Black and white living room

black and white living room

No wonder they say that opposites attract! Designers embodied this saying in their own way, combining black and white in one room. The result is stunning!

A black and white living room is a universal solution preferred by notorious conservatives. Using these colors, you can complement modern or country. This design offers a bright contrast of colors.

The nuances of a black and white interior

As for your living room, it can become lighter or darker. The final result depends on the color that will be dominant. It is not recommended to use the same proportions, otherwise the black and white interior of the living room will seem heterogeneous. What color to choose? White color is able to expand the boundaries of the room, but black is able to reduce them, but at the same time create warmth and comfort in it.

Psychologists recommend using black as the main color, adding some white interior details. In this unpretentious way, you can create a place for privacy.

A living room in black and white will look even better if you dilute the design with gray. You can add additional contrast in another way — use decors with different patterns.

Combining primary colors

You can make a black and white living room design more expressive if you use complementary colors. Red, olive, blue and yellow against the background of a black and white interior will look original.

The same principle is preserved in the case of choosing the color of furniture and accessories. If the furniture is presented in other colors, then this can harm the expressiveness of the black and white range. Therefore, it is worth using colors rationally.

For such an interior, designers recommend buying black or white furniture, choosing the flooring at the same time. So it will be possible to keep the highlight of the color combination in the living room.

Same interior, different features

It is believed that the interior of a black and white living room is universal, because it can be bold, expressive, contrasting or soft and even calm. The advantage of such a design is that it can be formed in accordance with one’s own ideas, preferring «red passion» or «spring green» — the colors that can be traced in decor items.

In general, the design of a black and white living room always looks chic, and in every home it will be unique and inimitable.

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