Finishing the steam room inside — the choice of finishing material

steam room decoration

Properly selected materials for the interior decoration of the steam room will not only be the key to design success, but will also allow you to get a functional and high-quality structure.

From the choice of finishing material and insulation chosen for the walls in the steam room, depends on how well the heat and moisture in the room will be retained, sound insulation is provided.

Finishing the steam room inside can be done using wood, brick, foam blocks, ceramic tiles, stone or other material. The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a finish is the quality of the material and its ability to transfer heat.

The choice of finishing material for the walls of the steam room

Natural wood is most suitable for wall decoration in a steam room; being an environmentally friendly material, it will help create a cozy, homely, “healing” atmosphere.

To finish the walls in the steam room with wood, you should choose varieties that do not release resin in large quantities during operation, which will make visiting the bath uncomfortable. The best wood materials for the interior decoration of the steam room, which will create the most favorable microclimate, will be the following tree species:

  • birch, poplar, larch, oak — these types of wood are durable, dry quickly and well, are not subject to rotting, cracking;
  • Linden — it does not overheat, tolerates high temperatures well, retains its original qualities for a long time;
  • ash — the breed is the most durable, with excellent decorative features;
  • alder — durable, reliable, characterized by the absence of smell.

You should not use wood board for wall decoration in the steam room, which is a toxic, flammable material, which also does not tolerate moisture well and quickly becomes unusable because of this, also refuse chipboard and MDF panels, glued beams. Use more expensive wood finishing materials, such as eurolining or solid wood, which are not protected by paints and varnishes, but made from natural ingredients that are not harmful to health, which will give the wood water-repellent and antifungal properties.

As a material for the interior decoration of the steam room, for example, for the floor, you can use both a polished board and a tile; when it warms up, it will also radiate heat. On top of the tile, you can put wooden grates so that it is not slippery and not very hot on your feet.

The steam room is the main room in the bath, so its decorative features, as well as the ability to maintain the desired temperature, will contribute to a comfortable and pleasant pastime.

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