Boys Room Interior — Fresh Creative Ideas


Boys Room Interior - Fresh Creative Ideas

For any parent, decorating a beautiful interior for a boy’s room is an interesting and troublesome business at the same time. After all, a nursery is not only a functional room for sleeping and studying, it is also a small child’s own world where he can dream, play, communicate with friends, and create.

Interior design of a children’s room for a boy

The design of the bedroom will depend on the shape and size of the room, the age of the child, and the circle of his interests. For example, the design of a small room for a boy includes only the most necessary furniture, and in a spacious room you can equip a full-fledged play area, a sports area, and a place to relax. Depending on the age, the decor of the room also varies greatly.

Interior of a room for a newborn boy

Obviously, the interior of a room for a newborn boy should not be decorated in a specific theme, because the baby does not yet have formed interests. The main thing is that he was comfortable in his bedroom. The modern design of the boy’s room is made in light neutral colors with bright accents in the form of pictures on the wallpaper, eye-catching stickers.

With the help of color schemes, it is better to divide the room: make the play area brighter, and the place to sleep in soothing colors. The crib must be purchased from natural wood, the baby will also need a playpen, a closet for toys, a changing table. For a newborn, diffused lighting is used; it is better to hang thick curtains and transparent tulle in the room.

baby boy room interior

Boy schoolboy room interior

The design of a room for a boy of 7 years old is different from a room for kids. At this age, the child still spends time in games, but he already has some responsibilities, for example, to do homework. An important point in the design of the room will be its division into training and play areas. To do this, you can use partitions, sliding doors, shelving.

It is better to choose furniture “for growth”: a transforming table with adjustable height and tilt of the tabletop, a chair with a lifting seat. In the workplace you need to organize good lighting. The play area is designed according to the interests of the child. It can be equipped with:

  • easel;
  • magnetic board;
  • sports corner with wall bars;
  • basketball hoop;
  • climbing wall.

boy schoolboy room interior

Design of a room for two boys

The interior of the children’s room for two boys is designed in accordance with the interests of each inhabitant, it has a sleeping and play area. The working area should be equipped and allocated for each inhabitant — comfortable furniture in accordance with age, maximum lighting and a calm environment will guarantee a successful learning process. In the corner, in addition to the common shelving, individual shelves and drawers should be provided — the brothers will have personal toys or books. A place to sleep can be made common, for this they use these types of beds:

  • two-story;
  • withdrawable;
  • lifting models.

room design for two boys

Interior of a teenage room for a boy

Young men replace the children’s environment with a more adult one. The design of a teenage room for a boy is made in a simple style with the addition of extraordinary details. The bed is selected concise, with drawers, it is better to use a built-in wardrobe. Young people like racks that they decorate with cups and awards. A computer desk by the window is a must-have piece of furniture. Posters, photos, posters with musicians, athletes will become an interior decoration. One wall can be made accent, primary colors:

  • grey;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • green.

interior of a teenage room for a boy

Style of a children’s room for a boy

The design of a children’s bedroom looks more attractive if it is decorated in a certain theme. For kids, the heroes of fairy tales and cartoons are an integral part of life, they want to see them in the interior of their room. A teenager boy’s room in different interior styles, for example, loft, minimalism or high-tech, will look more adult. Each type of design has features when choosing colors, furniture, and decor. When decorating a bedroom, the following are popular:

  • marine design;
  • pirate themes;
  • sport;
  • cars.

Children’s room in a marine style for a boy

A romantic nautical theme will appeal to a child who dreams of adventure. The walls of such a bedroom can be covered with wallpaper with images of ships, underwater landscapes. A nautical-style room for a boy is decorated in the colors of the blue ocean, blue sky, white foam. Additionally, turquoise, red, coral, sand, brown are used.

Furniture in the marine bedroom is selected in a brown or white palette. It is better to buy a bed that resembles a boat or a ship, or a bunk bed with a beautiful deck; it is appropriate to hang a hammock in the play area. For decor, you can use:

  • shells;
  • corals;
  • models of yachts and ships;
  • compass, barometer, binoculars;
  • Lifebuoy;
  • geographical maps, globe.

children's room in a marine style for a boy

Children’s room for a boy in a modern style

The room for a boy in a modern style looks laconic, it stands out for its simplicity of form, purity of colors, and ergonomic design. In addition to traditional materials, plastic, eco-leather, safety glass are widely used in it. You can decorate the interior of a modern room for a boy in gray, silver, milky, pale blue, adding brightness — use panels in the form of geometric shapes, polyhedrons, spirals, photo wallpapers on one wall.

