Living room in Scandinavian style

Living room in Scandinavian style

Pure colors and minimalism appeal to many people, and the Scandinavian style kitchen or living room is becoming more and more popular. Although at first sight this situation seems unnecessarily simple, it is at the same time quite practical. Therefore, we want to acquaint readers a little with this type of interior, which originated in a cold, but rather beautiful corner of our planet.

What is remarkable about the design of the living room in the Scandinavian style?

Scandinavia is famous for its harsh climate, so they prefer the room to be clean, filled with air and filled with sunlight as much as possible. Curtains are often either absent altogether, or they are shifted to the very paradise of the window. It is not surprising that the main color in such an interior is white or its different shades.

Scandinavian style furniture

The Scandinavian style living room interior should not be cluttered with unnecessary things. Install only the most necessary household items here — a sofa, a cabinet, a couple of chairs, a table, a few chairs. It is best to buy wooden furniture of light hardwood — from pine, spruce, birch, bleached oak. At the same time, natural wood is processed minimally so that its texture is visible. It is allowed to use wicker products, which are well suited to the eco-friendly Scandinavian style of the living room.

Living room decor

The monochrome look of a Scandinavian-style living room will seem boring if it is not decorated with various knick-knacks. Bright elements in the form of rugs, coasters, multi-colored pillows, flower pots will help to revive the design of the room. Also, for decoration, you can use porcelain, metal products, hang family photos, fish figures on the wall. It is quite simple to implement such an interior in your life, and at the same time your home will get a rather comfortable and modern look, which is the popularity of the Scandinavian style.

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