Curtains in the children’s room for a boy


Curtains in the children's room for a boy - the most successful design options

Few people have heard that designers and psychologists recommend updating the interior of a children’s room at least once every three to four years. When changing interior design, special attention should be paid not only to furniture, but also to decoration. So, when choosing curtains for a boy’s nursery, you should know about some features.

Design of curtains for a children’s room for a boy

In order to choose the right curtains for a boy’s nursery, you need to have information about the types of curtains, their characteristics and the preferred colors. It is important not only to choose curtains in accordance with the style of the children’s room, but also to consider how comfortable it will be for the child to use the design of the curtains, and whether such curtains are appropriate in the chosen interior design option. Curtains in the children’s room for a boy should be easy to handle and have the most durable construction.

Roman blinds for a boy’s nursery

When choosing curtains for a teenager boy’s room, you should pay attention to the combination with other interior items, which is much easier to do if you do not buy a finished product, but order Roman curtains, after selecting a fabric that matches the style of the nursery. Colors can be very different, but if the curtains are plain, they will suit any style. Fabrics need to be selected natural and have dust-repellent properties.

As for the design, it has a lot of advantages:

  1. Easy to use and durable.
  2. Free up extra space on the windowsill.
  3. Thanks to the possibility of individual execution, the fabric can be chosen to your taste.

roman blinds for a boy's nursery

Roller blinds for a boy’s room

When choosing roller blinds for a boy’s room, you should first of all rely on the following characteristics:

  • practicality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • functionality;
  • appearance.

Under all these criteria, roller blinds fall. The ability to individually order a product (color, size and texture) provides a choice of options that will not only look beautiful and organic, but also reliably protect from sunlight, at night from bright lights and have soundproofing properties. These indicators are especially important when designing a nursery, because it is very important to provide the child with a good rest and sound sleep.

roller blinds for kids room

Short curtains in the nursery for a boy

Such an option as short curtains in a teenage room for a boy can be entered into any style by choosing the desired fabric texture and pattern. You can cope with this task without much effort, so the main attention should be paid to the characteristics that the selected curtain option will have. By opting for short curtains, you can get a number of advantages.

  1. Ergonomics. This version of the curtains closes only the window opening and under the window you can freely put a desk, armchair, bed or other pieces of furniture.
  2. Ease of use. Short curtains are easy to handle and easy to care for.
  3. Environmental friendliness. By choosing natural curtain materials, environmental friendliness is ensured, which is especially important for a children’s room. In addition, short curtains do not collect as much dust as long ones.

short curtains in the nursery for a boy

Curtains on rings in the nursery for a boy

The design of curtains for children’s boys can be anything, depending on the chosen style and personal preferences of the child. When choosing a curtain pattern, you need to rely on the interests of the child, but taking into account the fact that too catchy and bright curtains can quickly get bored. Children are fickle and if today a boy likes cars, then tomorrow he can get carried away with robots, so it is not recommended to overload the interior with the same theme too much.

As for the design of curtains, it is better to choose easy-to-use and reliable options. These include curtains on the grommets, which have many advantages.

  1. Functionality. Eyelets provide easy movement of curtains along the eaves without much effort and risk of damaging the structure.
  2. Versatility. It is not difficult to make such curtains, so you can choose the texture of the fabric and the pattern yourself and create curtains in accordance with your personal wishes.
  3. Aesthetics. Although eyelet curtains are considered simple designs, they always look appropriate and tasteful.

curtains on rings in the nursery for a boy

3d curtains in the nursery for a boy

When deciding which curtains to choose for a boy, the 3d version cannot be compared in appearance with any others. As practice shows, children are delighted with such curtains and modern manufacturers offer 3d printing services on curtains of almost any pattern they like. Interesting curtains in the nursery for a boy may contain the following images:

  • fairy-tale heroes;
  • movie and cartoon characters;
  • cars, planes and other equipment;
  • space, sea and natural landscapes.
  • robots, transformers, etc.

3d curtains in the nursery for a boy

Curtains in a marine style for a boy

Marine style is leading in the design of children’s rooms for boys. When choosing curtains for a boy’s bedroom in a marine style, you can get by with a selection of fabrics depicting the sea, water, ships, the underwater world and other drawings related to the marine theme. You can opt for ready-made products, but they do not always fit in design and size, so most people choose individual options. The advantage of custom-made curtains is that the fabric can be chosen together with the child. A large assortment of fabrics, in comparison with ready-made curtains, expands the field for a flight of fancy.

When determining the form, preference is often given to:

  1. Options with lambrequins that visually resemble sails or sea waves. The most successful combinations of thick curtains in blue shades and light, airy tulles. Tassels and braid imitating ropes on a ship are ideal for decorating such curtains. Clips can be made in the form of starfish, shells or a steering wheel.
  2. If Roman or roller blinds are chosen, then in view of the design, monochromatic options (a palette from white to blue) or horizontal and vertical stripes are preferred. This is due to the fact that when folding the curtains, there will be no blurring of the print or its obvious asymmetry, which spoils the appearance.

curtains in a marine style for a boy

Curtains for a boy in two colors

When choosing curtains for a young boy’s nursery, the choice of design should be based on the fact that it is durable and easy to use, but the choice of shades must be approached taking into account the effect of color on the child. If we are talking about curtains made in two colors, then it is important to take into account the compatibility of shades with each other.

  1. The perfect combination for children is a blue and yellow palette that will add playfulness, but will also contribute well to relaxation and the assimilation of new information.
  2. Ideas for curtains in the nursery for a boy should not be limited to the personal wishes of adults. Black and white curtains in a teenager’s boy’s room are not recommended, no matter how much adults like them. This combination has a depressing effect on the fragile psyche of the child.
  3. Mixes of red, green, yellow and blue have proven themselves well, which can be interestingly combined with each other to create a favorable environment in the interior.

curtains for a boy in two colors

Curtains for a teenager boy in a modern style

When choosing curtains for a teenager boy, you can pay attention to modern options. Boys do not like different bows and frills, so the curtains should be as discreet as possible, but interesting. To complete the interior of a nursery, made in a modern style, the best fit:

  • short classic curtains;
  • long classic curtains on the grommets;
  • Roman or roll.

curtains for a teenager boy in a modern style


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