Living room layout


Living room layout

When planning how to decorate the living room in your home, you should rely on your own preferences. Designers do not advise focusing only on fashion, since trends are changing rapidly, and you will be in this room after repair for at least the next few years. Therefore, you should plan the living room in such a way that you and your family members feel as comfortable as possible in it.

There are no specific rules in the design of the living room, everything is very individual. However, some points are still worth highlighting:

  • it is better to arrange large-sized furniture diagonally, especially if the room is small;
  • in an ergonomic living room, 50% of the space should remain free so that the room does not look cluttered with furniture;
  • for spacious rooms, do not neglect the principles of zoning.

There are also more original layout options for the studio living room, which is combined with another room, such as a dining room, kitchen or even a bedroom.

Layout of the kitchen-living room

For a living room combined with a kitchen, it is better to choose more practical finishing materials, since food will be cooked in this room. For example, instead of a conventional laminate, you can use porcelain stoneware «under the parquet» or «under the tree» — outwardly it is no different from the indicated materials, but it has much greater wear resistance and ease of cleaning.

Layout of the living room-bedroom

This option is not uncommon for small apartments. To successfully combine the living room with the bedroom, use zoning. Let these two parts of the room be separated not only territorially, but also with the help of lighting and decoration. They can even be made slightly different in style (for example, English style and Provence). The sleeping place should ideally be fenced off with a partition, screen, shelving or be in a niche.

Living-dining room layout

The layout of the living room with a fireplace is one of the most successful solutions in a private house. In this case, you get a large and, importantly, cozy room for the whole family to relax. A dining set or a straight classic sofa will help to separate one part of the room from the other.


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