How to equip a loggia — design and decoration options, arrangement ideas


How to equip a loggia - the most popular design solutions

Thinking through the repair, you need to figure out how to equip the loggia, since even such a small amount of square meters can be functionally used. There are many different ideas with their own characteristics and a wide range of materials suitable for decoration.

Ideas for arranging a loggia

There are a huge number of ideas on how to arrange a loggia to get another mini-room. Here you can organize a home office or a study place for schoolchildren, as well as install additional shelves and cabinets for a wardrobe and various things. Other options for decorating the loggia: a corner for reading and relaxing, a library, a place for a hobby or a workshop, a tea and coffee area, a gym, a greenhouse, a sleeping place and a dining room.

Arrangement of a loggia for a winter garden

If you want to create a small oasis in your apartment, then organize a winter garden. On the loggia, you can put different flowers and even put an armchair or other furniture for relaxation. The arrangement of the loggia implies taking into account the following conditions for growing flowers: the area of ​​​​glazing, the side where the windows go, lighting, the ventilation and air exchange system, as well as insulation, temperature and air humidity.

arrangement of a loggia for a winter garden

How to arrange a kitchen on a loggia?

If there is a wall that connects the kitchen and the loggia, then it is possible to carry out the demolition of the block with the complete preservation of the wall or partition in the kitchen. This method is considered ideal, since there is no need to coordinate and, if necessary, the windows and the door can be returned to their place. The lower jumper will be a great place to equip the bar counter. Another option is to dismantle the block with the demolition of the window sill, but only along the width of the window. There are such ideas for decorating the loggia:

  1. Dinner Zone. It is easy to arrange a place for eating on the loggia by placing a table with chairs, which will allow you to eat and enjoy the scenery from the window. Instead of a window sill, you can install a countertop to separate the dining and work space.
  2. how to arrange a kitchen on a loggia

  3. Bar counter. If the loggia is small, then you can organize a bar counter, which can have drawers, open shelves, a stand for glasses, and so on.
  4. how to arrange a kitchen on a loggia

  5. Appliances. When figuring out how to properly equip a loggia, it is worth pointing out that it is important to take into account that before taking out heavy objects on the loggia, it is necessary to coordinate this with the BTI, since they increase the load on the floor. You can move the stove, sink and refrigerator only if the apartment is on the ground floor.
  6. how to arrange a kitchen on a loggia

How to arrange a loggia as an office?

On the free meters of the loggia, you can organize a workplace that will turn out not only secluded, but also cozy. Here, adults can work at the computer, and children can learn lessons. Large windows provide the necessary lighting. When describing how to arrange a small loggia, it is worth pointing out that you can place a table with a chair, various shelves and racks there to place the necessary things. If you want to equip the office, the partition can be left in place, or you can remove the window and doors, putting a countertop instead of a window sill and getting an additional table.

how to arrange a loggia as an office

How to arrange a loggia combined with a room?

Many people, during repairs, to increase the area, combine the loggia and the room. It is important for this to obtain permits from the BTI. The advantages of combining include: the ability to increase living space, add more light to the room and get a new functional area. Beautifully designed loggias should intertwine in style with the main room. If the association occurs with the living room, then you can put an additional sofa there, and if with a bedroom, then a table or a play area. It all depends on the imagination and possibilities.

how to arrange a loggia combined with a room

Arrange a loggia as a pantry for storage

In many apartments, there is often not enough space to store various things, such as jars of pickles, clothes, equipment, detergents and other items. If you are interested in how to equip a small loggia, then use an interesting idea — organize a pantry or dressing room there. You can buy matching cabinets or make your own. It is good if the shelves are removable to be able to move them, which will allow you to place objects of different sizes. It is recommended to pre-think the pantry project to the smallest detail.

arrange a loggia as a pantry for storage

How to arrange a loggia inside?

There are many different options for how you can finish the loggia. For example, you can use wallpaper, plaster, plastic and wood panels, stone and other materials. It is equally important to take care of the design of the floor, ceiling and openings. To create coziness, do not forget to decorate the loggia with curtains, the range of which is wide. It is important that all elements fit the chosen style.

Finishing the loggia with MDF panels

This popular building material is made of shavings, which are pressed together with special reinforcing components. The procedure takes place at high temperatures and strong pressure. MDF loggia finishing has the following advantages: attractive appearance, good moisture resistance, a wide range of colors, long service life, affordability, low thermal conductivity and ease of maintenance. It is important to consider that MDF panels are not resistant to impacts and dents may appear on them.

