Hallway decoration — options, types of materials

hallway decoration

The corridor is the most visited room in the house, it is the first to meet guests. Beautiful decoration of the hallway affects the overall impression of the home. For a competent arrangement, it is necessary to make the right layout, pick up interesting ideas for design, purchase high-quality and modern materials so that the interior pleases the eyes of visitors.

Hallway finishing options

They often put something in the corridor (bicycles, strollers), people walk around in outerwear and shoes. Cladding materials must be wear-resistant, durable, in harmony with the general mood of housing. Options for finishing the hallway in the apartment are varied. The choice of idea depends on the dimensions of the room, its illumination and the planned style of the interior. Proper selection of materials will help create a practical and presentable design that will create comfort and a positive attitude.

Wall decoration in the hallway

The corridor is the most accessible room in the house. Wall covering should be aesthetically pleasing, non-staining and easy to maintain. Ideas for decorating the walls in the hallway are replete with modern beautiful materials, their combinations. Many designers use the technique of finishing the plane up to half the height:

  • laminate;
  • clapboard;
  • decorative panels;
  • artificial brickwork or stone.

A long corridor can be zoned with pilasters from different types of masonry; this finish is also suitable for decorating corners and openings. Decorative plaster is a popular option. It is practical, goes well with stone inserts. The three-dimensional ornament, pigmentation, drawing on the surface looks beautiful. When decorating walls with tiles in the hallway, tiles with a spectacular texture are selected — under silk, metal, leather, wood, silver fabrics. For a minimalist setting, wall panels are suitable; with their help, a laconic interior is obtained.

hallway decoration 1

Finishing the hallway with cork is an innovative idea. The material is produced in many variations of textures and colors, which allows you to veneer surfaces, create panels on them, geometric patterns, horizontal stripes separated by shiny overlays. Finishing the entrance hall with PVC panels is affordable, provides ample opportunities in interior planning. They are produced in a wide variety of colors, patterns, with imitation of natural textures — wood, stone, sand.

hallway decoration 2

Ceiling decoration in the hallway

All design elements should create a single complete picture. Competent ceiling decoration of the hallway in a private house allows you to choose stylish lighting for the room, create a comfortable atmosphere in the room, and visually enlarge it. Painting is a budgetary way of finishing, with its help a conservative design is created, you can decorate the ceiling with curly cornices.

hallway decoration 3

Mirror plates are an extravagant way to finish the hallway, with their help it is easy to enhance the illumination of the room. Decorative plaster will help to arrange a fashionable relief on the ceiling. Suspended drywall structures are a popular option, with their help you can create geometric, curvilinear shapes, mount beautiful hidden lighting. The frame can be combined with stretch fabrics that allow you to design a ceiling of any shape.

hallway decoration 4

Finishing the corners in the hallway

The corridor often has a non-standard layout. Finishing the hallway in the apartment is accompanied by the protection of corners, especially external ones from various mechanical damage. They often suffer when moving furniture, household appliances. For finishing convex surfaces, wooden, plastic corners are used, the color of which is selected to match the doors or as a contrast to the wall decoration. Facing these parts of the room with artificial decorative stone is popular. This option makes the room more expressive and rich.

hallway decoration 5

Floor finishing in the hallway

The best choice for the corridor are materials with increased strength characteristics. Among the common types of floor coverings, there are budget and elite options — from linoleum to natural stone. Finishing the hallway with tiles is especially relevant due to the high traffic of the room, the ingress of moisture and dirt from the street onto the floor. When choosing color options, dark-colored tiles with a rough non-slip surface are preferred. With the help of tiles of different shades and sizes, it is easy to lay out beautiful patterns on the floor.

hallway decoration 6

Porcelain stoneware is a durable texture, it is a natural stone made artificially, it looks elegant and solemn. High density laminate is also suitable for finishing the hallway. With the help of planks, a surface of different shades is laid out — from gray to the color of dark wood. From parquet blocks, standard Christmas tree and square ornaments are made, an artistic drawing is drawn up, and the dies are varnished on top. When using wood for floors, it is better to use a more moisture-resistant material in the entrance area, such as tile.

hallway decoration 7

Arches in the hallway

A corridor is a passage that connects rooms in a house. To expand the space in it or zoning a narrow layout, arches are made out. They are an important decorative element of the interior. Such an opening can be trimmed with polyurethane stucco, painted in any color. The arch, decorated with glued wooden blocks, contrasts with the surface of the walls and looks elegant. Decorating the hallway with wild stone is very popular. With this design, openings, corners, some sections of the walls are decorated with masonry. In this case, an attractive textured relief is obtained.

hallway decoration 8

Material for finishing the hallway

The corridor belongs to the auxiliary premises. The material for finishing the walls in the hallway must be wear-resistant, since such a room has the maximum load. Surfaces are selected non-staining and easy to clean. Wall cladding should be combined with ceiling and floor coverings, together creating a harmonious interior. Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials — from the latest developments to traditional, with improved performance and design.

