Finishing the corridor in the apartment, design options

corridor finishing

The first impression of any dwelling is formed by people after they enter the hallway, so its decorative design is an important point. The choice of materials for finishing the corridor is influenced by several factors:

  • the size and shape of the room;
  • ceiling height;
  • general design style;
  • financial opportunities.

Corridor finishing options

Before proceeding with the repair in the apartment, you should decide whether this room in the apartment will become an art object, acting as a business card, or it will have a functional load and purpose. Various options for finishing the corridor in the apartment may include the use of modern materials, their combination, creative and bold design solutions. The main thing is that this room should not differ in style from the rest of the living space.

Decorative plaster for interior decoration in the corridor

Often used material, environmentally friendly, helping to create original surfaces that mimic various structures, allowing the walls to «breathe». A practically limitless number of color and structural solutions, making it easy to combine decorative plaster with most other modern decorative materials.

finishing corridor 1

This surface design option is low-cost, it will perfectly hide all the irregularities, without requiring additional funds for their preliminary alignment. Finishing the walls of the corridor with decorative plaster is beneficial in that it can be done independently. A very important point that you should pay attention to is the plastering of the corners in the corridor. These, often problematic places, can be decorated with it without difficulty, without special skills.

finishing corridor 2

Finishing the corridor with decorative stone

The entrance hall is the room with the greatest traffic, therefore, when decorating it, materials are selected that have not only external data, but also practicality. Finishing the corridor with artificial stone is a great solution. It is easy to combine it with plaster, wood, decorating one wall with it, or laying it out to a certain level, for example, to half the vertical surface. When fastened, decorative panels will take up some of the space, so decorating the corridor with stone is rational in spacious halls or hallways.

corridor 3 finishing

Corridor paneling

Durable, moisture resistant and easy to maintain are modern wall and ceiling panels. They veneer the surfaces of the hallways, both completely and partially. Panels are divided into several categories:

  • tiled, resembling ceramic tiles;
  • rack, outwardly look like a «lining»;
  • sheet, which are sheet monoliths, plain or decorated with a pattern.

corridor 4 finishing

Finishing the corridor with all these types of panels is successfully used in modern design; they are made of chipboard, fiberboard, cork, plastic, natural wood. The decoration of the corridor with MDF panels is especially popular, it is practical and rational where small children and animals live, the panels are easy to clean, they have good performance, the disadvantages include unnaturalness. It is very convenient to finish the ceiling panels in the corridor; special ceiling tiles are designed for this.

corridor finishing 5

Corridor decoration with wood

This material is one of the most attractive, it is able to ennoble any room. The disadvantages include the high cost of natural wood. When using finishing panels made of natural wood, it is better to choose their hardwoods, such as oak, beech, ash, alder — these types of wood look spectacular and noble. Finishing a small corridor using veneered wood board or natural wood will additionally take a few centimeters, so you should think about the rationality of its use in a small room.

finishing corridor 6

Corridor walls with laminate

A somewhat unusual finish of the corridor deserves attention: decorating the walls with a laminate, familiar as a floor covering. Its popularity for facing a vertical surface is due to its diverse texture and rich palette. Modern manufacturers have developed laminate flooring designed for walls, they are equipped with special fasteners.

Finishing a narrow corridor in an apartment with a laminate can be done without a crate as a base, and by gluing the panels to the wall surface, this will help save precious centimeters. With this method of fastening, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work related to leveling the surface. Laminate flooring can be positioned vertically, horizontally, stacked «herringbone».

finishing corridor 7

Finishing the corridor under the brick

Brick is one of the traditional materials, popular for interior design of surfaces. Brickwork in the corridor is widely used as a decorative design, helping to create an original design. Real brick is often replaced with modern decorative materials that resemble brickwork in their structure.

finishing corridor 8

This material is replaced by wall panels, clinker tiles, wallpaper, decorative brick imitating plaster, their advantages are lighter weight and smaller volume. Inexpensive and beautiful analogues do not take up useful space, while they have a neater and more aesthetic appearance than a real brick. For greater credibility, you should choose the type of cladding that imitates brick, adhering to standard sizes. The best option for decorating a brick surface is one in which one of the walls is finished, otherwise the hallway will look like a basement.

finishing corridor 9

Finishing the corridor with cork

An excellent option, ideal for walls in the corridor, is cork, it is durable, environmentally friendly, but expensive. Possessing excellent decorative properties, cork panels are easy to care for and can be washed. Decorated with cork panels, the walls in the corridor can look varied, the material can be easily combined with any other.

