Living room-bedroom design

Living room-bedroom design

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have a living room and a bedroom in an apartment as independent rooms. In small-sized rooms, it is necessary to combine zones that are completely different in their purpose. It takes a lot of imagination to place a sofa bed for relaxing, a dressing room in one large or small room and at the same time take a place for receiving guests.

Zoning of the living room-bedroom

You can, of course, resort to the old method, when the transforming sofa performs two functions at the same time: when unfolded, they rest on it at night, and during the day it turns into a place to watch TV. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of similar designs with drawers for storage. In this case, the owners are helped out by the purchase of mobile furniture. Wheels allow you to move even seemingly voluminous things. An alternative to such designs would be the purchase of lightweight chairs or armchairs made of aluminum or rattan.

Another existing option that gives maximum space is a sofa that folds into a niche located between the cabinets. But all this brings some inconvenience. And over time, the daily folding of the sofa bothers all family members. Having a larger area, the zoning of the bedroom-living room solves this problem.

It should be borne in mind that the sleeping place should not be a walk-through zone. Be sure to use the opportunity to put the bed by the window. If this is fundamentally not so important, a room in a room can be created using a partition in another place.

To save the flow of natural light, a mobile partition will help, which, as necessary, close the bed during the arrival of guests.

Try to use other ways of zoning, separating the bed with flooring, lighting with built-in lights or the color of the walls. The living room always requires brighter lighting than the bedroom. The purchase of a chandelier for this zone will be very relevant.

If you like the option of a bed by the window, attach curtains to the ceiling cornices. Upon entering the room, you will only be able to see a beautiful curtain covering the head of the bed. The function of dividing zones will be successfully performed by a partition with a niche, just above the sofa. Located along one wall, both zones are convenient for watching TV, placed opposite.

You can also build a partition of drywall, glass blocks or plastic. Very practical is the moving design of the compartment partition. At any moment you can make its width the one that is convenient for you at the moment.

For those who need a lot of shelves, a rack can take the place of the partition.

An unusual way to divide the space is to build a podium in place of the bedroom. With the achievement of the main goal, you get a lot of storage space.

The influence of style on the design of the bedroom-living room

Sometimes the style of room design we have chosen can suggest the right path to solving a problem. Curtains are often chosen when a living room with a bedroom is decorated in a classic style. If you like high-tech, convert one of the headboards into a partition using metal pipes. In addition to its direct purpose, it will serve you well if you attach one or more shelves to it. The same partition made of wood or bamboo will change the room beyond recognition, and with it the design of the living room-bedroom.

The shape of the room plays a huge role. What can be done in a square room cannot be done in a narrow and long one. Therefore, sometimes it is worth listening to the tips of a specialist.

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