Coffee tables for the living room

Despite the name, modern coffee tables are not only furniture for comfortable reading of newspapers and magazines. They are easy to turn into a mini-library, a stand for a flower arrangement, even into a beautiful and rather large dining table, especially if we are dealing with versatile items with a transformation mechanism. It is clear that the variety confuses users a little when buying, making it difficult to choose. To facilitate the task, we will present here the most common types of coffee tables with a description of their main differences.

Choosing a coffee table for the living room

  1. Small dining table. You will not find any fashionable innovations in the design of such a table. The tabletop has the usual round, rectangular or oval shape. This furniture does not have sliding mechanisms or adjustable legs; its only difference from the kitchen table is its miniature size.
  2. Classic coffee table for working with the press. This type of furniture is a more comfortable item for comfortable reading of magazines, newspapers or books. They are equipped with drawers, shelves, various devices for writing instruments or laptops. Such rectangular or oval coffee tables for the living room can be of different colors — white, beige, brown, wenge. They look great in this space.
  3. Matryoshka table. In fact, this is a whole set of tables that have a similar design, but different sizes. This design allows you to install them in the form of a kind of cascade or arrange them around the room, using them as completely separate elements of the interior.
  4. Transformer. Transformer coffee tables for the living room in high-tech or modern style are extremely popular. Some products easily change the height of the legs, while others can pull out small shelves, turning them into coasters for wine glasses or glasses. The third tables are generally a miracle of technology, they change at will all the parameters — the height, the area of ​​​​the tabletop and its shape. You can install transformers in the office, living room and even in the dining room, where they will help to cope with a large influx of guests.

There are less common types of coffee tables for the living room that are also suitable for the home — a display table, a stand table, various types of decorative tables that look more like museum pieces. But you always need to choose furniture based on the specific features of your room, budget and style, so that in pursuit of beauty and unusual design you don’t make mistakes when buying.

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