Combining a loggia with a room, kitchen, living room


Combining a loggia with a room - the best ideas for a functional redevelopment of an apartment

You are thinking about whether it is necessary to combine the loggia with the room, and in order to make a decision, it is important to evaluate all the existing advantages and disadvantages. Work through the project in advance, taking into account all the details, so that the result does not disappoint and meets all the requirements.

Is it worth it to combine a loggia with a room?

To understand whether it is worth deciding on redevelopment, you should familiarize yourself with the existing advantages. By removing the wall, you can increase the living space, which is especially important for one- and two-room apartments. Other benefits of the merger include increased property value, additional natural light, and a wide range of design choices. It is important to know the existing requirements for combining a loggia with a room:

  1. First you should find out if the wall in the balcony opening is a carrier, because if so, then it cannot be completely demolished and it will only be possible to remove the door and window.
  2. Balcony glazing should be carried out and ideally it is better to remove the windows on the sides. For ventilation, leave one opening sash.
  3. Combining a loggia with a room implies the obligatory insulation of all surfaces: floors, ceilings and walls.
  4. Consider additional heating, so if you do not plan to carry the radiator, you can use a hinged convector, an oil radiator, or put a warm floor.
  5. If you plan to use a lot of furniture, then it is recommended to install props from the wall to the edge of the balcony concrete slab in the form of a triangle.

It’s just not possible to combine a loggia with a room, because you need to get permission from the BTI. To legalize operations, you need to collect a package of documents, for example, permission from the housing inspection and a project agreed with the design organization. First, at the BTI, you need to take a technical passport and order a project from the appropriate organization. All work must be approved by the Housing Inspectorate. When the dismantling is completed, a commission will be invited to evaluate and draw up an act on the completion of work. Take the received document to the BTI to reissue the registration certificate.

Cons of combining a loggia

It remains to pay attention to the existing shortcomings, which are important to consider in order to understand whether redevelopment is worth it or not.

  1. It has already been mentioned that you will have to spend a lot of time and effort in order to draw up documents.
  2. The combined loggia will require financial costs, since additional repairs will need to be carried out. In addition, few people will be able to independently master the work, so you will have to hire specialists.
  3. Things that were previously stored on the loggia will have to be moved somewhere, and this may cause problems.

cons of combining a loggia

Options for combining a loggia with a room

By combining residential and non-residential premises, you can carry out a radical redevelopment or simply make minor adjustments. When redeveloping an apartment, combining a loggia and a kitchen or other rooms can use the following combination options:

  1. Only the door and the window are dismantled, and the part of the wall located under the window opening remains, and it can be decorated under a table or bedside table.
  2. Combining a loggia with a room1Combining a loggia with a room 2

  3. Part of the wall under the window is also dismantled and a wide doorway is obtained. It can be arranged in the form of an arch.
  4. Combining a loggia with a room3Combining a loggia with a room 4

  5. It is possible to completely remove the wall only in rare cases, since permission is given to units.
  6. Combining a loggia with a room5Combining a loggia with a room6

Combining a loggia with a kitchen

There are several options for arrangement and it is important to first think over where and what will be located:

  1. The kitchen, combined with the loggia, may involve the transfer of the work surface. Thanks to this, the main area will be left under the dining room. Large household appliances can be placed on the loggia. If you take out water pipes and sewers, you will have to spend a lot of effort and be sure to provide good waterproofing.
  2. A more common option is to use the loggia as a dining room so that you can enjoy not only food, but also the landscape outside the window. You can move a table with chairs outside the kitchen or put a sofa there.
  3. The combination of the loggia with the room can only be carried out with the dismantling of the door and window, that is, there will be a part of the wall that can be used to organize a bar counter. It not only adds functionality to the kitchen, but also serves as a decoration for the room.

combining a loggia with a kitchen

Combining the loggia with the living room

If the joint wall is with the living room, then there are several options for using the new space.

  1. A common solution is to organize a study on the loggia, where additionally children can learn lessons. The living room, combined with the loggia, where the office is located, can be made either in one or in a similar style.
  2. Combining a loggia with a room 7Combining a loggia with a room 8

  3. On the added square meters, you can organize an extra bed, for example, for guests. Another combination of a loggia with a room is an ideal option for creating a place to relax, where you can relax and read a book.
  4. Combining a loggia with a room9

Combining a bedroom with a loggia

Another option that is possible during the repair. When combining a loggia with a room, the design should be worked out in detail, if these zones do not have separation, that is, doors, then the style may be different, and if not, common. For what purposes can additional space be used:

  1. Organize a place for reading or relaxing on the loggia by placing a small sofa there or an original idea — a hammock.
  2. It is possible, when combining a loggia with a room, to place a dressing room or a dressing table on the additional territory, where you can put yourself in order.
  3. If you like to play sports, then install a simulator on the loggia.

combining a loggia with a living room

Children’s room combined with a loggia

Children always do not have enough space in their room, so additional space will be appropriate, especially if there are several children in the family. A children’s room, combined with a loggia, requires careful planning, so the following ideas are often used:

  1. Arrange a play area for the child in the new area, placing there, for example, a dollhouse, boxes for storing toys and other elements.
  2. To free up space in the room, install a workplace on the combined loggia, that is, a table with a chair.
  3. Another interesting option is the sports corner. Set up a Swedish wall and primitive exercise equipment for a teenage child.

combining a bedroom with a loggia

Studio combined with a loggia

Walk, so walk, if the room is combined with the kitchen, then why not add a loggia there. The design of an apartment combined with a loggia can be made in different styles, and when arranging, you can use the following ideas:

  1. You can move the dining room to the loggia, freeing up space in the room, for example, for a sofa or a large bed.
  2. On the additional area you can put a sofa or armchairs.
  3. You can organize there an office, a library, a place to relax or even a mini gym.

children's united with a loggia


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