Colors for the bedroom — what color is better to choose for wallpaper, ceiling, furniture

Colors for the bedroom - what shades favorably affect our rest?

It has long been proven that the colors for the bedroom affect the quality and duration of sleep, the psychological and emotional state of a person. Choosing a shade for a rest room is not easy, it must match the personal preferences of the owners, fashion design trends and create a relaxing atmosphere.

What color should the bedroom be?

When deciding which color is best for the bedroom, it is important to pay attention to the size, height and shape of the room, its textile design, and the location of the room relative to the cardinal points. The design of the apartments needs to be planned in advance and together. The decoration of walls, ceiling, floor should match each other, and the palette of finishing materials, furniture upholstery, fabrics when decorating windows and bedspreads should be harmoniously combined.

What wallpaper color to choose for the bedroom?

When designing, it is advisable to take the advice of specialists. What wallpaper colors are suitable for the bedroom:

  1. The classic colors for the bedroom are pastel — beige, sand, milky white, ocher. You can complement them with shades of brown, coffee. A gentle range soothes, sets you up for relaxation, relieves stress, suitable for both spacious and modest rooms.
  2. beige wallpaper for the bedroom

  3. Many people like cold tones — gray, blue, green, aquamarine, pistachio, all shades of lilac. They are suitable for a sunny room, refreshing design.
  4. green wallpaper for the bedroom

  5. In spacious rooms, it is appropriate to apply a more juicy range — not too bright pink, peach, yellow, golden shades. They will fill the home with warmth and give a feeling of comfort.
  6. yellow wallpaper for bedroom

  7. You can use pure white, but diversify it with colorful decor and rich accents.
  8. white wallpaper for bedroom

bedroom ceiling color

The palette for finishing the top in the rest room should be selected so that the selected shades contribute to perfect sleep and relieve emotional stress. Suitable colors for the bedroom — ceiling:

  • sky blue;
  • beige;
  • white;
  • light green;
  • peach;
  • light pink.

They are unobtrusive and do not interfere with relaxation. The ceiling can be made matte or glossy; a two-level design with neon lighting looks attractive. To decorate the interior, you can make in the middle of the surface specific, rich accents in the form of a photograph, an original figure, a beautiful chandelier with multiple light bulbs. Along the edges, the ceiling is decorated with a cornice, spotlights.

bedroom ceiling color

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

When decorating the interior, it is desirable to use no more than three colors. First you need to decide on the main background (it must match the chosen design style), then choose the rest for decor, textiles and accents. The optimal combination of colors in the bedroom:

  1. White and bright accents — blue, pink, lilac, gray, black.
  2. white and lilac bedroom

  3. Beige looks advantageous with brown, white, green, black.
  4. beige and brown bedroom

  5. Orange and green, white, brown.
  6. orange green bedroom

  7. Blue or blue perfectly coexists with white, coral, silver.
  8. blue gray bedroom

  9. Green looks good with blue, white, brown.
  10. green and brown bedroom

  11. Purple and its shades are perfectly combined with olive, white, sand.
  12. purple olive bedroom

  13. A black background is an option for bold natures, it looks beautiful with purple, lilac, pink accents.
  14. black and pink bedroom

The best color for the bedroom

To design a rest room, it is important to decide correctly what color to paint the bedroom in so that the room does not make a heavy and depressing impression on the inhabitants. You can apply cold, warm, pastel colors, close in range or contrasting compositions. Basic colors for the bedroom set the overall atmosphere in the room, style and mood in the home.

Bedroom in white

The snow-white color for the bedroom will fill the room with a feeling of cleanliness, freshness. With such a finish, even the smallest room will seem spacious. This background is relevant at all times, easily combined with decor, other shades. The white room is suitable for any design — from classic to ultra-modern style, French Provence, Japanese minimalism.

For a comfortable stay in the room create accents. An easy way out is dark flooring, it will help to delineate the clear boundaries of the apartment. The accent wall above the bed looks beautiful in the form of photo wallpapers or decorated with paintings. Furniture in a white bedroom can be selected snow-white, wooden, or vice versa — from black forged metal, depending on the style of the interior. Beautiful textiles — delicate, bright or with an attractive print, combined with the same curtains will help create a harmonious interior.

bedroom in white

Bedroom in gray

Silver or gray color in the interior of the bedroom can be used as a background, it looks neutral and soothes. So that the room does not look gloomy, it is better to use a light palette, it will become an ideal basis for accents. You can make additional shades on pillows, in window textiles or furniture. Bright lighting looks beautiful in a silvery room.

The combination of gray with green, blue, purple looks best. The gray-black apartments look luxurious, this combination suits the modern high-tech style. The white tone will emphasize the gray background, making it more accentuated. Excessive amount of furniture in such rooms will be inappropriate. But to make an accent wall with a colorful composition of flowers or with the image of a black and white city is advisable in a modern interior.

bedroom in gray

Bedroom in green

The design of the bedroom in green evokes associations with nature, dense forests, lush grass, in such a room you can easily relax and rejuvenate. In addition to the main background, the interior should have two or three colors that will create halftones. As shades, you can use olive, yellow, emerald, malachite, pistachio color.

