Living-dining room

Living-dining room

The combination of the living room and dining room in one room is quite common in modern houses and apartments. It is very convenient to organize a separate dining area in the spacious living room, where you can treat guests during family holidays and have fun. But if you have a small living room — do not despair, here you can also create a full-fledged dining area. Next, we will tell you about the main features of the living room combined with the dining room.

Dining room design

The choice of interior for the living-dining room depends on your personal wishes, possibilities and dimensions of the room. The main thing to remember here is the need for a functional distinction between the recreation area and the dining area. And also, consider the layout of the room in such a way that all family members feel comfortable in it. In this regard, experts recommend giving preference to balanced styles and harmoniously combining them in the interior of the dining and guest dining areas.

For zoning the living room and dining room, the following elements are used:

  • pieces of furniture (sofa, rack, chest of drawers, aquarium, fireplace);
  • partitions (arches, plasterboard constructions, false walls);
  • decoration of walls, floor or ceiling of the living-dining room (different materials, color or texture);
  • lighting (chandelier above the dining area and spot lighting — in the recreation area).

Furniture for the dining room-living room also carries a functional load. In the dining area, a large table, chairs, sideboard, chest of drawers are usually placed; and in the recreation area — upholstered furniture, a coffee table, a TV and other equipment.

The living-dining room with a fireplace remains the pride of the owners and does not lose its relevance even in a modern interior. The fireplace can divide the living-dining room into zones, serve as the main stylistic element of the room and fill the general atmosphere of the living room with warmth and comfort.

Design features of a small dining-living room

For a small living-dining room, there are several design techniques that help visually expand the space and compactly place the necessary furniture. Among these ways:

  • the use of mirrors in the interior;
  • selection of transparent small and multifunctional furniture;
  • good room lighting;
  • correct zoning;
  • the use of light pastel colors in the interior of the living-dining room.

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