Bedroom lamps

Bedroom lamps

To illuminate the bedroom, you can install a variety of lamps. The main thing is that the light they create is cozy and soft. It is best to choose matte lamps for the bedroom: they make the light dim, which will relieve stress and irritability after a hard day.

Ceiling lamps for the bedroom

Classic and everyone’s favorite. They are suitable for almost any interior design: you just need to choose the size and shape that suits your room.

Lighting in the bedroom is ideally complemented by spotlights: they are movable and can direct light to any corner of the bedroom. Best suited for those bedrooms where the ceiling is suspended.

The lamp on the nightstand in the bedroom is always necessary — it is practical and very convenient. If you like to read before bed, then you don’t have to get up from under the covers to turn off the light or turn it on.

Night lights for the bedroom

Most modern bedroom lamps are made in a classic style, they serve as a beautiful elegant element of decor. Their practical function is to create a soft light that is harmless to the eyes and sufficient to illuminate a room at night.

Lights above the bed in the bedroom are very popular today. Usually they use one suspension to the right and left of the bed. The distance from the bed to the suspension should be about fifty to sixty centimeters. Placing it exactly above your head is not recommended: a person will sleep little and poorly and feel very uncomfortable in the bedroom. It is best to attach lamps above bedside tables.

Do not choose pendant lamps in the bedroom with sharp details and corners: the corners concentrate negative energy and direct it to the sleeper. Do not buy large lamps — they are completely unsuitable for placement in the small bedrooms of our apartments, in addition, you will constantly touch them.

Sconces with the function of changing the direction of light are very convenient. You can illuminate any corner of the bedroom (ceiling, wall, bed) as you wish. The sconce can be built directly into the headboard. To do this, you need a bed with a wide headboard, in which you can also build shelves, mirrors and much more. This type of lighting is increasingly used by designers in modern interiors.

Wall lamps in the bedroom can be located next to a mirror, bookshelf, picture. They come in a variety of shapes: circle, semicircle, oval, rectangle. They can also be with a hanging bowl or a ceiling.

Pendant lamps in the bedroom can both harmoniously complement the overall picture of the room, and serve as a bright decorative element. To make the room more spacious, it is enough to place several lamps in a row on one side.

Now designers recommend trendy bedroom lamps with LEDs, as well as with remote control. These lamps allow you to quickly change the degree of illumination of the room. One such lamp will replace several models with different functions (night lamp, local and general lighting).

To illuminate the dressing table in the bedroom, you need to place two lamps above the mirror, one on the left, the other on the right. Best of all at the level of the face, so that it is convenient to do makeup and hair.

The bedroom lamp with lampshade is the choice of those of us who want a combination of classic design, functionality and home comfort. They suit expensive status interiors, rustic style and modest minimalism. Nowadays, the range of lamps with lampshade is huge. They are decorated with a variety of fabrics, plastic, metal and even paper.

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