Doors to the bathroom — which one is better to choose: glass, plastic, wooden

Bathroom doors - what door material is best for a bathroom?

Finding the perfect bathroom doors is not easy, because they must match the style of the house and successfully operate in conditions of constant humidity and temperature changes. Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials, but expectations are not always met.

Which door to choose for the bathroom and toilet?

It is easier to decide on the choice of door mechanism if the design of the entire apartment is already known. The classic swing is suitable for a traditional urban interior, unusual sliding systems will complement modern styles. Which doors are better to put in the bathroom are also dictated by square meters, because sometimes you have to save every centimeter of space.

Entrance door to the bathroom

The swing mechanism has many advantages, because it is not in vain that it remains relevant with a wide selection of modern systems. However, in small apartments, you often want to abandon this type of door in order to save free space.

  1. The obvious answer to the question of which bathroom door is better to choose is a hinged one, if tight and reliable closure is important. The monolithic door leaf absorbs sounds well, keeps the heat inside the bathroom.
  2. hinged bathroom doors

  3. Most doorways are left without significant alteration during repairs, so picking up standard ready-made doors is not difficult.
  4. The combination of different materials can look original and stylish, so the swing door will easily fit into any direction.
  5. hinged bathroom doors

compartment door to bathroom

The sliding mechanism is suitable for apartments with narrow corridors, when opening the door to the bathroom completely blocks the way.

  1. The doors to the bathroom will run along the wall and thus save free space near the bathroom. This feature makes it difficult to place a bedside table or any other objects near the wall.
  2. There are two types of sliding mechanism: with lower and upper suspension. With the upper suspension, the weight of the door is supported by a system fixed from above. From below there are only rollers that do not allow the door to go beyond the mechanism. When the lower suspension is installed, the weight of the door leaf falls on the lower part. This is justified when the door weighs a lot. However, practice has shown that various debris often gets into the lower support, which renders the roller mechanism unusable.
  3. compartment doors to the bathroom

  4. The size of the door leaf is selected based on the size of the doorway and the free space along the wall. This moment is missed, and as a result, when opening, the length of the wall may not be enough.
  5. The sound insulation of the sliding mechanism is much worse than that of the swing mechanism. Sliding doors to the bathroom will not be able to close the opening as tightly.
  6. The variety of choice does not only apply to the combination of different materials. The sliding system can have a radius shape, when the doors do not move in a straight line, but along a semicircle. Doorways with a sliding system of two doors look unusual.
  7. sliding glass doors to the bathroom

Accordion door to the bathroom

A folding bathroom door has a number of advantages. For it, you do not have to carve out space along the wall; in the open position, the door leaf will not occupy precious centimeters in the bathroom itself.

  1. Due to special fasteners, swivel wings, parts of the door leaf are folded like an accordion and in the open position with a perpendicular arrangement are very compact.
  2. Door sections can be blind or decorative, it is easy to choose any design for the chosen interior style.
  3. accordion doors to the bathroom are deaf

  4. Practicality is not inferior to the appearance of an ordinary door, it looks impressive and becomes a highlight of the interior.
  5. decorative accordion doors to the bathroom

  6. You will also have to take into account the features of caring for fasteners. The complexity of the design requires constant lubrication and cleaning of the mechanism, which is the key to a long service life.

What material to choose the door to the bathroom?

The choice of material for the door leaf is a compromise: not always a spectacular external one will be practical in terms of operation, and a durable material often looks unsightly. However, a lot depends on the size of the bathroom, the quality of ventilation, and the frequency of door maintenance. Not the last argument for resolving the issue of which door to the bathroom will be the chosen style of home decoration.

Glass door to the bathroom

Glass is an environmentally friendly and practical material. A distinctive feature is the fact that glass bathroom doors do not have the usual box. The canvas is attached directly to the opening in the wall.

  1. Glass does not limit you in the choice of color, pattern and design. You can pick up ordinary flat canvases or order radial complex structures.
  2. glass doors to the bathroom decor

  3. The opening mechanism for a glass door can be a classic swing. But doors with a pendulum mechanism look much more impressive when the sash opens outward or inward. For a large doorway, sliding or sliding doors are suitable.
  4. bathroom glass door mechanism

  5. If the choice fell on glass, you will have to think carefully about the ventilation system. Condensation on the glass surface collects constantly.

Plastic bathroom doors

Plastic successfully replaces many materials from wood to glass. Bathroom doors made of this material always compare favorably in price, do not require special care and can be made in any design. The plastic door to the bathroom has only one drawback — low elasticity, which causes gradual deformation. But this problem can also be solved by installing special profile inserts.

  1. The PVC door leaf is successfully made to look like a natural wood product. The mechanism can be hinged, sliding and folding like an accordion.
  2. pvc bathroom doors

  3. Metal-plastic structures are firmly established in our apartments. These are not only windows and balcony blocks, but also interior doors. Due to the decorative glass insert, they can look decent.
  4. plastic bathroom doors

Wooden door to the bathroom

Wooden products are durable and look beautiful, but with proper care for them. A wooden door loses its attractiveness very quickly in conditions of constant temperature changes and high humidity.

  1. The best bathroom doors are the ones that are well cared for. The tree needs good ventilation and ventilation of the room after taking a shower. The ideal solution is to install a fan on the ventilation window, as soon as the light in the bathroom turns on, the process of extracting moisture begins.
  2. solid wood bathroom doors

  3. For interior doors, different types of wood are used, but it is recommended to choose maple or oak for the bathroom. These rocks absorb less moisture and retain their appearance longer. Coating with special impregnations and varnishes significantly add life to wood.
  4. wooden bathroom doors white

  5. Gradually, even the most durable varnishes begin to crack. Wooden doors will have to be restored every few years and returned to their original appearance.

Doors to the bathroom chipboard

The board consists of a mixture of compressed sawdust and formaldehyde resins. The main difficulty is to find a conscientious manufacturer who uses high-quality and safe material to bind wood waste. Many refuse this material because of the danger of getting a time bomb in the form of formaldehyde released. However, good doors to the bathroom and toilet are also found among chipboard products.

  1. Color, texture imitation and design are unlimited.
  2. The price is always not the last factor in the choice, in this case it is attractively low compared to the cost of wood and glass.
  3. If desired, you can find doors made of chipboard marked B, indicating a moisture-resistant class. This will slightly extend the life of the door.
  4. wooden bathroom doors

Bathroom veneer doors

Thin strips of wood, which are attached to the base under pressure and at the right temperature, look no worse than real wood. It is possible to visually determine that the entire door is not made of solid wood, provided that the veneer layers are joined poorly. However, experts disagreed that these are the best doors to the bathroom.

  1. A veneered door is not as capricious to temperature extremes and high humidity as natural wood. However, it needs good ventilation.
  2. Problems arise if the seams are joined poorly or a thin layer of varnish is applied. When buying a door, it is important to find a quality product covered with several protective layers. We carefully look at the joints, a poor fit will lead to a quick peeling of the veneer.
  3. veneer bathroom doors

MDF bathroom doors

MDF boards are gradually replacing chipboard due to modern and safe components: paraffin and lingin are used as binders instead of resin. As a result, the material is safe for health and durable. If you are looking for a bathroom door, moisture-resistant coatings become the main selection criterion.

  1. Caring for such a door differs little from the recommendation for a tree. It is important to prevent constant contact with water and ensure good ventilation.
  2. The coating must be of high quality, the seams between the veneer or laminated parts must be well joined.
  3. The design of such a door is not limited by anything: there are models that are difficult to distinguish from a real array, for a modern style there is a wide selection of glossy finishes.
  4. mdf bathroom doors

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