Constructivism style in the interior

Style in the interior constructivism

At the beginning of the last century, the style of constructivism became popular in interior design. People have a need for simplicity and rationality of all elements of the interior. This style was their answer to Art Nouveau with its pomposity and abundance of details.

What are the features of constructivism?

  • having a lot of empty space. The division into rooms is excluded, it is replaced by the use of light partitions or screens;
  • the style implies a lot of light, mostly natural. This is achieved by large windows, not covered with curtains, very often they are made from floor to ceiling;
  • lack of stucco molding and additional accessories in the design, all items are fully functional, everything superfluous is hidden in built-in wardrobes;
  • the use of a very small number of shades, most often a combination of white or gray with black, red or green is used.

Furniture in the style of constructivism

It should be simple, strict, but comfortable. Each item has its own function: the bed is used for sleeping, the chair is for sitting, and the table is for eating. The furniture is mostly made of wood with metal and glass coatings, and is designed mainly in black and white. Built-in furniture is often used. Clear geometric lines and shapes are used.

Kitchen in the style of constructivism

Well suited for small apartments, as it implies the presence of free space. Often the kitchen is connected to the living room. Everything should be functional, so such a kitchen is characterized by built-in appliances, spotlights and the absence of unnecessary details.

Bedroom in the style of constructivism

It is very convenient to decorate small rooms in this way. Instead of a bed in such a bedroom, you can put a sofa, replace a large closet with built-in furniture. And the light decoration of the walls and large windows create a feeling of additional volume.

The constructivism style in the interior is well suited for those who do not like frills and prefer the simplicity and functionality of all things.

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