Hallway Provence — design and selection of furniture

hallway Provence

People have a desire for harmony, so every person dreams of making every corner in his house an island of comfort and tranquility, where you can take a break from the rhythm of modern life. The Provence entrance hall is filled with airy lightness, purity of lines, conquers with its sweet provinciality at first sight.

Hallway design in Provence style

The corridor is the first area where guests enter. It should be comfortable and aesthetic, reflect the mood of the house. The charm of the French countryside is easy to bring into the interior due to the color scheme of certain shades, aged furniture, floristry and cute trinkets in the decor. Wall design has its own characteristics. The base is white and beige tone, they are able to emphasize the natural purity and freshness of the interior. This shade is indispensable in a narrow Provence hallway, pastel colors visually expand the room.

hallway Provence 1

Surfaces are finished with painted boards, light panels. In the decoration of the walls of the Provence hallway, combined materials can be used. They are plastered, the surface of the cladding is deliberately not made smooth. It is allowed to decorate part of the surfaces with brick or stone, painted to match the room. The wallpaper in the hallway in the Provence style is partially used, they are selected in pastel shades, mostly pale blue, cream, olive, mint or light lavender. Drawing on the canvases is allowed unobtrusive — a cage, flowers, a narrow strip.

hallway Provence 2

Parquet, tiles, porcelain stoneware with scuffs, chips, and irregularities spread on the floor. The ceiling of the Provence hallway is traditionally whitewashed or covered with white, cream, milky paint. Beams, often used in other rooms, can make the corridor visually heavier. Walls and furniture stand out with worn surfaces, natural materials are used in the design. A home in such a magnificent style will not leave anyone indifferent. An important role in the arrangement of the interior of an old French village is played by the selection of furniture and accessories, stylish trifles.

The design of the corridor is complemented by pleasant decor elements. Rugs and rugs of rough texture are an important touch of the interior. Bouquets of dried flowers (lavender, peonies) and herbs in vases, wicker baskets, pottery, black and white photographs, candle-shaped sconces will complete the simple rustic setting. They will make the house cozy and familiar.

hallway Provence 3

Furniture in the hallway in the style of Provence

The effect of wear and tear in the design of the French province is especially noticeable in the furnishings. Such a room is equipped with an old chest of drawers, hangers, a bench, mirrors. A convenient Provence-style modular hallway is a compact storage system suitable for any layout. The elements of the headset include a wardrobe, shoe racks, a cabinet, a mirror, which can be arranged in any order. All segments of furniture for the corridor should be united by a common design and look like a complete set.

hallway Provence 4

Banquet in the style of Provence in the hallway

For the corridor, it is better to choose small but functional furnishings. Banquet in the hallway Provence allows you to sit down for a while to change shoes and emphasizes the old interior. It has vintage carved wooden legs, can be complemented by a curly back, armrests. The seating area is usually upholstered in soft textile fabric with floral patterns in pastel colors. Often, for the manufacture of such furniture, forged metal with elegant curls and buds is used.

hallway Provence 5

Wardrobe in the hallway in the style of Provence

The atmosphere of the French village attracts with its simplicity. The Provence entrance hall is often complemented by a small wooden wardrobe, the facades should be whitewashed, light colors (blue, pale green, cream). Traces of cracks and roughness are relevant on their surface, you can apply the decoupage technique and decorate the doors with floral patterns. It is better to choose a product that looks like an old model.

hallway Provence 6

If desired, you can use a functional option — a sliding wardrobe in the Provence hallway. It should also have an aged appearance. The facade part is painted in such a way that the distinctive features of antique furniture, wear and tear stand out. For this, patina, wood aging methods are used. Inside, this design is completed according to the full program — pull-out baskets, shelves, hangers. You can decorate the closet with carved panels, painted on a floral motif, overlays with monograms.

hallway Provence 7

Sofa in the hallway in the style of Provence

A modern corridor, decorated with French chic, should be furnished with elegant furniture. The Provence-style hallway interior will be decorated with a small but comfortable bright sofa. It will bring into the room an atmosphere of romance, a country veranda. A small couch made of natural wood with curved legs, pillows in a small flower and wicker baskets under the bottom for storing small items will do. Graceful ottomans or sofas with forging elements made of black or snow-white painted metal with upholstered seats look elegant and sophisticated, fit into an elegant environment.

hallway Provence 8

Chest of drawers in the hallway in the style of Provence

Antique furniture is the main feature of the style. Interior items with their own history are ideal for such hallways; a light chest of drawers with graceful legs of small height, made of wood and reflecting the spirit of past centuries, will ideally fit into the Provence-style corridor. A model is selected in white, beige, blue, light green with brass figured handles and carved elements. This is traditional furniture for the French province, it is installed in the center of the corridor.

hallway Provence 9

Hanger in the hallway in the style of Provence

The corridor should be spacious and functional. An indispensable attribute of this style is open hangers made of natural wood or forged metal. They can be complemented by a seating bench, pull-out baskets or shoe cabinets. Forged hallway in Provence style looks especially elegant and airy. It can be wall-mounted, consist of several hooks located on an ornate frame, or be a tall structure on legs with shelves for shoes and an umbrella stand.

hallway Provence 10

Shoe cases in the hallway Provence

The French interior is replete with interesting furnishings. The entrance hall in a Provence-style apartment can be complemented by a spacious shoe rack, which is a stylish storage system. It is supplied with a soft seat, a sliding, hinged drawer or open shelves. Such a piece of furniture is made in the general style concept of aged painted wood or wrought metal with upholstery decorated with a floral print.

hallway Provence 11

Mirror in the hallway in Provence style

The design of the corridor should be thought out to the smallest detail. A mirror is an indispensable attribute in such a room. It emphasizes the stylish orientation of the situation, visually increases the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. The interior of the Provence hallway can be decorated with a wall mirror with a wrought iron frame with floral patterns or in an old painted wooden frame. It is convenient to hang it over a chest of drawers or cabinets. Sometimes floor antique models are used; they emphasize the old trend in the interior.

hallway Provence 12

The Provence style entrance hall captivates with its simplicity and elegance. Every detail is saturated with archaism and provinciality in it. With the right design, proper selection of furniture, interior details, stylish finishes, such a room will amaze with its magnificence. A pastel palette, a lot of light, mirrors will make a small Provence-style hallway cozier, lighter and more spacious. French flavor and charm will emphasize the hospitality and warm atmosphere of the house.

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