Living room shelving

Living room shelving

Using shelving to decorate the interior of living rooms is one of the ways to successfully organize space. Due to the simplicity of design and functionality, shelving organically fit into any of the interior styles.

Living room shelving: types and functions

As they say, a classic of the genre is a bookcase in the living room interior. Even if such a rack is located from floor to ceiling, from one wall to another, due to its fairly simple design, it absolutely does not clutter up the space. A similar type of shallow shelving can be used in the living room to store dishes, collectibles or souvenirs. Moreover, racks can be selected (as an option — made to order) of various designs. The most popular among consumers are wall-racks for the living room. They, as a rule, are selected according to the size of one of the walls and are installed along it. Often, the lower part in such walls looks like a closed bedside table or a small chest of drawers.

Very practical, especially for small living rooms, hanging racks. They help to make more efficient use of limited space, absolutely at the same time, without cluttering it up. Corner shelves are no less convenient for small living rooms — being located in a blind zone, they thereby unload the usable space of the room. For a living room that carries several functional loads, a through shelving is the best fit. In this case, a rack that has neither a back wall nor doors is a great way to zone the living room.

Moreover, racks of this type for the living room can be made not only in the form of a partition with cells of a different size, but also in the most original forms. In this case, the room acquires a very unusual and spectacular element of room decor. And so that the rack visually, as they say, does not eat up space, it is best to decorate it in bright colors. In this case, the white shelving in the living room will look the easiest.

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