Curtains in the children’s room for a girl


Curtains in the nursery for a girl - how to choose the perfect tulle for a young princess?

All parents dream of their child growing up in an atmosphere of coziness, warmth and comfort. Therefore, when buying curtains for a girl’s nursery, you should not only adhere to the design idea, but also choose the right color, curtain model and texture.

How to choose curtains for a girl’s room?

Child psychologists say that the mood of the child, the overall development and formation of his personality largely depends on what kind of environment is created around him. This is especially true for girls who more subtly feel the beauty and harmony in everything. Therefore, the interior design of the children’s room should match the age of your daughter, as well as her passions and tastes. If you want to choose beautiful curtains for a girl’s nursery, then you need to consider some of their features:

  1. Good sun protection. Healthy and sound sleep is important for your girl, so pay attention to the density of the fabric.
  2. Environmental friendliness. Choose curtains made from natural fabrics. They do not electrify and are safe for the child.
  3. Practicality and durability. Curtains in the nursery for a girl are best chosen without complex draperies. In such simple curtains, dust will accumulate less and it will be easier to care for them.

how to choose curtains for girls room

Tulle in the nursery for a girl — how to choose the fabric?

When choosing curtains for a children’s room, pay attention to their material:

  1. Linen is environmentally friendly, does not accumulate dust, is easy to wash, but after that it can shrink, and it is not very easy to iron it.
  2. Cotton is another type of natural fabric that is great for a child’s room. Cotton curtains are easy to wash, dry and iron, but they can fade in the sun or fade with frequent washes.
  3. Bamboo fiber is a new material that will look great on a window in a girl’s room. With the help of such curtains, you can easily adjust the level of illumination in the children’s room.
  4. The tulle curtain on the window of the children’s room will make the whole atmosphere festive and elegant. Children’s curtains for teenage girls can be with an original image in the form of, for example, the logo of a modern brand. The window in the children’s room for a little girl can be decorated with tulle with your favorite fairy-tale or cartoon characters:
  • snow white;
  • Cinderella;
  • little mermaids.

tulle in the nursery for girls how to choose the fabric

Tulle in the nursery for the girl — color

When choosing a shade of tulle, you should consider the overall interior design of the children’s room. If there are many bright details in the atmosphere of this room, then the curtain should be only plain. In a children’s room, decorated in soothing discreet colors, you can make window curtains accent. At the same time, it should be remembered that too bright aggressive colors (red, blue, black) cannot be used as background colors in the decor of a children’s room window. They can only be used as interspersed with various decorative elements.

tulle in the nursery for girls color

Tulle in a nursery for a teenage girl is better to choose neutral shades: pale lilac, peach, light green and others. Light curtains can be combined with thick curtains, but a very important rule must be followed. If the tulle looks catchy, spectacular and bright, then a thick curtain should be neutral, and vice versa, a delicate translucent fabric can be an excellent backdrop for a bright and thick curtain.

curtains for a teenage girl's room

Children’s curtains for girls

Curtains consisting of one or two panels can be used in a girl’s room, but the second option is more popular. Two curtains are more convenient to move, besides, they allow you to successfully beat other elements of the decoration of the children’s room. Especially successful will be the design of the curtains in the girl’s room with the help of a lambrequin or decorative pendants.

kids curtains for girls

Tulle in the room for a newborn girl

Your newborn daughter has just begun her acquaintance with the outside world. Therefore, it is very important to create an atmosphere of warmth, peace and tranquility in her room. To choose beautiful curtains for a girl’s nursery, it’s not at all necessary to look for the traditional pink color. But if parents want to see this shade on the curtains, then pink tulle can be combined, for example, with gray or light pistachio curtains. To decorate the curtains in the room of a newborn girl, they use original ties in the form of butterflies, flowers, animals or fairy-tale characters.

tulle in the room for a newborn girl

The children’s room should have a lot of light, but if necessary, the curtains should provide complete isolation from the sun. As a curtain in a nursery for a little girl, you can use blinds or roller blinds. Children under the age of three are very curious creatures, they want to touch everything, take it off or tear it off. Therefore, you should not decorate the curtains in the room of a small child with various small details: beads, laces, and so on.

roller blinds in children's room

Curtains for the bedroom of a schoolgirl

When your daughter grows up and becomes a schoolgirl, her room will already be a place not only for games, but also for the child’s activities. During this period, many parents do not know how to choose curtains for a 7-10 year old girl’s room. Psychologists advise to choose textiles in blue, yellow, green shades in such a children’s room, which will help the schoolgirl to concentrate and be attentive. For a romantic young lady who dreams of her bedroom looking like a fairytale castle, you can choose light French or Austrian curtains made of light translucent fabric.

curtains for bedroom girls schoolgirls

Tulle in the room of a teenage girl

Adolescence is a very difficult time in everyone’s life. And above all, this applies to girls who are very sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, equipping a room for such a child, it is necessary to take into account his wishes and preferences. It is better if the tulle for a teenage girl is in light pastel colors. Roman or roller blinds will suit the hostess who appreciates both beauty and practicality. Filament curtains made of beautiful beads will look creative and fashionable in the girl’s room.

tulle in the room of a teenage girl


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