The furniture in such a room should be of a different color — white, it is advisable to use a black palette, but then the walls should have muted calm tones. A room with a green background in combination with furnishings made of natural wood breathes a special harmony. Curtains, decorative pillows, photo wallpapers depicting foliage, grass, needles, natural colors will complement such a natural interior.

bedroom in green

Bedroom in blue

The cold blue color in the interior of the bedroom will fill the apartment with freshness and weightlessness, make them visually more spacious, this tone allows you to embody any ideas for creating a romantic and airy design. In the room, you can use its different variations — dark (sea blue, rich ultramarine) or light (heavenly muffled, delicate turquoise).

Combinations with other scales will help to achieve an unusual effect — pink will bring retro notes to the room, and white will emphasize the charm of the blue background. Different drawings look beautiful on such a base — Gzhel, Damascus, Mediterranean, French motifs. You can pay attention to patterned wallpapers and textiles with images or lush draperies. If the blue room seems very cold, the celestial range can be combined with beige, brown — it will make the room warmer.

bedroom in blue

Bedroom in turquoise

When deciding how to choose a color for the bedroom, you can stand on turquoise. It is a derivative of blue and green colors. Bright turquoise colors for the bedroom are associated with the sea, relaxation on the azure coast, suitable for those who want to create an atmosphere of relaxation in the room. This range is not used to create monochrome interiors, it must be supplemented with other shades.

Turquoise looks great with a white tone — in such a room you can pick up wallpaper and textiles with snow-white ornaments or stripes, milky-colored furniture. A fashionable solution would be to highlight the walls with different canvases, monochrome, with a pattern or a different color. Warmer turquoise looks with a beige tone, and gray will make it even richer. Bright tones should not be combined with azure in the same interior, so that it does not look too colorful.

turquoise bedroom

Bedroom in lilac color

The design of the bedroom in lilac color will appeal to sophisticated and romantic natures. In a well-lit room, richer shades of purple are acceptable. For a room on the north side, it is better to choose a warm, muted lilac range. Purple is ideally combined with white, harmonizes well with gray and black. Blue or red can be included in the interior in the form of small fragments.

When using lilac for the bedroom as a background, it is not necessary to paste over all the walls with the same wallpaper — at the doors, in niches, you can use darker canvases, and decorate a beautiful patterned surface behind the bed or use photo wallpaper so as not to oversaturate the apartment with purple. A lilac room will look beautiful, complemented by textiles on furniture and curtains with white or golden ornaments.

lilac bedroom

Bedroom in red

When deciding which colors to use for the bedroom, you can stop at the red color scheme, it will help make it bright and emotional. In such an interior, it is important to ensure the harmony of the palette and combination of tones. In its pure form, red color is not recommended, the most popular option: white walls and scarlet details — curtains, bed covers, furniture.

If a red background of the walls is used, then it is better to use a more muted shade — burgundy, brick. Another option is to paint only one surface in a bright tone, as a rule, this is the area at the head of the bed. The monotony of the interior is optional; walls and textiles with patterns and ornaments look beautiful in it. Red and black design suits hot and very active people.

bedroom in red

Pistachio color in the interior of the bedroom

The beautiful pistachio shade, named after the Mediterranean nut, made a splash in interior design. He owes his popularity to ambiguity — in any light, the color does not change the intensity and brightness. A bedroom in pistachio looks fresh, this color scheme is pleasing to the eye. The color scheme can be made dominant by using muted shades, diluted with more saturated lime accents in the form of rugs, bed pillows, curtains.

Pistachio color goes well with white, yellow, orange, even black. You can combine it with several tones of green at once in one room; gilding will emphasize such luxury. Any furniture is suitable for the room — made of natural wood, bamboo, the light green palette in plastic and gloss looks harmonious, goes well with chrome parts.

pistachio color in the interior of the bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom Color Rules

According to ancient Chinese science, the color of a bedroom in Feng Shui depends on the direction in which the room is located. In addition, the design does not allow the presence of bright, saturated colors, muted tones are used to create a relaxing atmosphere. Feng Shui bedroom color tips:

  1. For a room in the southeast or east, the best option would be a green color scheme, symbolizing the energy of the Tree;
  2. The design of rooms in the southwest or northeast should be kept in brown, ocher tones, characteristic of the elements of the Earth;
  3. For a room with a southern location, a red finish, symbolizing Fire, is suitable;
  4. The rooms on the north side should be decorated in blue in combination with similar shades characteristic of the element of Water;
  5. In the rooms of the northwestern or western direction, white, silver, gray shades should be used.

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