kitchen color

kitchen color

The color in the interior of the kitchen affects both mood and appetite. Physicians and psychologists came to a common opinion — an incorrectly chosen interior color can worsen a person’s well-being. Therefore, a kitchen design project should start with the choice of color.

Before you choose the color of the kitchen, you need to know what effect different colors in the interior have on our feelings, sensations, reactions.

Expert advice

When thinking about what color to make the kitchen, take note of the recommendations given by psychologists. So, turquoise and orange shades, as well as a similar combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen, whet the appetite. If, on the contrary, you want to lose a few extra pounds, then you should choose a combination of gray and pink shades for the kitchen. According to scientists, this combination will significantly reduce cravings for extracurricular snacks.

Everyone knows that the light color of the wallpaper for the kitchen will visually increase the space, and the dark or warm shade will have the opposite effect, but the kitchen will seem more homely and comfortable.

If the kitchen windows face the sunny side, feel free to use a cold range: blue, light blue, lilac, green. And when the sun rarely looks into the kitchen, it is better to choose warm shades: beige, ocher, peach, yellow or reddish. The combination of contrasting colors in the interior of the kitchen, for example, yellow and purple, will produce a stimulating effect.

However, with shades in the kitchen, you need to experiment carefully. This is the room where the measure is more important than anywhere else. The color of a small kitchen should be chosen especially carefully. A compromise solution would be to use not a deep saturated shade, but its softened version. In this case, even the brightest color of the kitchen will look appropriate, and you will be able to feed on the energy of your favorite shade.

How do different colors work?

Red color in the interior causes appetite and increases blood pressure. Psychologists say that only self-confident people prefer red cuisine. They are impulsive, have a strong will, prone to adventures. Red color is appropriate in the kitchen if you are not on a strict diet.

Pink color The interior in the kitchen will calm and relieve anxiety, energize, give a feeling of lightness and a positive attitude towards life.

orange kitchen improves appetite, energizes and makes you eat faster. It also promotes easy communication, which is why this color is often used in cafes.

yellow kitchen perfect for a good start to the day and will give a great mood. Psychologists say that yellow stimulates creativity and draws on experiments, including culinary ones.

Green color — a symbol of life, energy and renewal. It helps to relax and cope with stress, reduces stomach pain! A green kitchen will be an excellent option for protection against physical and nervous overload.

Blue has a therapeutic effect on the body and soul. The bright blue interior of the kitchen is an excellent energy boost. In addition, it reduces appetite, which means it will not contribute to overeating.

purple color attributed mystical properties. It is the color of wealth, power and might. The purple color of the furniture for the kitchen will make the room luxurious, add romance.

color in the interior of the kitchen

Brown color stability and security. Such a kitchen is conducive to open and calm communication. Brown color goes well with other shades.

In the right frame black color can be very stylish. It is always in fashion and allows you to experiment with any color.

white kitchen not very practical. A lot of white glossy color in the interior can cause eye strain and headache. But diluted with bright accents, it looks very fresh and stylish.

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