Cork is characterized by an original cellular texture, has excellent heat and sound insulation properties, is resistant to temperature extremes, antistatic, and has a long service life. You should not just line the walls with cork if there is an animal in the house, especially a cat with its sharp claws.

corridor finishing 10

Finishing the corridor with soft stone

A new material is widely used in interior decoration — soft (or flexible) stone, which is based on a natural component in the form of sandy quartz or marble chips, capable of reproducing and conveying the natural texture. It is an elastic tiles or rolls up to three meters wide. Finishing the corridor with soft stone is superior in its effectiveness to most finishing materials, it is convenient to use it for curved surfaces, arches, niches, often present in spacious hallways, to decorate any geometric shapes with it.

Wall decoration in the corridor with soft stone will last a long time without changing its decorative qualities, due to its high wear resistance. Sticking a soft stone is not difficult, you need to coat the tile or wallpaper well with an adhesive mixture and, applying it to the surface, press it firmly. Soft stone can serve as the basis for frescoes, panels, it goes well with any other finishing materials.

finishing corridor 11

Corridor tiling

Tiles, being a universal material, are used in almost any room; in the hallway, they are used both on wall surfaces and on the floor. The requirements for the material used on different surfaces are different. So, for the floor, a special tile with increased wear resistance is used, which easily transfers moisture, dirt and load. For walls — strength is not the main thing, decorative texture is important.

finishing corridor 12

Finishing the corridor with foam tiles is often used for the ceiling surface, they easily hide flaws and irregularities, while looking aesthetically attractive. It is best to use high-quality seamless tiles, in the case of using individual elements, you should paint the ceiling with water-based paint, which will hide the seams between the tiles.

finishing corridor 13

Finishing the corridor with a block house

Block house is a semi-cylindrical plank made of wood, metal or vinyl, suitable for home interior decoration. Beautiful decoration of the corridor is carried out using any type of material, although a block house is more often used, imitating a wooden beam or a natural log, but only in a spacious room in a country cottage.

Finishing work using a block house requires the installation of a frame, which will somewhat reduce the space. Panels should be chosen from a width of 80 mm, long and thin, visually they make the room more spacious, wider ones are used for external work. The bar looks very impressive, for which light wood species are used, without knots and flaws.

finishing corridor 14

Corridor decoration with wallpaper

The modern choice of wallpaper is impressive, the decoration of the corridor in the house can be done using both ordinary wallpaper and for painting, it is possible to use liquid, non-woven, vinyl, bamboo or photo wallpaper, various combinations with other materials. You should not choose textile wallpaper for the hallway, they quickly get dirty and are not subject to wet cleaning. Experts advise cullet wallpaper, the most acceptable option for this room, they are beautiful, they are difficult to damage, easy to clean using a sponge and detergent.

corridor finishing 15

Corridor lining

Lining — the material is aesthetically attractive and inexpensive. Ideas for decorating the corridor depend on the type of lining, it is found in wood, plastic and metal. The latter is more often used in the hallway for ceiling cladding, the walls are finished with plastic or wood. When facing walls, the lining is placed both vertically and horizontally. A lining made of pine or other coniferous trees, covered with special compounds, is suitable for living quarters; it is easily wiped with a damp sponge. In summer, lining will provide a pleasant coolness in the hallway, in winter it will fill it with warmth.

finishing corridor 16

There are a large number of options for finishing materials suitable for decorating the hallway, their choice depends on the shape and size of the room, the financial situation of the residents. Taking into account all the above tips, choosing the right materials, using fantasy and non-standard solutions, finishing the corridor can turn your home into a beautiful and functional home.

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