Mirror in the bedroom on the wall

Mirror in the bedroom - location ideas that do not contradict ingrained stereotypes

A popular design solution is a mirror in the bedroom, which can perform several important functions. It will be interesting to learn how a reflective surface can be used, where and how to place it correctly in order to get a comfortable room with positive energy.

Mirrors in the bedroom — good or bad?

Thinking through the design of the room, many people ask this question, because there are many stereotypes among the people. If you are wondering if it is possible to hang a mirror in the bedroom, then the answer is yes, but it is only important to do it according to a number of rules. Psychologists, designers and Feng Shui experts have their own opinion on this topic. If everything is done correctly, then the reflective surface can give the room originality and add zest to it.

Bedroom design with mirrors

In modern design, mirror surfaces are used to create original stylistic accents. With their help, you can visually change the perception of objects, create the illusion of space and adjust it. The mirror in the interior of the bedroom performs the following functions:

  1. The reflective surface visually makes the space of a small room wider.
  2. If you use products of an unusual shape, they will become the highlight of the interior, adding originality.
  3. A mirrored ceiling will make the room appear taller and give the space an airy feel.

Floor mirrors for the bedroom

If you want to give the room originality, lightness and at the same time some negligence, then use floor mirrors. There are different frame options, for example, it can be wide, forged or completely absent. Vintage or deliberately aged frames look especially beautiful. When choosing such an interior detail, be guided by the following tips:

  1. A large mirror in the bedroom, which is installed on the floor, can be placed in different places and regularly changed its location. The height of the reflective surface must be at least 170 cm.
  2. bedroom floor mirrors

  3. If there are children in the house, then choose models with a rounded frame. Be sure to check that the structure is stable, or better attach the mirror to the wall.
  4. If people of different heights live in the house, then choose a floor mirror in the psyche bedroom, which can be tilted.
  5. bedroom floor mirrors

  6. When placing a floor mirror in the dressing room, it is better to buy models with built-in shelves.

Wall mirrors in the bedroom

The most common option is wall placement of a reflective surface. For each style, you can choose different models. For example, for a classic bedroom wall mirror, choose forged or thick frames, and for a high-tech style, a voluminous round canvas is suitable. There are a few rules to consider when choosing wall mirrors:

  1. The width of the reflective surface must be at least 0.5 m. The exception is decorative models of special shapes and sizes.
  2. A large mirror in the bedroom should not exceed 2 m in span, as it can disrupt the perception of space.
  3. Place a reflective surface on the wall so that you can see yourself from a distance of at least 1.5 m.
  4. When placing a small mirror, keep in mind that its center should be approximately at eye level. Small decorative mirrors must be mounted at least 1.5 m from the floor.

wall mirrors in the bedroom

Bevelled mirrors in the bedroom

To begin with, a little about the terminology, so facet is a special method of processing the edges of mirrors or glasses, thanks to which you can get a beveled edge on the front side. The result is beautiful mirrors in the bedroom and in other rooms. When rays of light hit their surface, they are refracted and distributed throughout the room, as if the brilliance of a diamond. The faceted mirror is suitable for any style of interior, with the exception of country and Provence. There are several solutions for using such a reflective surface:

  1. A solid mirror wall not only decorates the room, but also visually makes the space wider, especially if the interior is decorated in light colors.
  2. bevelled mirrors in the bedroom

  3. From faceted mirrors in the bedroom, you can make a panel, getting a non-standard and original solution.
  4. bevelled mirrors in the bedroom

  5. On the sides of the bed or behind the back, you can use a mirror plate.
  6. bevelled mirrors in the bedroom

  7. Popular are compositions of faceted mirrors located in frames.
  8. bevelled mirrors in the bedroom

  9. You can buy furniture with a faceted mirror to decorate the room, for example, it can be a wardrobe and so on.
  10. bevelled mirrors in the bedroom

Wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom

The most common option for placing a mirror is a cabinet front, which can be freestanding and built into the wall. In such furniture, a bedroom mirror helps to solve several problems: you can visually expand the space and make it brighter. A popular option is wardrobes, but you can also install two narrow wardrobes with mirrors on both sides of the bed, which looks unusual and original. For elongated rooms, the best solution is a corner cabinet with a mirror that can visually expand the room diagonally.

bedroom wardrobe with mirror

Table with a mirror in the bedroom

Women’s favorite object in the room is a dressing table with a mirror, because they apply makeup in front of it, and they store various useful things in numerous shelves and drawers. No need to think that the mirror in the bedroom in the dressing table is a relic of the past, as there are a large number of options, for example, a minimalist model with a square or rectangular mirror. Place such furniture on the side of the bed. Opening and folding mirror options are ideal for small spaces.

