English style in the interior of the living room


English style in the interior of the living room

Not everyone will decide to decorate their living room in the English style, because this implies certain character traits of the owners themselves, as well as the corresponding rhythm of life — measured and unhurried. So what does a traditional English living room look like?

Living room design in classic English style

As you know, the English style in the interior of the living room is a quality finish, thoughtfulness of every detail and, of course, loyalty to traditions.

The walls are usually painted in light colors, and often it is only one shade. The floor is traditionally used type-setting parquet. A characteristic feature of the style is the use of natural wood of noble species — oak, mahogany, walnut and others.

A mandatory element of the English living room is a fireplace, around which there are cozy sofas. A Voltaire chair with a high back will also fit perfectly into such an interior. Great importance in the design of the living room is attached to textiles — these are soft blankets, and wool carpets, and tapestry upholstery of sofas, and fabric lampshades of floor lamps. Do not forget about the classic English curtains for the living room. As for color design, the British prefer either pastel shades (light or dark) or simple patterns — polka dots, stripes or flowers.

The British are very respectful of family traditions, so framed photographs hung on the walls will fit perfectly into the design of the living room. And various family heirlooms, porcelain figurines and other little things can be placed on the mantelpiece.

To give the room the greatest resemblance to a traditional English living room, it makes sense to purchase an elegant bench with bent legs, which will play the role of a coffee table. And if you are decorating a living room in an apartment where there is no separate room for a library, do not forget to put bookcases, floor lamps and sconces.


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