Chester sofa — what is it, main characteristics, history, occurrence, what types are there?


Chester sofa - what is it, main characteristics, history, occurrence, what types are there?

A sofa is an integral part of many rooms. It helps to accommodate several people in a room, while taking up little space. Among the variety of well-known options, the Chester sofa stands out, which, due to its design, belongs to the elite types and looks harmonious in most interiors.

What is a chester sofa?

Having seen such furniture once, it is difficult to forget and confuse it with other models. The chester sofa, thanks to its presentability and sleekness, has not lost popularity among furniture makers all over the world for several centuries. Its design is a classic that has not changed for a long time. Initially, it was only one sofa, and now a whole collection of furniture is being produced under this name. Designs are made in different formats. The upholstery can be not only leather, but also fabric of different colors and compositions.

The unique way of upholstery is called «carriage tie». At the chester sofa, it is done almost by hand, which improves the quality of work. Each furniture factory has its own production variations, but they all have certain common features:

  • the presence of a special angle of inclination of the back and armrests;
  • elastic upholstery in the form of rhombuses.

Chester sofa — characteristics

This piece of furniture appeared in the 18th century. Thanks to its shape, it looked great in the English interiors of that time. Gradually, the model was improved, but the external differences with the original version are minimal. The Chesterfield sofa is endowed with the following characteristics:

  1. Stitch in the form of rhombuses. In the first versions, horsehair was used to securely fix the filler, and the resulting recesses were closed with beautiful buttons. Currently, this technique is called «carriage coupler».
  2. The armrests and backrest are made at the same height and at the same time the same thickness.
  3. In modern models, the legs are neat and almost invisible.
  4. The armrests are presented in the form of rolled scrolls; in addition, they decorate the back of the sofa.
  5. Original upholstery — natural or synthetic leather.

modern chester sofa

Chester sofa — history

This model has existed for a very long time and there are no opinions about who exactly created it. According to one version, the designer is a furniture maker from England, Chesterfield, who introduced the product at the end of the 13th century. Others claim that the furniture is named after the Earl of Chesterfield, who proposed the design. In addition, there is a version that the chesterfield sofa was named after the county in England.

All this only confirms the English origin of the furniture. The model was a pioneer in the use of springs in such products. At that time, such a production method was not even patented and was used extremely rarely. The greatest popularity came to the model at the beginning of the 20th century. Now many furniture factories offer a wide range of such furniture.

Modern chester sofa

The classic version was covered with leather in natural shades: the color of clay, sand or evening greenery. Later, chesterfield sofas began to be made with fabric upholstery in different colors. In addition, modern models have the following differences:

  • rather «chubby» armrests;
  • low landing;
  • smooth seats;
  • corner options;
  • the difference in the height of the armrests and back;
  • legs have become higher;
  • lack of scroll armrests;
  • addition of smooth pillows.

Types of chester sofas

These models are in great demand in different styles. Thanks to this, the furniture is made in a variety of options. According to the design, the chester sofa is white or any other shade can be:

  • direct;
  • corner;
  • with ottoman;
  • with sleeping area.

The color of the material can be varied, solid or patterned. The following division occurs according to the upholstery material:

  • leather sofa chester;
  • velor;
  • fabric;
  • plush;
  • eco leather.

Straight chester sofa

The most common type of upholstered furniture. The size can be designed for two or three places. A straight chester sofa looks strict, beautiful and presentable; it will fit into the design of a living room, hallway or office. Currently, this version of furniture is available in different sizes and modifications:

  • three-seater chester sofa;
  • not a folding option;
  • retractable chesterfield.

straight chester sofa

Chester corner sofa

Such furniture is more functional. With its help, it is easy to achieve the desired comfort, in addition, there are niches for storing things. It is important to remember that such furniture cannot look harmonious in a minimalist style. Chester corner sofa in beige or another shade can be produced with or without a folding bed. It all depends on the preferences of the future owner and his financial capabilities, because the first option is more expensive than the second.

