Carpet in the children’s room on the floor for a girl, a boy


Carpet in the children's room - how to choose the right floor island for a child?

A beautiful and high-quality carpet in a children’s bedroom must be selected carefully; in a modern home, this item performs a number of important functions. It is an interior decoration, a heat-insulating coating, a place for games and even a teaching aid, which helps to quickly develop a child’s imagination and useful skills.

Children’s floor carpets

Proper design of a child’s bedroom is not an easy and responsible task. It is highly not recommended to buy such an important interior detail as a children’s carpet on the floor without a serious approach and a comprehensive discussion among the family. Now there are many types of flooring, but not all of them are well suited for the baby’s room. Be sure to pay attention not only to the design of the rug, but also to its other characteristics.

What to consider when buying a carpet for a nursery:

  1. The composition from which the coating is made.
  2. Simplicity and ease of cleaning.
  3. Thickness of pile.
  4. The softness and slipperiness of the carpet — these factors directly affect the safety of your child.
  5. The size and shape of the rug.
  6. The price of a new carpet in the nursery.

Children’s wool carpets

Traditionally, wool is always in a price, but is it worth buying a carpet for the floor in a children’s room from this delicate and expensive material? Outwardly, it looks chic, in the interior it looks stylish, but it has a high cost. Do not forget that babies, especially in the first months and years of life, treat expensive things far from the way their adult and experienced parents do. For them, any furnishings are potential toys that can be used in their games.

Advantages of wool carpets:

  1. Wool warms well, pleasant to the touch, is a completely natural material.
  2. Woolen carpet, with proper and careful care, can last for decades.
  3. You can easily find a woolen carpet for the nursery in any design.
  4. Wool does not ignite well.
  5. The color of the wool pile does not fade in the sun.

Disadvantages of wool flooring:

  1. It is undesirable to purchase a woolen rug for a family in which there are people prone to allergies.
  2. This material is capable of accumulating static electricity.
  3. Wool is afraid of moths and dampness, and may suffer from mold.
  4. In rooms with small children, rugs get dirty quickly, and for woolen carpets, only dry cleaning is recommended, they should not be washed frequently with water.
  5. Products made from this material are much more expensive than synthetic counterparts.

Children's wool carpets

Children’s natural cotton carpets

Unlike wool, cotton does not cause allergies, it is a completely safe and environmentally friendly substance. It is delicate to the touch, paints well, there is a large selection of rugs from this material in any design. With regular vacuuming, the coating retains a presentable appearance for a long time. If we choose a carpet for a nursery, then we need to take into account the increased rate of soiling of the flooring in this room and some of the disadvantages of cotton.

Disadvantages of children’s cotton carpet

  1. Children’s bedrooms are at increased risk for tough stains, and cotton doesn’t respond well to chemical cleaners.
  2. Cotton rugs fade faster in the sun.
  3. This material quickly absorbs water, spilled juices and other drinks.
  4. Many cotton rugs are made with an adhesive backing that deforms when washed.
  5. The service life of the cotton cover is relatively short.

Children's natural cotton carpets

Carpets for children — viscose

The main advantage of viscose is its low price, it is not a pity to throw away an old rug made of this material and replace it with a new coating. Children’s carpets and runners made by processing cellulose do not wrinkle, serve normally in rooms with heavy traffic, and are not inferior to silk products in terms of decorative qualities. Viscose does not suffer from moths, does not electrify and does not cause allergic reactions.

Disadvantages of viscose carpets:

  1. Viscose is afraid of fire and high temperatures, it can not be used near heating appliances.
  2. This material is relatively slippery, it must be firmly fixed to the floor.
  3. Under the influence of moisture, viscose loses its decorative effect, the pile changes shape.
  4. It is possible to fully clean this coating from complex contaminants only in dry cleaning.
  5. In cheap products, pile often begins to crumble during operation.

Carpets for children - viscose

Children’s carpets with pile

Beautiful and soft children’s carpets with long pile like kids, they are warm and better protect children from colds while playing on the floor. Over time, shaggy paths begin to cause problems, small toys often get stuck in them, and daily cleaning becomes a problem. For a child from 3 years old, it is more practical to lay carpets with a pile of medium height in the room.

Children's carpets with pile

Children’s carpet made of polypropylene

Polypropylene products are the easiest to clean, this material does not absorb moisture and does not let dirt in, so it is well cleaned during dry cleaning. The next good qualities of these tracks and rugs are cheapness, hypoallergenicity, resistance to fungi and insects. Polypropylene can be dyed in different colors, it makes a bright and beautiful children’s puzzle carpet, which kids like a lot and looks great in the interior.

Disadvantages of polypropylene flooring:

  1. This material cannot be called completely environmentally friendly.
  2. Near fire, when heated above 150 ° C, polypropylene begins to melt quickly.
  3. These carpets must not be knocked out from dust on the crossbeams, under blows they lose their shape.
  4. Relatively short service life.
  5. Polypropylene rugs under the weight of heavy furniture are deformed without recovery.
  6. This material is a poor insulator from the cold.