There are several points on how to properly equip an MDF loggia:

  1. To prepare the room, close up large gaps and treat the walls with an antifungal agent.
  2. Waterproofing is done in places with wet surfaces. For insulation, you can buy special roll or block materials.
  3. If the insulation layer is not more than 3 cm, then you can make a regular crate with slats 20 cm thick. Otherwise, it is better to create an independent frame from a metal profile or timber.
  4. Panels can be fastened with nails or with a construction stapler. In most cases, you need to buy special staples — kleimers.

loggia trim with mdf panels

Finishing the loggia with stone

Natural stone for interior decoration is rarely used, as it is an expensive pleasure. There is a way out — the purchase of artificial stone. Its main advantages include: beauty, a variety of colors and textures, good noise isolation, environmental friendliness, durability and resistance to temperatures. The instructions on how to arrange a loggia indicate that the surface should not be perfectly flat. To work, get a special glue. First, treat the surface with a primer and start laying decorative stone, applying the mixture to the walls.

stone cladding

Finishing the loggia with wood

In order to carry out repairs for many years, wood has been used, for example, the most affordable material is lining (processed slats of different widths). The stylish design of the loggia has the following advantages: it is easy to care for, has heat and sound insulating properties, is durable and environmentally friendly. Lining should be covered with antifungal agents and varnish. It is easy to work with it, because the elements have special grooves. You will need to create a frame from the bars, and then nail the lining using a stapler or nails.

loggia wood trim

Finishing the loggia with brick

Brickwork is very popular in design, but it’s worth mentioning right away that not everyone can finish with real brick, since it weighs a lot. It is best to use other options:

  1. On the loggia, interior design can be carried out with the help of wallpaper, which depicts brickwork.
  2. In hardware stores, you can find brick-decorated plastic panels that weigh little and are easy to care for.
  3. The most expensive, but closer to a real brick option is a decorative stone, which has already been mentioned.

brick balconies

Finishing the loggia with plaster

An excellent solution for wall decoration will be decorative plaster, which has good aesthetic qualities, because there are many textures and a wide palette of colors. It is also an environmentally friendly material, allowing the walls to breathe. In addition, the decorative finish of the loggia is durable, because it tolerates the effects of dampness, direct sunlight, high and low temperatures. The desired texture is easy to create using different tools.

The most popular types of decorative plaster include:

  1. If the composition contains a mineralized pigment, then the coating can imitate a crinkled fabric.
  2. A popular option is the bark beetle. The finished decorated surface is easy to paint.
  3. Plaster «soft gold» has in its composition bactericidal fillers, due to which high heat and sound insulation characteristics are achieved.
  4. Flock plaster is applied in two stages: first, the adhesive composition is used, and then, the dried parts of acrylic paint are pressed into it.
  5. The most expensive type is Venetian plaster, which imitates marble, malachite and other stones.

stucco finishing of loggia

When figuring out how to equip a loggia with plaster, it is worth pointing out the important stages of work:

  1. Surface preparation includes leveling the walls, and then the surface is primed.
  2. After that, a base layer of plaster is applied and if the wall is generally flat, then they need to process problem areas, otherwise, carry out a complete plastering. Be sure to use a level.
  3. On leveled walls, apply a coat of primer and then decorative plaster. You can create patterns with a trowel, trowel, sponge, and so on.
  4. When everything is dry, it remains to paint the walls using water-based paint. After drying, treat the surface with a wet sponge.

Registration of windows of a loggia

To make the equipped loggia cozy, you need to pay attention to the design of the windows. This is important for protecting from prying eyes, excessive sunlight and decorating the room. Beautiful design of the loggia can be done in several ways:

  1. Curtains. This option is often chosen when the loggia is combined with the living room. It is recommended to give preference to curtains and curtains of light colors. Do not use solid canvases to make it convenient to open the doors for ventilation. It is better to give preference to curtains of such tailoring: Roman curtains, Australian cut and tulle with a bottom assembly.
  2. Blinds. You can buy both vertical and horizontal products. The first option allows you to easily adjust the flow of light, since the blinds are mounted on each leaf. The stores offer a wide range of colors, and horizontal blinds are made of wood, plastic and metal. Vertical blinds are thick fabric strips that can be mounted on the ceiling or the sash itself.
  3. Roller blinds. Describing how to equip a loggia, this option for decorating curtains should not be overlooked. Roller blinds have a mechanism by which the fabric sheet rolls up and unfolds. There is a large assortment: pleated, Roman, attic, transparent, blackout, Japanese and so on. It is worth noting that such curtains have a special impregnation that protects against dust settling.

loggia window decoration

Registration of the opening of the loggia

Exit to the balcony can be decorated in several ways. It all depends on the overall concept and the chosen design. If you are interested in how to equip a loggia inside, then use the following solutions:

  1. The traditional way involves saving the door, but it should be borne in mind that it can be completely glass, broken with inserts, or partially deaf. In addition, you can expand the opening to install a wider door or make the entire partition completely glass.
  2. There is another way to equip a loggia, which involves removing the door, laying the window, and the entrance is made in the form of an arch or semi-arch. They can be separate or smoothly transition into a window sill block. For decoration, you can use artificial stone, wood panels or plastic. You can play on the contrast, getting original solutions.

decoration of the opening of the loggia


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