Furniture items in the room should be minimized — retractable systems, transformers, a strict sleeping place or a folding sofa are relevant. In addition to a comfortable bed, a modern desk and a work chair with ascetic upholstery, the bedroom should have sections for storing books and trifles, ergonomic built-in wardrobes, and hidden drawers.

children's room for a boy in a modern style

Children’s room for a boy in Scandinavian style

It is advisable to decorate the interior of a small room for a boy in a Scandinavian style, such a bedroom is filled with light, it looks more spacious. The walls in it are painted with white paint, covered with wallpaper or wooden clapboard in snow-white color. For decoration, you can use vinyl stickers in the form of raindrops, boats, Christmas trees, animals.

Bright furniture will look fun on a white background. It should be made of natural wood and have concise forms. For the bedroom, the following decor items are suitable:

  • multicolor curtains and bedspreads;
  • colorful rugs;
  • toys;
  • colorful baskets or pockets for storing things.

children's room for a boy in scandinavian style

Loft-style boy’s room

A loft-style children’s room for a boy attracts with an abundance of light and space. The walls of such a bedroom are decorated in white, beige, gray, burgundy tones. It is appropriate to decorate one of them with brickwork, hang a world map on it or use graffiti, posters, luminous letters, stars, arrows. Road signs, car wheels, even a real bicycle will come in handy as wall decor.

It is better to choose a bed from metal pipes; you can use old chests to store toys. Much attention is paid to lighting. The style is characterized by the following details:

  • industrial hanging chandeliers on chains;
  • lamps with fans;
  • light bulbs on wires;
  • hanging rocking chair;
  • climbing wall.

boy's room in loft style

Children’s room in space style for a boy

The room for a boy in space style looks bewitching. The right mood is created by the color scheme of the room — purple, silver-steel, blue, white. The ceiling is decorated with luminous stickers or paints, neon lights, spotlights, with the help of which the starry sky or galactic clusters are recreated on it.

On the walls, you can use fluorescent wallpaper or complement the background with funny drawings with rockets, flying saucers, aliens, wonderful views of the Earth. It is advisable to decorate the interior with portholes, it is better to equip individual pieces of furniture (for example, a bed) in the form of parts of a spaceship. Pictures with landscapes from alien planets, photographs from orbit will complement the mysterious design.

children's room in space style for a boy

Room for a boy in a football style

The interior of a children’s room for a 10-year-old boy who loves to kick the ball with friends in the yard can be decorated in a football style. It is easy to decorate the walls in the colors of his favorite team, if they are too bright — decorate the accent part of the room in this way, decorate the rest of the surfaces in a neutral palette. You can draw markings on the floor or use a green carpet.

It is appropriate to decorate the bedroom with posters depicting football players or emblems of famous sports clubs. On cabinets, bedside tables, you can use black and white markings, decorate one of the walls with a goal net. Bedding with the image of the stadium, logos of sports teams, a pillow and a bean bag in the form of a soccer ball will be a worthy addition to such a nursery.

boy room in football style

Teen boy room in retro style

The interior of a room for a boy in a retro style is decorated with furniture and interesting little things from the 50s and 60s of the last century:

  • solid wooden chairs;
  • deep armchairs;
  • dressers;
  • curved nightstands;
  • steel beds;
  • black and white photographs;
  • table lamp on a brass leg;
  • wooden horse;
  • abacus;
  • records.

Such an interior is suitable for a narrow children’s room for a boy, since it is decorated in light pastel colors using large retro patterns — polka dots, zigzags, stripes of different widths, chevrons in the children’s bedroom look bright and appropriate. The best addition to a pastel background will be orange, aquamarine, raspberry, golden, green.

retro teen boy room

Children’s room for a boy in a classic style

The interior design of a children’s room for a boy in a classic style is always in fashion. It is based on light pastel colors — white, beige, light brown, pale green. Bright shades are used as accents in the form of curtains, paintings, bedspreads, pillows, rugs. It is better to paste over the walls of such a bedroom with wallpaper with a pattern of a small flower, a cage, a strip.

The ceiling can be decorated with stucco, rosette, chandelier. The classic interior of a boy’s room needs to be supplemented with a strict wooden or metal bed with a simple headboard. The rest of the furniture may be as follows:

  1. Stationary wardrobe with hinged doors, open shelves and carved doors.
  2. Table.
  3. Chest of drawers with graceful legs, embossed facades.
  4. Chair with a figured back and a soft upholstery.

children's room for a boy in a classic style

Room for a boy in a pirate style

Designing a boy’s room in a pirate-style apartment will help create an atmosphere of exciting sea adventures in the bedroom. To do this, the walls in the room need to be decorated with thematic scenes — depict a sailing ship with a captain or a treasure island. Mandatory decor elements of such a room:

  • pirate flag with crossed daggers;
  • wooden steering wheel;
  • chest for things;
  • marine compass;
  • Spyglass.

It will look good pillows in the form of a lifebuoy, curtains draped like half sails, a floor carpet with a map of a buried treasure. The color scheme is preferably blue-white with splashes of red and brown. The interior of the room for a boy in a pirate style should be supplemented with a bed in the form of a wooden ship with a mast and sides.

boy's room in pirate style


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