Flower arrangements — features and examples of bouquets of live, stabilized and artificial plants

Flower arrangements - features and examples of bouquets of live, stabilized and artificial plants

A win-win gift solution is flower arrangements. They are relevant for men and women of all ages and classes, focused on different financial capabilities of buyers. Modern florists can offer a lot of options for decorating bouquets, while the materials can be both artificial and natural.

Variants of compositions from flowers

It is always pleasant to receive a bouquet, especially if the gift is not timed to coincide with the holiday. I would like to surprise, therefore, floristic compositions have many types:

  • from fresh or paper flowers;
  • from foamiran;
  • from paper.

For those who want to create an unusual design, needlework-oriented stores can offer a wide range of products for home crafts. You can work with them on your own or involve all family members in this activity: joint activities not only bring the child closer to adults, but also develop many positive qualities in him.

Flower arrangements from fresh flowers

A natural look, pleasant tactile sensations and a unique aroma are the main advantages of this option. Today, flower arrangements in a box are a trend, and are considered the most popular product. These can be containers of various shapes and textures, which are filled with a variety of plants. The imagination of designers is limitless, and they can offer the buyer the following forms:

  • heart;
  • oval;
  • cone;
  • cylinder;
  • square;
  • rectangle.

Small arrangements of flowers in a box are often presented to lift the mood and as a compliment. There are two types of filling here: a clearing of plants with small buds, or they become the background of one main flower. Larger sets can be an addition or a separate gift for an important event such as a wedding or anniversary.

fresh flower arrangements

Compositions of artificial flowers

This option will be an excellent solution not only for decorating weddings and decorating photo zones. A composition of flowers, made not from natural materials, has found application in the interior design of apartments and offices: you can enliven and dilute the room, without the need to care for the bouquet. If you strive for originality, you can arrange a bouquet yourself. An arrangement of flowers in a basket looks great on a large dining or small coffee table, near the fireplace, on the windowsill. The container can have any shape and be made of different materials.

artificial flower arrangements

Compositions from stabilized flowers

Modern technologies have taken a huge step forward and proposed an idea that solves two problems at the same time: it keeps the bouquet in its original form for a long time, and at the same time eliminates the need to buy artificial plants. We are talking about a composition of fresh flowers that have undergone a stabilization process. The essence of the method is to replace natural juice with a chemical composition, which, as it were, preserves the bud, stem and leaves.

Compositions of flowers in glass containers, wicker baskets and boxes look original. This method allows you to save the plant from 5 to 10 years. It is noteworthy that some producers were able to preserve not only the appearance, but also the aroma: roses and lilies smell for more than a year. Such a gift will appeal to many, but it will cost a little more.

stabilized flower arrangements

Dried flower arrangements

To create an extraordinary ensemble, it is not necessary to use only live cut plants. An excellent solution would be a herbarium. Its main feature is the ability to maintain its original appearance for a long time. Often it becomes an interior decoration, however, if you include healing herbs or plants that exude a pleasant aroma, then this will be a wonderful practical gift. Beautiful compositions of flowers that are already dried come in several types.

  • postcards;
  • interior decoration;
  • paintings.

Collecting such compositions from flowers, craftsmen use not only dried flowers, but also other natural materials. It can be cones, twigs of trees, stalks of cereals, boxes with seeds. You can make a craft with your own hands, complementing the gift with warm wishes. If desired, such products are covered with paint or varnish, which helps to preserve the original appearance of the craft for a long time.

dry flower arrangements

Compositions from foamiran

This is a recently appeared material that has found its application in needlework. He is unpretentious in care — even a child can work with him. Products from foamiran are surprisingly natural, therefore, florists often take the basis of a bouquet to make mini-compositions of fresh flowers. There are many design options:

  1. The main flower is artificial, the rest of the bouquet is made from natural ingredients.
  2. Large cut buds, such as roses, orchids, peonies or lilies, are framed with small foamiran flowers.

With the help of the material, you can show your imagination by creating unusual and fantasy flowers, or you can recreate an exact copy of living plants. Foamiran can be washed, treated with a soapy composition, ironed with a warm iron. It is completely safe, does not burn out, does not fade, does not deform, has a wide range of colors, affordable cost.

foamiran compositions

Compositions from paper flowers

Another way to create an original bouquet is to make it from available material. In needlework stores, you can find a lot of options for paper, with which unusual products are obtained. Flower arrangements can be made from the following types of paper:

  • conventional bilateral;
  • corrugated;
  • cardboard;
  • napkins.

The end result directly depends on the skill of the performer, the density and quality of the paper. This option will be an original gift, especially if it is made by hand. Such a bouquet will not wither, and will please its owner for a long time. You can experiment with textures, come up with your own unique types of flowers, most importantly, do it with inspiration for loved ones.

paper flower arrangements

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