Carpet for the children’s room of a boy, a girl

Carpet for a nursery - how to choose high-quality material and the right design?

No matter how hard parents try to teach their child to play at the table, the average child spends most of the time on the floor: somersaults, plays, reads, or just dreams. So that such a pastime does not cause health problems, the carpet for the nursery should be chosen slowly and competently.

What carpet is best for a nursery?

The modern carpet market pleases the eye with a huge variety of floor coverings. With a high pile and lint-free, completely natural and with a different percentage of synthetic fibers, flashy bright and soft pastel — how to choose a carpet for a nursery and not make a mistake? The following algorithm will help with this:

  1. Natural or synthetic? Carpets can be made from wool and synthetic fibers. Completely natural carpet is rare, more often we are talking about one or another amount of woolen fibers in its composition. The more of them, the more expensive the coating will cost, but it will not necessarily be better. First, over time, dust mites can multiply inside it. Secondly, wool itself is a strong allergen. Therefore, it is better to buy synthetic carpet for a nursery. It is easier to care for, hypoallergenic, lasts longer and retains colors.
  2. Solid color or patterned? No matter how neat the mistress of the house imagines herself to be, children will question her ability to maintain perfect cleanliness. Crumbs, plasticine, paints and felt-tip pens will inevitably leave a mark on all surfaces of the children’s room and the floor will not be an exception. From this point of view, a delicate pastel carpet for a nursery is not a good idea. A coating with a pattern will show itself much more appropriate and practical, on which spots will not be so noticeable.
  3. Long pile or smooth? Walking on a soft fluffy carpet is much more pleasant than on a smooth one, but safety and practicality issues come to the fore in the issue of arranging a nursery. So that small legs do not get tangled in the coating, the length of the pile should not exceed one centimeter, and it is better to choose a loop pile rather than a split type.

Carpet in the children’s room

Having decided on the issues of composition and quality, it’s time to think about the design and choose a carpet with a children’s pattern to the delight of the child. Such a coating will contribute to the development of the baby’s imagination, become part of his games and set the general tone for the room. Do not be afraid that the coating will get bored — given the difficult operating conditions, the child will “grow out” of it around the time it comes into complete or partial disrepair.

Children’s carpet with roads

Knowing nothing about gender stereotypes, boys and girls equally love to roll cars and strollers. Therefore, a children’s carpet with a road will be in demand in a child’s room of any gender. On a neutral (most often gray) background, there is a whole network of roads with gas stations, pizzerias and other attributes of transport routes. The length of the villi does not exceed 4 mm, and the pile itself has the shape of loops.

children's carpet with roads

Children’s carpet with cats

A rare child is able to indifferently pass by a cute fluffy kitten and will only be glad if the carpet in his room is decorated with the image of these animals. The Belarusian carpet «Cat and Mouse» not only fully meets all the requirements of how to choose a carpet for a nursery, but also fits into almost any interior without any problems. And funny pictures from the life of eternal opponents cheer up both children and adults.

children's carpet with cats

Children’s carpet «Town»

A carpet with a children’s drawing «Town» will help organize a thousand and one interesting games. It is produced in several color options: houses, roads, railway stations, hospitals, parking lots, lakes and parks can be drawn on the basis of gray, blue, green or even pink. The length of the loop pile is from 4 to 6 mm.

children's carpet town

Carpet for children «Megapolis»

Residents of large cities will seem much closer in spirit to another kind of carpet-card — the coverage of «Megapolis». As in the previous case, it is a carpet for a nursery with a looped low pile, decorated with an image of residential areas, but not one-story, but high-rise. When deciding which carpet is best for a nursery, it is almost impossible to pass by this coverage.

carpet children's metropolis

What carpet to choose for the nursery?

When choosing a carpet or carpet for a nursery, it is worth taking into account not only considerations of hygiene and injury risk, but also safety for the child’s psyche. To a greater extent, this concerns the choice of colors, because it is not known that it has the ability to influence mood, well-being and performance. For example, acidic flashy colors can overload the psyche, causing feelings of irritation, fatigue, or aggression. Therefore, when choosing a carpet for a nursery, it is better to give preference to the most calm colors.

Bright play surfaces (“Town”, “Roads” and others), although they are in themselves a good way to entertain a child, get bored over time. It makes sense to use such carpets in the design of rooms for kids of kindergarten or primary school age. For older children, it is better to cover the floor with something more neutral-universal, for example, a solid color or with an abstract pattern.

Carpet in the children’s room for a boy

Considering children’s carpets for a boy, you should give preference to traditional male colors: various shades of blue, gray, green or brown. In almost any boyish interior, a carpet for a nursery in the form of a football lawn or decorated in a marine theme will be appropriate. A win-win solution for a boy of any age will be a carpet with an abstract geometric pattern.

carpet for kids room

Carpet in the children’s room for a girl

Thinking through the design of the bedroom for your beloved princess, it is difficult to resist the temptation to make everything around pink. But do not go to extremes, a children’s carpet for a girl does not have to evoke associations with cakes and pastries. In the baby’s room, you can cover the floor with cartoon characters, and for a schoolgirl, a carpet with flowers or abstraction will be more appropriate.

carpet for a girl's nursery

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