full-fledged bed, or when organizing a bedroom combined with a living room, you should look at a small sofa. This option has several significant advantages:

  1. It does not take up much space, and to free up space, it can simply be folded.
  2. Well suited for small spaces, one-room apartments and combination rooms. The sofa looks much more hospitable than the most comfortable and beautiful bed.
  3. The sofa is hollow inside, so there is an additional possibility of storing things.
  4. There are a wide variety of models on sale, so choosing a sofa for any interior is not difficult.
  5. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products with a variety of transformation mechanisms, and choose the most convenient and suitable for a small bedroom.

small sofa in the bedroom

Small chest of drawers in the bedroom

Considering the most interesting ideas for a small bedroom, you should pay attention to a chest of drawers, which is often a complete replacement for a small closet. The design of a small, cozy bedroom not only does not suffer, but can also look more advantageous. Much depends on the style direction in which the room is decorated and the taste preferences of the owner. A chest of drawers can replace not only a wardrobe, but also a dressing table; for this, it will be possible to hang a mirror above the chest of drawers.

Another important question is where to place this piece of furniture correctly, and this will depend on the model chosen:

  1. Wall models should be installed as intended, with the back wall against the wall.
  2. Wall mounted to the wall with special panels, hinges and screws. You can place the wall chest of drawers where it is appropriate and convenient.
  3. Attachments are often part of the headsets or come with a sofa or chair.
  4. The island model can be located anywhere, because the back wall is made in the same way as the facade.

small chest of drawers in the bedroom

Furniture-transformer for a small bedroom

When choosing furniture for a small bedroom, many prefer multifunctional options with the possibility of transformation. Such models help in saving space and for many owners of cramped housing are a real panacea. The salient features of these options are:

  1. Empowerment. For example, a closet can be unfolded to have a desktop, an armchair that can be expanded into a bed.
  2. Hidden storage of things, thanks to the movable mechanism and the presence of shelves and niches hidden in the assembled state.

furniture transformer for a small bedroom

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