Decorating the hallway with decorative stone

Competent selection and combination of cladding options allow you to create an unusual design. Decorating the hallway with artificial stone is a popular and attractive technique. They completely lay out the wall, its bottom, some part, combine masonry with a plastered or otherwise designed surface. Doorways and corners are laid out with stone, which contributes to decorative design and protection of vulnerabilities from damage. It accurately imitates the natural analogue of limestone, pebbles, marble, sandstone, slate.

hallway decoration 9

Decorating the hallway with wallpaper

With this traditional cladding method, you can create a beautiful interior. Decorating the hallway with inexpensive wallpaper with a contrasting pattern will make the interior more comfortable. Striped canvases will help visually adjust the height and length of the room. Modern wallpapers are of very different quality. There are canvases similar to silk, velvet, embossed, embossed. There are options with a stone or bamboo veneer applied to the surface.

hallway decoration 10

Finishing the hallway with liquid wallpaper allows you to combine the practicality of the coating with its beauty. They do not have joints, do not move away from the walls, are easily restored, do not attract dust. On such a surface, a drawing, an ornament is easily applied, you can draw a real picture. Wallpaper is a common material that can aesthetically and inexpensively decorate a room.

hallway decoration 11

Finishing the hallway with MDF panels

For the design of the corridor, many prestigious options are offered. Finishing the hallway with MDF panels attracts with the environmental friendliness of the material, ease of maintenance and ease of installation. The outer side of the slats is decorated with a coating that imitates wood of different species (ash, oak, mahogany) or other natural materials — leather, marble, even silk.

Some panels are laminated (covered with a protective film), due to this they acquire a smooth glossy surface. There are planks with original patterns, reliefs, 3D effect. The drawing on the boards is sometimes processed with silver or golden paints, creating the effect of antiquity. The panels can be installed to the full height of the walls or occupy their lower part, combined with other materials.

hallway decoration 12

Hallway decoration with wood

Wood has not gone out of fashion for centuries due to the amazing properties that create a favorable microclimate in the apartment. There are several finishing options. The most expensive method is the use of wall panels. Often they have a beautiful geometric relief, shades of natural wood of different species or a painted version of the material are used. For example, the decoration of the hallway in Khrushchev can be done with light panels in the Provence style. They are creamy, pale blue, worn. Such a room will look airy and elegant.

hallway decoration 13

Finishing the hallway with clapboard is the ability to use natural, environmentally friendly, affordable material. Sheathed walls are warm to the touch, retaining the texture of wood. The material is a narrow slats, due to their vertical or horizontal arrangement, you can create the effect of lengthening or expanding the room.

hallway decoration 14

Finishing the hallway with decorative bricks

Stone cladding guarantees solid masonry solidity and external attractiveness of the walls. Interior tiles imitating different types of bricks from the outside attract with durability and aesthetic appearance. It has a small thickness and allows cladding without loss of usable space, which is important for the corridor.

Finishing the hallway with bricks can be done with materials of different shades, sizes, textures. Red masonry looks industrial, white masonry looks elegant, visually enlarges the room. You can pick up an aged brick with bumps and scuffs. It is necessary to use masonry on the walls in reasonable quantities (especially dark), combine it with other materials.

hallway decoration 15

Finishing the hallway with laminate

For the design of the corridor, available material is relevant, easy to install and maintain. Finishing the walls with laminate in the hallway does not require preliminary leveling of the surfaces, it allows you to hide all the defects. You can easily choose a material that imitates any type of wood and various natural surfaces. It is durable for the corridor. Finishing the hallway with laminate allows you to make panels to the height of the board or decorate one of the walls, for example, the one to which the furniture adjoins. Such material looks modern and concise.

hallway decoration 16

Finishing the hallway with decorative plaster

When repairing the corridor, an option is selected that is beautiful in design, practical and functional in operation. Types of wall decoration in the hallway are striking in variety, decorative plaster helps to quickly carry out repairs and equip the room of your dreams. Mixtures imitating natural stone, wood, sand are popular. It looks interesting plaster under the fabric or skin of reptiles.

The use of wax, gold, silver paint allows you to achieve an additional decorative effect of the finished surface. Venetian plaster looks luxurious with a marble deep effect, structural mixtures make it possible to create relief surfaces due to interspersed with mineral particles. With the help of different compositions on the walls, you can even make voluminous panels.

hallway decoration 17

The corridor is a place where guests are met and seen off, they linger with conversations. Its environment should be comfortable and provide the necessary functionality. The original and high-quality finishing of the hallway will ensure the practicality of the room and the uniqueness of its interior. A beautifully designed corridor will emphasize the hospitality of the house, will be able to transform the whole impression of the home, create a positive atmosphere right from the doorstep.

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