Black and white interior

black and white interior

Black and white interior design adds color and feel to the room. Depending on how you combine these two colors and where you focus, your home can look cool and minimal or classic and cozy. Think about the mood you would like to give your rooms, using the general instructions and design tips for creating an interior in black and white.

Placement of accents

To make a black and white interior truly sophisticated, choose a wall that will draw attention. Its color should be pure white or black. It should not be closed by cabinets, it will have the bulk of accessories. You can hang photos in black and white frames, or a picture. It can also be a wall above a bed or a fireplace, in any case, it should attract the eye of the incoming person. Remember that the color of this wall is now the main color for the entire room.

The rest of the walls should be of the opposite color or mixed. If the main color is white, it is desirable to create visual contrast with gray or black and white ornaments, a large amount of black will make the room seem gloomy and over time it will put pressure on the psyche.


So that the transition in contrast is not too sharp, you need an element in the center of the room that would bring harmony. It can be a rug against the main wall with a cute floral pattern (necessarily black and white) or pillows. If the furniture is black, make the window frames white and vice versa.

A black and white interior will look more interesting if you create a pleasant combination of patterns on the pillows: pop art is suitable for a modern room, while black and white embroidery will look great with a classic or shabby chic style.

Built-in shelves are best done in the same color as the wall, but the trinkets on them can be anything. This is just the element that can be of all colors of the rainbow. Exclusively black and white can become boring over time, and so it will be, than to dilute the black and white interior.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to the curtains — they take up a significant part of the space, and the choice of color for them plays an important role.

Note for yourself that the interior of a black and white room does not have to be a combination of white as snow and black as coal. Milky, beige and gray will not violate, but only emphasize the integrity of the style.

Black and white kitchen

The kitchen is a space of cleanliness and even surfaces, so designers advise mixing black and white kitchen interiors with other colors.

To make the kitchen cozier and nicer, you can make one of the walls not white or black, but green or blue. If you don’t want to spoil the authenticity of the interior in black and white, add large cushions to the seats of the chairs and place plant pots.

Bright yellows or reds can add a retro feel, while silvers and metallics can make surfaces sparkle with newness and modern chic.

Black or white porcelain will be a logical addition to the design, so do not hide it from your eyes in distant cabinets, put it in plain sight.

Black and white bathroom

The main difference between creating a bathroom interior in black and white is that most of the furnishings in it are white by default. So the first step is to choose black elements, with which the main thing is not to overdo it. It is not necessary to make the wall completely black, you can add black polka dots or another pattern, and it would be interesting to arrange towels in a checkerboard pattern, alternating black and white.

In a creative burst, do not forget that the paint and other materials in the bathroom must be able to withstand a large amount of moisture.

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