Light green color in the interior

Light green color in the interior

Light green color in the interior Spring is almost on the threshold, which means it is necessary to breathe life not only into your wardrobe, but also into the interior. This can be done thanks to the bright light green color.

Light green interior

It is necessary to bring positive into your interior in portions, that is, of course, few people would like to radically paint all the walls and ceiling in light green, but we still do not recommend combining it with other bright colors — too much. The combination of light green color in the interior is most favorable with its more faded «relatives» in terms of scale: green, marsh, pistachio, as well as with radically contrasting black, brown and burgundy. If you are not ready for a total change in the color of the walls in the room, let the light green serve as an accent only. Let whimsical bright green shapes scatter along your wall, or concentrate into a single figure in the most visible place, the main thing is to create a juicy spot on a faded background.

Kitchen design in light green color

The freshness of salad cuisine will fill you and your household with strength and energy from the very morning. In addition, physiologists say that the light green color makes the appetite more moderate and prevents overeating.

The interior of the kitchen in light green color is not a problem, given the variety of kitchen furniture that modern manufacturers offer. Matte and glossy options for light green kitchen furniture or an “apron” of light green tiles above the work surface? Or maybe you don’t want to start a renovation and just bring in the spring mood by purchasing kitchen utensils in juicy green shades? There are many options, and some of them are illustrated below.

Bedroom interior in light green color

You should be a little more restrained when creating a bedroom interior in light green color. You can only “dare” by painting the bedroom door with bright light green paint, or by painting the walls with a light pattern of the same color. For the rest, do not forget that bright colors are just a kind of energy drink that needs to be handled with care. The bedroom has enough light green bedding, paintings, photo frames or curtains.

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