Minimalist room

Minimalist room

Minimalism as a style arose at the end of the 20th century, when its adherents called for actively getting rid of what they thought were unnecessary elements of the interior. The slogan of the followers of the style of minimalism was the statement «nothing more.»

A minimalist room looks simple, without unnecessary volumes and colors. This style is great for decorating small apartments. At the same time, light colors, functional furniture are used.

Interiors of rooms in the style of minimalism

The interior of a bedroom in the style of minimalism involves the use of neutral colors, functionality and simplicity in the design of even a small room. A low bed can be on the podium, without a headboard. On both sides of the bed are simple bedside tables. For things — wardrobe.

The design of the living room in the style of minimalism uses restrained colors and shades: white, beige, yellow, ash and even black, and various small decor details are almost completely absent. The interior of the hall in the style of minimalism provides only the necessary furniture and appliances. And elements that do not fit into these frameworks are usually hidden behind all kinds of partitions. Wall sconces can be placed in different corners of the living room or mount lamps in stretch ceilings.

A minimalist children’s room is the maximum of free space that a growing child needs so much. The laconic design in the form of a small comfortable bed, a table and a wardrobe will allow the child to use all the remaining free space for outdoor games and development.

The built-in wardrobe is the perfect furniture for a minimalist hallway. For the ceiling and walls in the hallway in a minimalist style, light shades are preferred. Textured wallpaper with a soft pattern in combination with a wooden door will look great here.

The combination of white and black colors in a stylish minimalist office at the same time will create a working atmosphere there.

For a minimalist bathroom, the graphic clear forms of sanitary ware and two basic, most often contrasting colors in the design are ideal.

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