blue color in the interior

Blue is the most popular cold color among designers. It is considered the color of eternity, peace, carelessness and peace. Blue has many shades, among which the most popular are light blue or blue, azure, deep indigo and aquamarine.

From the point of view of psychology, the blue color in the interior has a relaxing, calming effect, but it is contraindicated for melancholic people, since a long stay in an interior made in blue tones can cause depression.

The combination of blue in the interior

Blue has many shades and with the right balance can be combined with any color. However, there are four classic combinations of blue in the interior — with white, with yellow, with red and with green.

The combination of blue and white is considered a nautical theme. Therefore, you can safely add mother-of-pearl, coral, golden elements to it. The interior in blue and white colors is relaxing, moderately austere and conducive to relaxation.

The interior in yellow-blue and blue-red tones is a combination of warmth and cold, peace and activity. He will not let you fall into melancholy, on the one hand, calming, and on the other hand, encouraging and making bright accents, bringing colors to everyday life.

The combination of blue and green is a classic and conservatism. Such a tandem always looks advantageous, beautiful and expensive, but the blue-green “cold” interior needs to be diluted with light warm tones, otherwise it will seem too gloomy.

Blue room interior

blue living room

A blue living room is a great color scheme for people with large friendly families who like to get together on weekends and holidays. For the interior of the living room, it is better to choose deep blue or blue-green tones. They are quite conservative and are liked by almost everyone and are conducive to relaxed communication.

Bathroom design in blue

A bathroom in blue is quite common, as blue is associated with water. The bathroom is a place of solitude, here you can «escape» from household chores and devote some time only to yourself. That is why a bathroom in blue always looks appropriate and good, but only in combination with warm colors, otherwise it will give the impression of cold.

Bedroom in blue

Bedroom design in blue is also quite common, especially among people living in the city. A bedroom in blue will help them relax after a busy day and “move away” from stress. If you want your bedroom to have a sense of peace, freedom and lightness, decorate it in blue and white tones, adding bright details like red curtains and colored pillows.

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