Chester corner sofa

Chester sofa with ottoman

Such an addition is suitable for those who like not only to sit, but also to lie on such furniture. The ottoman is like a long pouffe, the top of which is trimmed, like the back of the structure. It can complement both a straight and a corner chester style sofa. It is easily separated if necessary when transporting or moving furniture around the apartment. The rectangular ottoman has a compartment that can be filled with bedding. In addition to this design, a round version is also available.

chester sofa with ottoman

Sofa chester with a berth

This model is endowed with a mechanism for unfolding or pushing forward. The advantage of this design is a comfortable and even place to sleep. The chester sofa bed is endowed with an orthopedic mattress that will make your rest quality and comfortable for daily sleep. The unfolding design is convenient for small spaces, and a durable frame can withstand constant loads without losing elasticity. An additional advantage of the folding option is the lack of movement of the structure along the floor, which will preserve its integrity.

sleeper chester sofa

Chester sofa — dimensions

Due to the great popularity of furniture has a wide variety of options for appearance and shape. You can choose a small model that fits perfectly into a small room, and a folding chester sofa will become a convenient place for spending time with the whole company. Modern manufacturers produce chester sofas of different widths. Today on sale you can find the following popular options:

  • small single — 110 cm;
  • Chester sofa double — 144, 164 and 184 cm;
  • triple — 208 or 224 cm.

Chester sofa in the interior

The unique property of such furniture is its appearance, thanks to which it can be placed in the center of any room, giving it the effect of originality. The main thing when choosing is the upholstery material and its color. Depending on the appearance, a fabric or leather chester sofa can be used as follows:

  1. In the interior of a strict office or study, leather and its analogues will look good. The main thing is that the color is dark.
  2. sofa chester in the interior of the office

  3. A light-colored sofa will gracefully fit into the bedroom.
  4. light chester sofa in the interior of the bedroom

  5. A bright chester sofa in the interior of the living room will become the main element of the interior.
  6. bright chester sofa in the interior

  7. In a small room it is better to choose furniture to match.
  8. Chester sofa in the interior of a small room

  9. The chocolate sofa will be harmoniously combined with different shades, creating original ensembles.
  10. chocolate chester sofa in the interior

  11. In a wooden country house, a sofa with fabric upholstery would be appropriate.
  12. Chester sofa in the country

  13. Modern models are suitable even for the original loft style.
  14. Chester sofa in loft style

  15. Bright models fit into the direction of fusion.
  16. Chester fusion sofa

  17. The black and white living room is complemented by a black leather sofa.
  18. Chester sofa in black and white living room

  19. Mediterranean design can be complemented with yellow furniture.
  20. mediterranean style with chesterfield sofa

Do-it-yourself chester sofa

When it is difficult to find a suitable option on the market or it is too expensive, you can try to create it yourself. The technology for making a chester sofa in green or another color is simple and can be done by many people. It is important to choose the right tree, which must be durable. In addition, you need to have tools for work and purchase the following materials:

  • plywood;
  • beam;
  • filler;
  • foam rubber;
  • fabric or leather.

The chester sofa is assembled in the following steps:

  1. Focusing on the drawings, cut out all the details.
  2. They are assembled together, connecting with bolts and other fasteners. It is important that the resulting structure is stable and durable.
  3. The next step is upholstery. When doing this for the first time, it is recommended to practice on a piece of plywood. The filler is applied to the armrests, backrest and on the lower part under the seat.
  4. The diamond-shaped screed blank is prepared separately. Foam rubber is glued onto the material, a rhombus blank is created, and a drawing is made on its basis. Highlight the places where the buttons will be, make shallow holes there.
  5. Stretch the foam rubber on the base frame. Better to use two layers.
  6. Buttons are sewn to the marked places and stretched with the help of cords.
  7. All cords are fixed on the back with a construction stapler.
  8. Finally, upholstery covers the back of the sofa.


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