Mini hallways and small hallways for a small corridor.


Entrance to a small corridor

Everyone knows that this entrance room is the «face» of the whole apartment. In high-rise buildings built in the last century, the doors of two or three rooms open onto these few square meters at once. But even in the most limited space, you can create an interesting interior if the entrance hall to the small corridor comes to the rescue.

Hallway — furniture for a small corridor

The main feature of furnishing a small front room is its small size, but good capacity. An excellent option could be a set with a compact wardrobe. Its sliding doors will save precious meters of space. If you are planning to order a hallway in a small and narrow corridor, then you should think in advance which sections you need in the closet, how many shelves and hooks for clothes you need, whether there is a need for a mirror and a cabinet for shoes. Decide on the material from which the headset will be made, as well as its design.

Corner hallway into a small corridor

Small hallways in a small corridor, located in the corner, although problematic in terms of assembly, are very roomy and comfortable. This design will allow you to use those meters that are not used by other items. Often this set consists of a cabinet that occupies a direct corner. On one side of it there can be an open hanger with hooks for clothes, a shelf for hats, on the other side there can be a cabinet for shoes and a chest of drawers with a mirror. Although you can order any other version of such a headset that is suitable for you.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -1

Semicircular hallways look original in a small corridor. The corner set of furniture is made both in right-sided and left-sided versions. It is convenient if the cabinet has a number of rounded shelves on which you can store keys, gloves and other necessary little things. If you have children in your family, then the hooks for their clothes should be located lower. In addition to children’s clothing, you can hang a handbag or umbrella on them. Comfortable models with mezzanines. On their shelves it is convenient to store a lot of things that are not needed at a given time.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -2

Built-in hallways for small corridors

Another good furniture option that saves space in a small entrance room is a built-in wardrobe. If there is a niche here, then this is a great place to install such a furniture element in it. In this case, the storage system will consist of only one facade. And the role of the back and side walls will be played by the walls. The doors of such a set can be glass, mirrored or decorated with prints. The entrance hall to a small corridor will take up a minimum of free space, but it will be possible to store a lot of necessary things in it: clothes, shoes, hats.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -3

Sometimes the area is so small that there is no room for a full-fledged closet in it. In this case, a built-in shoe rack with a seat, which is located between two walls, can come to the rescue. Inside such a bench, you can store things or shoes necessary in the hallway. And the seat will make a set of soft pillows more comfortable. Coming from the street, it’s nice to relax on this comfortable and functional piece of furniture. Such beautiful hallways for small corridors will make the interior of the room hospitable and cozy.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -4

Modular entrance hall to a small corridor

The modular system is a kind of “constructor for adults”. After all, it can consist of a variety of elements, the location of which is easy to change at any time. It is compact, functional and versatile. With its help, you can use both the protruding parts of the room and the niches in it. Sometimes such models help to hide some flaws in interior design or emphasize its advantages. Modular kits will save not only free space, but also some part of your family budget.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -5

This type of furniture is convenient in that you can independently choose those sections of the modular system that are necessary for your interior: a clothes hanger, a small cabinet for shoes, a shelf for hats. You can purchase a corner shelf, a floor hanger and a bench. Especially appropriate in a limited space would be the presence of a mirror, which contributes to the visual expansion of space. Such stylish hallways in a small corridor will give even the smallest room a cozy and original look. They can be purchased ready-made or made to order.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -6

Mini hallways for a small corridor

Such mini-kits may look different:

  • a hanger in the form of a stand with several hooks, and sometimes with a hanger bar, as well as one or more shelves or boxes for shoes;
  • very convenient to use a small cabinet or chest of drawers with a mirror, which is fixed on the wall or is part of the module:
  • a block with a chest of drawers and a hanger have an upper shelf for hats;
  • pencil case or narrow wardrobe for coats or jackets.

Furniture items for small rooms combine small dimensions with maximum versatility. The depth of these elements does not exceed 35 cm, so they are perfect for even the narrowest space. Compact hallways in a small corridor have a different configuration. It can be either special cabinets with a hanger, created in the same style, or a small-sized corner or straight set with open and closed shelves.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -7

Such compact hallways in a small corridor allow you to place the most necessary things, shoes and other accessories here. And all the rest of the clothes that are not needed this season can be stored in a closet that will be installed in any other, more spacious room. Mini-sets look very harmonious in any interior, and are convenient for daily use.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -8

Entrance hall with a shoebox in a small corridor

An experienced designer will be able to tell you what hallways are in a small corridor, and will also help you choose the right piece of furniture for a limited space. Especially popular is the set with a shoe rack, which will help to avoid clutter in this small area in the apartment. And this is very important if several people live in the apartment. There are models in which there are several drawers for storing shoes and various care products.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -9

The door in the cabinet for shoes may have a special hinged mechanism, with which access to the stored shoes is opened. There are products in which slippers, sandals, shoes or boots are stored on open shelves. On the soft seat, located above the shoe storage area, you can sit down, putting on shoes before going outside. These practical and comfortable kits are suitable for any interior style.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -10

Design of a small hallway-corridor

Interesting and original hallways in a small corridor will tell about the owners of the apartment much more than any words. When choosing furniture design here, you should follow some important rules:

  • in any small room, the principle of minimalism must be observed, which includes the most limited amount of furniture, all kinds of accessories and decorative details;
  • all furniture designs should be compact and oversized;
  • the use of light pastel shades is welcome, as well as the absence of large drawings in all interior items.

White hallway to a small corridor

For a small, cramped and sometimes asymmetric front, a piece of furniture in light shades or even pure white is a great option. It will visually expand a small space. Many associate white furniture sets with cleanliness and freshness. The mirror surface of the furniture facade and the gloss in the design of the floor and ceiling will also help to achieve this. A small hallway to the corridor with a mirror will make it more spacious. However, it should be remembered that the care of such branded products in this room should be especially thorough.

Entrance hall to small corridor 11

Entrance hall to a small wenge corridor

Wenge color is now at the peak of popularity. Many owners strive to complement the interior of the corridor of a small hallway of this fashionable shade. Furniture sets look stylish in walnut or oak. If you decide to purchase an interior item of such dark shades, then the front walls should be painted in light colors. Such a contrast of shades will give special originality to the whole atmosphere of this entrance room.

Entrance hall to a small corridor -12

As you can see, a beautiful entrance hall into a small corridor can make it truly functional and cozy. It takes up very little free space. With such a set, it is easier to keep order in this entrance room, and the things and shoes that are stored here will be kept clean.


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