Children's carpet made of polypropylene

Carpet on the wall in the nursery

Homespun or oriental carpets on the walls were an indispensable element of the interior. Now more industrial or minimalist style is in fashion, more often the room is decorated exclusively with wallpaper or decorative plaster. In a child’s room, rugs can be used as a bright detail that can replace a picture or a modern panel, make the atmosphere visually warmer, homely and more comfortable.

When considering which carpets are best for children to buy for the home, try to choose patterns and colors that go well with other decor items and furniture. A canvas in aggressive and catchy shades can narrow the space, for a small room it is better to find a cover in soothing pastel colors. It is more rational to decorate dark walls with carpets in variegated colors, preferring a red, orange or blue palette.

Carpet on the wall in the nursery

Carpet in the children’s room — design

In a room, a rug can be a central or accent detail, or it can remain inconspicuous, albeit an important part of the interior for a child. When choosing a product design, we try to fit it into the overall style of the environment. For example, in a room with blue walls, a nautical-style carpet for the nursery looks great. If you need a neutral option, then buy beige or gray products. Universal patterns are geometric stripes, polka dots, intricate patterns in oriental style.

Round carpet for the nursery

Round rugs in the nursery visually smooth out the corners, give the atmosphere a harmonious look, make it more refined. A large size cover is conveniently placed in the living room or hallway; it will not fit in the child’s bedroom. It is more convenient here to use small round products that take up space near the crib or table under the baby’s feet. Children’s carpet «Classics» or «Town» is not suitable for this format. There are many stories on other interesting topics — birds, a rainbow, the sun, a green lawn.

Round carpet for the nursery

Children’s oval carpet

An oval rug can occupy almost the entire floor space in a room; its shape allows you to bring notes of softness and homeliness into a modern setting. Children’s rugs with large rounded sizes are able to zone the room. By placing them in a certain place in space, parents clearly distinguish between a place for playing, relaxing and studying. It is good when there are other objects with rounded outlines in the environment — an arched doorway, an oval central part of a false ceiling, a countertop and other pieces of furniture.

Children's oval carpet

Children’s carpet town

Wanting to please the baby, buy him not a simple rug for his bedroom, but a bright play surface with a real painted map of a beautiful residential area. You can pick up a children’s carpet for the girl «Town» with colorful houses, flowering gardens, original fairy-tale inhabitants. Boys prefer images of modern industrial villages with straight streets, squares and bridges, where it is more convenient to play with models of cars or trucks.

Children's carpet town

Children’s carpet with roads

Solving the problem of decorating a boy’s room, buy an interesting children’s play carpet with a road in this room. It is convenient to arrange toy races on it, build houses from a designer and cubes, and place marching armies of soldiers. For active fun, it is advisable to look for a coating with increased wear resistance, it is better to opt for polyamide or polypropylene rugs that have an affordable price.

Children's carpet with roads

Children’s 3d carpet

Modern design children’s carpets 3d allow children to immerse themselves even more in the magical world of story games during their fun. This original coating is applied not a simple flat drawing, but a three-dimensional picture, realistically resembling the outlines of streets, silhouettes of houses, paths or trees. On the carpet in the nursery, the 3d effect is realized due to the different pile heights. In places where paths or freeways are located, it is of minimum length. The relief image of lawns, squares or other protruding objects is obtained due to the high and dense pile.

Options for 3d carpet in the nursery:

  1. Doll houses with beds, lockers and other furniture.
  2. Floor imitation of a large comfortable residential complex for toys.
  3. Carpet in the style of traffic — a three-dimensional and colored drawing of a microdistrict with freeways and houses.
  4. A 3d rug in the form of a three-dimensional map — differs from the previous version in a large scale, reminiscent of a colorful magical land with rivers, lakes, forests and residential areas.

Children's 3d carpet

Children’s carpet rainbow

The rainbow theme is often used in the design of wall and floor carpets. It can be expressed in many ways — alternating colorful stripes, multi-colored balls, a kaleidoscope of colored squares or hearts. Bright elements decorating the children’s crawling carpet enhance the mood, set the baby up for the game. Deciding to place a rainbow rug in the interior of the child’s bedroom, we select the rest of the furnishings in a predominantly neutral color. Using this technique gives the eyes the opportunity to rest.

Children's carpet rainbow

Children’s carpet with cars

Tigers, lions, dogs, cats and bunnies began to be crowded by Disney characters. The characters of the cartoon «Cars» won the hearts of many kids. Photos of the Lightning McQueen car are now actively used on posters, toys, T-shirts and other items. Children’s carpets for boys, exactly following the contours of bright toy cars, as if descended from movie screens, are very popular. If your little son is in love with the characters of this cartoon, then he will definitely like the rug with the image of the popular red car with the number 95.

Children's carpet with cars


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