Loggia interior decoration — ideas and options for walls, ceiling, floor

Interior decoration of the loggia - ideas worth paying attention to

Proper interior decoration of the loggia is an important task, as this is a great place where you can relax and spend your free time. The room should be comfortable and functional. It is not easy to combine these requirements in such a small area, but modern materials make it possible to realize any idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhome comfort lovers.

Loggia finishing options

Before finishing the loggia inside, it is important to decide on its glazing. There are two arrangement options:

  1. Cold glazing. It uses single wooden, aluminum frames. Room comfort and functionality levels remain low.
  2. Warm glazing. In this case, double wooden frames or energy-saving plastic double-glazed windows are used. Panoramic windows look incredibly beautiful. It is advisable to insulate such a room with a layer of expanded polystyrene, mineral wool or polystyrene, install a heater. A waterproofing layer in the form of cellophane or foam will protect surfaces from getting wet and condensate. In such a room, you can equip a living room.

Depending on the type of glazing, they buy materials for the interior decoration of the loggia — walls, ceiling, floor. The choice depends on the personal preferences of the owners, the budget, the purpose of the room. In it you can equip an office, a gym, a reading room, a place of rest, a flower garden. Ideally, when the design of the balcony is combined with the overall interior of the apartment or the room adjacent to it.

Wall decoration on the loggia

The interior decoration of the loggia walls is carried out in accordance with the type of its glazing. After all, the lining should not deteriorate from moisture and temperature fluctuations. How to decorate the walls on the loggia:

  1. cold balcony — tiles, bricks, artificial stone, plastic are appropriate, paints that are resistant to dampness are used.
  2. Insulated balcony — in this case, there is plenty to choose from: wood, cork, laminate, wall paneling, wallpaper, decorative plaster, ceramic tiles and artificial bricks.

You can choose a specific style for decoration:

  1. Classic — these are calm pastel shades, the presence of wood.
  2. decoration of the loggia in a classic style

  3. Eco design — natural materials are preferred: bamboo, cork, ceramics, wicker furniture.
  4. loggia in eco style

  5. Minimalism — attracts with a monochromatic finish and bright accents, plastic, plaster, tiles, self-leveling floors, stretch ceilings are used.
  6. loggia in the style of minimalism

  7. East style — expensive wallpaper with an oriental pattern, tiles, colored glass for mosaics, stained-glass windows are appropriate.
  8. loggia in oriental style

Ceiling decoration on the loggia

There are many materials that will help transform the balcony. How to finish the ceiling on the loggia:

  1. Plastic panels. Inexpensive, not afraid of moisture, hide surface irregularities, quickly mounted. It is easy to integrate many fixtures into the PVC ceiling.
  2. PVC ceiling on the balcony

  3. Drywall. The surface can be painted in any color, covered with wallpaper, make a two-level design with built-in lighting. But you can use the material only on a warm loggia.
  4. gypsum plasterboard ceiling

  5. Clapboard. Easy to install, refers to eco-friendly materials. But the panels need impregnation, they are afraid of moisture.
  6. Finishing clapboard ceiling on the loggia

  7. Stretch ceiling. It looks even and beautiful, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, it is installed only by specialists.
  8. stretch ceiling on the balcony

How to finish the floor on the loggia?

When choosing a floor covering, the operating conditions of the material, the design of the room are taken into account. In any case, it should be comfortable for a person and withstand changes in temperature and humidity. In advance, the surfaces on the balcony can be insulated with fiberboard sheets, an electric or infrared floor heating system can be installed. The choice of materials for heated rooms is much wider. Finishing and design of loggias — how to cover the floor:

  1. Concrete screed. Suitable for a cold balcony, the surface is additionally covered with moisture-resistant paint, which is periodically updated.
  2. concrete floor on deck

  3. Porcelain tile. Expensive, but very durable coating, suitable for a cold room.
  4. porcelain tile on the floor of the loggia

  5. Linoleum. It is inexpensive, but it is better to purchase material with a thick base, it serves as an additional insulation.
  6. linoleum on the floor of the loggia

  7. Laminate. It looks neat and beautiful, imitates wood texture, but is suitable for dry insulated rooms.
  8. laminate on the floor of the loggia

  9. Wooden boards. Such a floor is comfortable for the feet, so that it lasts for a long time, you need to pay attention to protective impregnations, choose a durable type of wood — oak or yew.
  10. loggia wood floor

  11. Ceramic tile. It looks beautiful, but it feels cold to the touch, it is advisable to install a warm floor under it.
  12. floor tiling on the loggia

  13. Bulk floor. It is easy to make, you need to apply several layers of varnish to fix it. The polymer texture is suitable for a cold or warm room, but it feels cool to the touch without heating.
  14. bulk floor on the loggia

Finishing the loggia — interesting ideas

When deciding how best to finish the loggia inside, you need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of materials in terms of their practicality, burnout and design, take into account how suitable they are for use in conditions of temperature and humidity changes. To date, the market offers a large selection of finishes, with which the interior of the loggia will look neat and presentable. If heating on the balcony will not be carried out, then it is worth choosing a lining that is resistant to dampness and cold. For a warm room, the choice of materials is much larger.