bedroom table with mirror

Another type of furniture is a console with a mirror in the bedroom, which looks much more beautiful than an ordinary nightstand. This type of table can be decorated in any style, have different shapes, lengths and heights, but it must be narrow. Often the design has closed cabinets, drawers and other types of shelves. In design, the console can only perform a decorative function, for example, hide a heating radiator.

bedroom console with mirror

Nightstand with a mirror in the bedroom

A great option for bedrooms is a nightstand with a mirror, especially if you put bedside tables symmetrically, complementing them with mirror surfaces. The size of the mirrors directly depends on the area of ​​​​the room. A bedside table with a mirror in the bedroom can become a bright accent if you experiment with the shape and size of such surfaces, complementing them with beautiful frames.

nightstand with mirror in the bedroom

Mirror in the bedroom above the chest of drawers

An alternative to a dressing table is a chest of drawers, over which a mirror is installed. Many things can be placed in the drawers of this furniture, and various trinkets and decorated elements can be placed on top. The mirror in the interior of the bedroom can be of various shapes and sizes. The ideal place to place a chest of drawers is the wall where the head of the bed is directed, besides, if the chest of drawers is low, it will play the role of a bedside table.

mirror in the bedroom above the chest of drawers

Mirror with shelves in the bedroom

To place various trifles and decorative elements, it is recommended to choose a mirror with shelves — this is a practical element of the interior. It is best to combine such a mirror and bedroom furniture to get a single composition, place a reflective surface above a chest of drawers or other bedside tables. The shelves next to the mirror can be open, and also include drawers or drawers that open.

bedroom mirror with shelves

Mirror with drawers in the bedroom

You can install a dressing table or trellis in the room, and it is worth noting that many do not know how these pieces of furniture differ from each other. In the first case, the furniture has only one mirror, and in the second, as many as three. A bedroom mirror trellis is a great opportunity to play with reflections, as the two side mirror surfaces can be moved. Thanks to this, you can see yourself from different angles, which is useful, for example, when creating hairstyles. Drawers can store a lot of things. Place the trellis in the room in the same way as the dressing table.

bedroom mirror with drawers

How to place a mirror in the bedroom?

The role of the reflective surface largely depends on where it will be located. In addition, it is worth considering the fact that especially many restrictions (on the part of designers, psychologists and Feng Shui specialists) apply to situations when the canvases are in the bedroom. In order not to consider the controversial opinions of all people, we highlight the most common taboos:

  1. It is bad if the bed is reflected in the mirror in the bedroom. It is believed that this negatively affects energy, and in the morning it will seem to a person that he did not get enough sleep.
  2. So that the situation is not overloaded, you can not place more than two mirrors in the room.
  3. It is not recommended to hang a mirrored sheet in front of the front door, as Feng Shui experts believe that it will repel positive energy heading into the room.

There are a number of rules on how to put a mirror in the bedroom:

  1. The canvas should be placed so that the face is displayed in it completely. Hang it so that the mirror is in line with the bed.
  2. To add depth to the space, a suitable place to place a reflective surface is above the head of the bed.
  3. You can hang a mirror on the sides of the bed, on the ceiling in any part, but not above the bed. A popular solution is installation in the wardrobe doors.

Mirror above the bed in the bedroom

It should be said right away that it is not recommended to hang a reflective surface on the ceiling above the bed, but above the headboard it is an excellent solution. There are some tips on how to hang a mirror in the bedroom correctly and where:

  1. The classic technique is to place one large canvas in the center of the headboard. A beautiful frame is of great importance here. The color of the frame can be matched to the bed or other furniture. Such a mirror can merge with the situation or stand out from the general space. A universal solution is a canvas in a metal frame.
  2. mirror above the bed in the bedroom

  3. A great solution is a mirror collage, and it is suitable for a large room. Both the same and different mirrors can be used. They are placed both absolutely symmetrically and randomly. You can create a «mirror scattering» of a large number of small mirrors.
  4. mirror above the bed in the bedroom

  5. For luxurious interiors, a mirrored wall is suitable, which can drastically change the space. It can be a solid canvas or a mirror tile.
  6. mirror above the bed in the bedroom

Mirror opposite the window in the bedroom

Many people think that the best place to place a mirrored surface in a room is in front of a window, as it will reflect the daylight, filling the room with it. According to Feng Shui, a mirror in the bedroom opposite the window is an undesirable object, since positive energy enters the window openings, as well as the door, which will be reflected and come back out. Mirror sheets can be placed next to the window on the side walls.

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