History of interior styles


History of interior styles

The history of interior design spans millennia and originates in antiquity. A person began to decorate a living space a long time ago. And in every era there were features of using different colors, shapes of furniture and other decorative elements. Such established patterns and rules for interior design are called style. It is associated with the peculiarity of the era, because culture, traditions and historical realities leave their mark on the design of the premises. Therefore, the history of interior styles is inextricably linked with the general course of human development.

Interior in antiquity

The very first to appear was the antique style, which included the design features of rooms in Ancient Greece and Rome. Its features are symmetry, light colors of the walls and floor, ornaments and stucco, furniture legs in the form of animal paws. Interior elements were made of marble, bronze, trimmed with gold and silver. Tapestries, mosaic floors, and bordered walkways are common.

The Romanesque style came to Europe in the 9th century to replace the antique style. Massive inlaid furniture, canopy beds, large chests and heavy curtains are its main features.

Medieval period interior

The history of the Gothic style dates back to the 12th century. Gothic is characterized by narrow windows, dark colors, columns and carved ornaments. An important element was the obligatory fireplace. This style was cold and did not create comfort at all. And after a while it was replaced by the Renaissance.

The history of baroque, rococo and empire style suggests that a person should live in comfort. People in the house began to surround themselves with graceful, beautiful things. Mirrors, chic chandeliers, gold trim, stucco, mosaics and crystal inlays are the features of the interior of that time.

Modern interior design

With the development of technological progress, convenience and the use of technical innovations have become the leading direction in design. New materials, minimalism and pragmatism are becoming features of such styles as modern, high-tech or cyberpunk. Interesting history of art deco style. It mixes elements of Empire, ancient art and oriental exoticism.


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