Finishing the loggia with PVC panels

Plastic panels are leaders in the interior cladding of loggias. For stability, the coatings are protected with melamine resin. The panels are inexpensive, practical, not afraid of moisture and fungus, easy to install. They are attached to the frame, under which it is easy to place a layer of insulation. Finishing the loggia with plastic panels can be made in any color palette, they are available both in one color and with imitation of stone, wood, marble. In order for the PVC material to last for a long time, it is better to protect the room with blinds or light curtains so that the inner lining does not heat up and does not deform.

pvc paneling

Finishing the loggia with MDF panels

Modern MDF boards are a high-quality analogue of chipboard, the material is characterized by affordable cost and beautiful appearance. Planks are pasted over with natural veneer, varnished, covered with a laminating film that imitates any materials — wood, stone, they even create a three-dimensional relief with a 3d effect. They are attached to the crate in the same way as plastic slats. Finishing the loggia with MDF panels is acceptable only for a warmed room, the material does not tolerate high humidity, cold and temperature changes.

loggia trim with mdf panels

Finishing the loggia with laminate

When deciding how best to finish the loggia, you can pay attention to the laminate — a coating based on a dense fibreboard. It has many colors, is heat-resistant, is not afraid of fungus, and is durable. They can finish not only the floors, but also the walls, and even the ceiling. Installation is carried out on glue to drywall or on the crate using clamps. Such an interior decoration of the loggia is appropriate only on a heated balcony. It should be done with a waterproof laminate, since ordinary material contains wood and swells and swells with constant humidity.

loggia with laminate

Finishing the loggia with plaster

Considering different ideas for finishing the loggia, you can pay attention to decorative plaster. The material is durable, strong, not afraid of moisture and heat, does not rot, looks attractive. With the help of fine-grained or coarse-grained mixtures with different color and mineral additives, real masterpieces are created on the walls — reliefs, stains, wavy or linear veins, even full-fledged three-dimensional drawings. Before such an internal cladding, it is desirable to level and prime the walls. The finished plane can be painted, waxed.

stucco finishing of loggia

Finishing the loggia with artificial stone

Decorative stone is a universal version of the interior lining of the loggia. It is distinguished by its natural lower weight, the rest of their performance characteristics are the same. The material is strong, durable, not afraid of dampness, moisture, sunlight, easy to care for. It is produced in various shapes and sizes, has a wide range of colors. The decoration of the loggia with decorative stone is made on glue, the material is produced in the form of panels or tiles. It looks beautiful as an independent interior cladding or in combination with other textures, for example, with plaster.

decoration of the loggia with artificial stone

Balcony tiling

When decorating a loggia, finishing with interesting types of tiles is a universal option. Such interior lining is acceptable for both floors and walls, it is appropriate to combine it with stone, plaster. Ceramics is considered a durable, practical material; it easily withstands sunlight, humidity, temperature changes without losing its attractiveness. Glazed tiles are not very suitable for such work. Other cladding options on the balcony are interesting:

  1. Tiles with the repetition of textures of natural materials — wood, stone, marble, brick.
  2. The coating, stylized as natural parquet, looks beautiful both on the floor and on the walls.
  3. Brick tiles can be used to cover walls from floor to ceiling, imitating real masonry.

balcony tiling

Finishing the loggia with wood

The interior decoration of the loggia with wood has its advantages — the material is environmentally friendly, smells good, has excellent sound and heat insulating properties. For interior cladding, lining is popular — wood dies with a system of spikes and grooves. To make the room attractive, it is better to choose class «A» or «Extra» material. On boards of lower quality, chips and knots are acceptable. If the loggia is spacious, then instead of lining, you can use a block house — boards with a rounded profile. Such a wall will have a relief surface similar to a log cabin.

Before you finish the loggia with a tree, you need to pick up a well-dried material, a mandatory requirement when using any wood is antiseptic (from insects and mold), flame retardant (from fires), hydrophobic (from moisture) impregnation. The treated surface can be varnished for gloss, tinted with stain, covered with paint of any color. The protective and finishing coating must be periodically updated to protect the surface from pests, fungus, and ultraviolet radiation.

loggia wood trim

Finishing the loggia with eurolining

In addition to the traditional one, there is also eurolining, it has tongue-and-groove locks for fastening and special slots for ventilation. The material is of high quality and looks neat. Surface cladding can be performed not only horizontally or vertically. With the help of boards, various patterns are easily drawn up — masonry with «bricks», «herringbone», rhombuses, squares, diagonal inserts. The design of the loggia, finished with eurolining in natural color, is close to the classic. But if the material is brushed or covered with a patina, then you can create an exclusive interior — Provence or country.

finishing of the loggia with eurolining

Finishing loggias with bricks

When deciding how to finish the loggia from the inside, you can pay attention to the decorative brick. It is made from tiles of various colors — red, white, yellow, brown, on the walls it looks like perfectly even real masonry. The material is narrow, mounted on glue and does not take up a lot of free space on the balcony. Clinker tile has excellent qualities, it has a protective enamel layer that protects the surface from moisture, burnout and damage and gives it a neat look. You can use a material with a glazed smooth texture or with a relief, aged.

brick balconies

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