black and white bedroom

The black and white interior of the bedroom is the best solution for creating a separate, creative, partly meditative atmosphere. Color minimalism will allow you to take a break from the variegation and bustle of the world around you, but at the same time, graphic contrast will contribute to constructive thinking.

Those who decide to decorate the bedroom in black and white have a lot of freedom to choose expressive means. The color solution can be implemented in different ways:

  1. Playing on the contrast of walls, furniture and decor elements
  2. Dividing the room into zones using the contrast of black and white. Thus, it is possible to visually expand the space of the room, harmonize the layout, distribute lighting. Among other things, you can use the contrast between the walls, floor and ceiling.
  3. Using graphic elements, photographs, patterned prints, black and white stripes.

In general, the interior of a black and white bedroom can be created based on a variety of styles: modern, high-tech, Japanese, pop art, neoclassic, fusion. In our case, colors can become an expressive embodiment for the form that is most to your liking.

When decorating a bedroom in black and white, it is important to maintain the proportions correctly: an abundance of black will make the space too gloomy, an “overdose” of white, in turn, can hurt the eyes. Also, do not overdo it with graphic patterns, prints — the diversity of patterns will tire the eye and scatter attention.

Neutral black and white bedroom design

  • light walls — white or with a predominance of white in the pattern. You can decorate with graphic elements (photo print, patterned wallpaper) only part of the wall, for example, above the bed — this will allow you to focus on one or another part of the room;
  • dark glossy floor, possibly with white carpet;
  • monochrome furniture (black or white), designed in the same style;
  • textured textiles in contrast to the furniture.

The interior of a black and white bedroom can also be complemented with a few bright accessories, but they must be kept in the same color. Red and its shades are very well combined with this range.

Also remember — to create coziness in the design of the bedroom, black and white strict coloring should be diluted with the softness of materials. In the design, use lace, faux fur, textiles, fabric wallpaper.

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