Furniture for the hallway in a modern style

Hallways in a modern style

Guests form an idea of ​​the house, barely getting into it. The entrance hall in a modern style is a transit space that acts as a corridor for the transition from one zonal space to another. Even if we take into account the fact that it is not residential, its comfort should not be an omission.

Furniture for the hallway in a modern style

When shaping the environment, it is important to take into account the functional, material and design possibilities. A corridor with the correct arrangement will give the impression of a clean and tidy apartment. A cluttered room cannot cause a guest anything but negative emotions. A separate difficulty is small hallways in a modern style, requiring careful preliminary study of the placement of each item. There are several tricks to easily organize a small amount of square meters:

  • rejection of open hangers and hooks for winter outerwear. They do not carry any decorative load, but they take up great space if they are constantly used for their intended purpose. Output — modular furniture, including only built-in wardrobes and shelves;
  • creating an accent. A brightly painted wall should attract attention — if not with the help of a small table for trifles or a key holder, then thanks to a picture or poster of an impressive size;
  • moving bathroom mirror. It is superfluous in the conditions of the passage of the corridor: everyone clings to it with hands and voluminous outerwear, so it can break at any moment and injure both children and adults;
  • creating space at the expense of a niche. No place for a banquet? Make a recess in the wall and put an old chest or a seat with a storage room for bed linen or out-of-season shoes in it.

Console in the hallway in a modern style

Beautiful hallways in a modern style do not go well with art deco tables. The console table is not very popular, but only it does not block half the room, as a chest of drawers or a shoe rack does. You can leave cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, key rings or phone chargers on it. If you choose an ottoman for the width of the console, you can refuse a bench, saving space in the hall.

A modern-style entrance hall, if it is located in a studio apartment, should divide the room into several zones. The console for this can be leaned against the back of the sofa, after selecting the option that fits the height. To dilute an overly boring interior, you need to buy an unusual table in order to visually draw attention to it.

Hallways in modern style 2

Cabinet in the hallway in a modern style

A cabinet is much more useful than a console if you have to constantly deal with the issue of storing things. The larger the number of inhabitants, the wider the cabinet should be. There are several types of this product: a corner cabinet, with a seat, narrow and combined with hangers. Hanging furniture is inconvenient due to its low wear resistance and the need for reinforced fasteners. Shoes stored in a cabinet can deteriorate due to lack of ventilation: open chests of drawers in this regard do not harm shoes at all. As for the color scheme, a modern white entryway is the most insanely popular variety possible.

Hallways in modern style 4

Dressing table in the hallway in a modern style

Beautyholics and perfume addicts will not be limited to buying a small console, as they need to constantly keep their favorite bottles and boxes on hand in large quantities. A dressing table with a mirror looks good even against the background of a glossy hallway in a modern style, with which little furniture is combined. The elegance of the dressing table will be given by some details: a gilded carved frame, a creative shape of a mirror or a pompous design of the legs.

Hallways in modern style 3Hallways in modern style 5

Pouffe for a hallway in a modern style

Modernist surroundings do not harmonize with Viennese chairs and boudoir seats upholstered in red velvet. Thanks to a wide range, you can choose a pouffe for any design. He must have stable legs, as he often experiences serious weight loads. Hallways in a modern style will be complemented by a pouffe with a corner footstool or with a removable cover.

Banquet in the hallway in a modern style

The banquette can be used not only in the hall: they are often decorated with bedrooms. Among the variety are forged metal options, hard leather seats and carved wooden chairs. The narrow hallway in modern style is combined with seats with a small soft back. They should not be too low, otherwise it will be absolutely useless for elderly and tall people.

Hallways in modern style 7Hallways in modern style 1

Wardrobe hallway in a modern style

Whatever poufs and tables are chosen for the corridor, the wardrobe can rightfully be considered the main furniture. Its lower part should be covered with a water-repellent film so that the cabinet does not become unusable after the first “acquaintance” with wet winter shoes or a wet trench coat. Corner furniture for the hallway in a modern style in the form of a double wardrobe is a profitable way to use an elongated corridor. The seat on the side of the cabinet can be used for its intended purpose while wearing shoes. And in the closet, separated by a partition, store children’s and adult things separately.

Hallways in modern style 9Hallways in modern style 8

Hallway design in a modern style

Hallways in a modern style can really be created from the darkest and smallest corridor. Here everything is decided by details, colors and correctly selected designs. There are several proven ways to turn boring hallways into a modern-style hallway:

  1. Dye. It is known that the cheapest way to update an apartment is to paint the walls in a new color. Light colors visually «push apart» the space, give it a natural glow. The paint can create the illusion of paneling if the walls are covered with two-tone stripes.
  2. Unusual lamp. Against the background of classical furniture, only he will be able to “pull out” the most modest design into a modern sound.
  3. Wallpaper. In a home with young children, the walls will need to be painted too regularly to hide fingerprints and other minor stains. Washable vinyl wallpapers are much more convenient: traces of children’s pranks are easily removed from them with a sponge and detergent.

Entrance hall in modern classic style

The easiest way to turn modern-style hallways into neo-classical ones is with the help of gilding and carved sprayed wood. If there is a window in the corridor, it should be decorated with dark tulle or lace curtains, contrasting with the white window sill. The decor can be spoiled by the doors to the room and bathroom made of chipboard or wood coated with colored plastic. As a raw material, an unprocessed array of pastel colors is suitable for them.

Hallways in modern style 11Hallways in modern style 6

Entrance hall modern high-tech style

Hi-tech is a mirror shine of metal surfaces, an ergonomic environment with the inclusion of some technological advances. For example, ceiling lights with a touch control system or an air purifier designed in the form of a decorative vase. The easiest way to decorate a corner hallway in a modern style is with a self-adhesive decorative film, which is becoming more and more popular every year.

Hallways in modern style 12Hallways in modern style 10

Regardless of the set of furniture and the chosen decor, the interior of the hallway in a modern style does not tolerate unstable structures and installations made of chipboard, wire, plastic. They interfere and quickly become unusable, so they have a place in rooms with less traffic. The corridor is in harmony with an array of durable wood and a light metal alloy that is not subject to rust.

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