Living room design with fireplace


Living room design with fireplace

You can truly relax and unwind in the evening only by sitting by the fireplace. For several centuries, a fireplace has brought comfort and warmth to the house. Its external design changes, but the fashion for it never passes.

Types of fireplaces

If you want to install a fireplace in your home, be sure to choose the one that best suits your requirements from its many options. At the initial stage of building a house, you have the opportunity to install a closed fireplace with a chimney and a firebox. If you don’t want to tear down the walls, there is the option of a semi-open fireplace leaning against the wall or a completely separate island fireplace.

Some owners are satisfied with suspended, mobile or collapsible structures.

It is not recommended to place a fireplace between a window and a door, otherwise you will have to forget about its trouble-free operation and good heat dissipation. Installing a wood-burning fireplace familiar to us is possible only in a private house by the hands of a real master, since this process is not easy.

If gas is supplied to the house, you can install a gas fireplace, after coordinating this issue with the gas facilities. Manufacturers offer residents of multi-storey buildings to opt for safer options.

Fireplace in the design of the living room

The fireplace is a bright representative of the classical style. Most often, pictures of a fireplace with a clock surrounded by wooden furniture pop up in memory. It must be decorated with a shelf made of marble or wood.

The modern design of the living room with a fireplace, keeping up with the times, is represented by unusual models, most often made of metal. The fireplace is usually installed in the recreation area.

The design of combined rooms, such as a kitchen-living room with a fireplace, needs to be well thought out, since the fireplace usually plays the role of an element dividing the room into zones. There are several options for using the fireplace, both deployed towards the kitchen and towards the living room. In the second case, he will be the central figure in the room.

The design of the living-dining room with a fireplace will allow you to enjoy pleasant conversations with family members gathered at the dining table. It can, as in the previous case, perform the function of dividing the living room into zones or always be in the center and attract attention.

Thinking over the design of a large living room with a fireplace, you need to take into account the fact that the TV, which we cannot do without, and the fireplace equally attract attention. Therefore, they should never be placed side by side.

To decorate a room, they often resort to such a method as living room design with an artificial fireplace. The so-called authentic false fireplaces do not differ in shape and size from the real ones. Conditional fireplaces from this group have a protruding wall. And symbolic, these are elements of your imagination. To make it comfortable to sit by the fireplace, choose a soft sofa or armchairs according to the chosen style.

Often the only place where you can place a fireplace is in the corner. Corner fireplace in the living room) with its design should be in harmony with other design items.

It is not always possible to make dreams come true. Sometimes you have to give up one option in favor of another. Many people choose an electric fireplace as an alternative to a wood burning one. Network-powered models are easy to use. The design of a living room with an electric fireplace sometimes requires the construction of a drywall niche.

The owners of small rooms, unfortunately, are deprived of the possibility of a large choice. To visually increase the space, it is desirable to select light shades and a minimum amount of furniture for the walls and ceiling. The design of a small living room with a fireplace is often represented by an electric model, namely its corner installation.

Whatever style you choose, the fireplace will always be a special decoration of your living room.


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