Decorating the living room

Decorating the living room

Each room in the home has its own purpose and requires an individual approach to the arrangement. There are special requirements for the design of living rooms. After all, it is here that they receive guests, spend evenings in the family circle, and communicate. In small apartments, thanks to zoning, the living room can effectively combine a bedroom or an office.

living room decor styles

Of course, the room should be cozy and comfortable for all family members. Therefore, you need to choose the right style in which the room will be equipped. There are different options:

  • classic demonstrates luxury and nobility, emphasizing the status of the owners; massive chandeliers and candlesticks can be used in the interior;
  • modern assumes the absence of strict lines, and it is imperative to use a combination of materials such as wood and glass;
  • East style can become an example of the design of a living room with zoning of the territory, for example, using a podium or a low table, a screen;
  • retro requires the use of enhanced lighting, while lamps with lampshades, floor lamps can be installed, and objects of the past, such as a gramophone, a typewriter, old photographs, are used as decorative elements;
  • eco style, using wicker furniture, will be the solution to the question of how to decorate the living room in the house. You will need excellent natural lighting, panoramic windows are desirable. Fresh flowers, bamboo wallpapers will complement the interior.

Choice of colors and finishes

When deciding how to design a living room, it is important to decide on a color palette that will fill the space. All shades must be combined with each other.

The color scheme affects the atmosphere of the room. If the owners plan to use the room for receiving guests and want them to feel cosy, homely in it, then it makes sense to use yellow, cream and other warm shades. Cold tones, such as blue, green, will contribute to rest and relaxation.

Decorating the living room with wallpaper in light shades allows you to visually expand the space. Also, to visually increase the area, you can apply mirror coatings.

Sometimes they create an imitation of brickwork or separate sections of the wall are trimmed with textiles. Such rooms look stylish and are perfect for young modern owners.

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