Design of a small hallway, how to equip the interior

The design of a small hallway - how to arrange it correctly with the help of simple tips?

When developing the design of a small hallway, you need to think it through to the smallest detail, pay attention to the basic rules, by applying which you can ennoble a small space and get a highly functional, comfortable room.

Decorating a small hallway

Considering the design options for a small hallway, all solutions are aimed at making this room look more spacious, lighter and more comfortable. To do this, experts advise using a number of small professional tricks:

  1. When choosing a color scheme, it is better to dwell on light colors.
  2. Thinking about lighting, try to create several light sources.
  3. Avoid large patterns or ornaments, plain surfaces are a good choice.
  4. The presence of a mirror will help visually expand the space.
  5. If the apartment has a narrow entrance hall, use a pattern with transverse stripes on the floor surface, equip arches as doorways, this will give the room nobility and lightness.
  6. Buy multifunctional furniture, better built with sliding systems, equip niches for it.
  7. Do not overload the room with decor, unnecessary items, abandon small details.

Wallpaper for a small hallway

The modern market offers us a huge selection of wallpapers, different in their quality and performance, manufacturing technologies. Small hallways require a particularly careful choice of decorative finishing material, as their surfaces are more vulnerable than in spacious rooms. When choosing wallpaper for wall design, you need to pay attention to their strength, durability, wear resistance and the possibility of simple maintenance. The most practical in this regard are the following types:

Ceiling in a small hallway

The interior of a small hallway should be concise, ceilings are no exception, you should not make them voluminous and multi-level. Good options would be painted or whitewashed ceiling surfaces, paneled or tensile structures. Having learned some design secrets, you can adjust a small ceiling space, visually expand it using decorative techniques:

  1. Use gloss in the design of the ceiling — an effective optical mirror trick will visually expand the walls.
  2. Do not use decorative, decorating elements in the decoration, they only focus on the modest size of the room.
  3. Refuse borders and cornices so as not to emphasize the distinction between vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  4. Choose as lighting fixtures point sources evenly distributed over the surface, flat lamps, cornice lighting methods, abandoning the chandelier.
  5. ceiling in a small hallway

Furniture for a small hallway

Analyzing different ideas for a small hallway in terms of furniture selection, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • functionality;
  • style;
  • reliability and stability;
  • quality of materials and design features.

Thinking over the design of a small hallway, choosing furniture for it, you can stop at modular options, the main advantage of which is their easy modification to the layout of your room. A practical option would be a closet, with which some of the free space is won. Light colors will visually increase the dimensions of the room. Furniture in the style of minimalism, hi-tech fits perfectly into the design of especially miniature hallways.

Wardrobe in a small hallway

A sliding wardrobe in a small hallway will not only affect the ergonomic organization of this room, but also decorate it if you use decorating elements on the facade in the form of photo prints, sandblasting patterns, mirrors. This type of furniture is compact, spacious, functional, looks modern and aesthetically pleasing. Having a sliding door opening system, built-in mirrors, it significantly saves space, especially the built-in model. Such a closet can be the perfect solution for the design of a small hallway.

sliding wardrobe in a small hallway

Small sofa in the hallway

A small corridor, even considering its small size, can become a cozy and stylish room, the main thing is to approach the issue creatively. A small sofa will not only become a cozy attribute of the interior, but also provide comfort, especially when putting on shoes. The choice of a sofa is directly affected by the configuration of the room, the availability of sufficient space for its installation. The main selection criteria are:

  1. Matching the style and design of the sofa with the rest of the furniture in the house.
  2. High-quality materials used in the manufacture, the presence of built-in bedside tables and drawers that allow you to store accessories in them and ensure order in the room.
  3. The color scheme should be in harmony with the decoration of wall surfaces and with other interior items.

small sofa in the hallway

Narrow shoe cabinet in the hallway

A small shoe rack in the hallway, having a width of 15-30 cm, is considered narrow; it is used for seasonal shoes in the design of those small-sized corridors where no other furniture can be placed. The most common modifications of narrow shoe cabinets include the following types:

  1. Shoe cabinet «bona». They have a large capacity, the sole in them does not undergo deformation, the shoes dry quickly, they look like a showcase rack with or without doors.
  2. shoe cabinet in the hallway

  3. Slim shoe cabinet. Compact and roomy, width is 20-30 cm, stretched vertically or horizontally, has folding shelves. The disadvantage of the design is the impossibility of storing high shoes in it.
  4. slim shoe cabinet in the hallway

  5. Shoe cabinet. A multifunctional, not wide model, where shoe shelves are combined with various functional modules in which you can store hats, umbrellas, bags, and various accessories.
  6. Narrow shoe cabinet in the hallway

Narrow cabinet in the hallway

You can create a cozy and practical design of a small hallway, you can expand the space using small-sized furniture. An excellent functional acquisition will be a narrow pedestal, which can be made floor, hanging, corner or wall-mounted (comprising a set with a hanger), have lockable doors or open shelves. This type of furniture is often combined with a mirror, a seat, a small table, it is a budget option that creates a practical composition. The material for the manufacture is natural wood, plastic, MDF.

narrow cabinet in the hallway

Hanger in a small hallway

Choose furniture for a narrow hallway that is not deep, preferably without opening doors, preferably with sliding systems or built into niches, such options are more ergonomic. One of the most necessary design elements in the hallway is a hanger, so its design features are very important to consider. For small rooms, there is a wonderful way out: the presence of an open hanger with an upper shelf for hats and a lower one for shoes. If the room is too small even for this design, you can purchase a round, floor hanger with hooks that can be rotated.

hanger in a small hallway

Small walls in the hallway

Many people are concerned about the question: how to equip a small hallway, because not everyone is the happy owner of a spacious apartment. Experts advise in such cases to purchase wardrobes with mirrored facades, make the most of the space along the walls, use corners, and also purchase small furniture walls for hallways. When making a choice in favor of compact furniture sets, choose them in light colors, avoid solid natural wood products.

When arranging the design of a small hallway, it is better to give preference to modular kits, dwelling on the necessary items, you can independently evaluate what functions they carry, their capacity for outerwear, hats, shoes, umbrellas, bags and other trifles. A very practical option would be the manufacture of small walls to order, especially for those corridors into which several doors open. With an individual order, you can not only choose the necessary sections, but also their design, interior arrangement, manufacturing style and materials.

small walls in the hallway

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